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Kartik, Ayush and Kartavya are the winners of 16th G H Raisoni Memorial Chess Festival 2023

by Shahid Ahmed - 02/08/2023

15-year-old Kartik Kumar Singh scored an unbeaten 10/11 to win 16th G H Raisoni Memorial Rating Open 2023. He finished a full point ahead of the field. Indrajeet Mahindrakar scored sole 9/11 to secure second position. Daksh Goyal edged past five more players on tie-breaks to finish third with a 8.5/11 score. FM Ayush Sharma scored a perfect 9/9 to win the Rapid Rating event. He also finished a full point ahead of the field. CM Vaibhav Jayant Raut and IM Vikramaditya Kulkarni scored 8/9 each to finish at second and third place. Kartavya Anadkat won the Blitz Rating event scoring 8/9. Daksh and Ayush were adjudged second and third respectively according to tie-breaks. The total prize fund combining all three tournaments was ₹451000, an increase of ₹51000 from the previous edition. Top three prizes in the Classical were ₹51000 and a trophy, ₹31000 and ₹26000. Photo: IA Ajinkya Pingale/Kalpana Prakash Welfare Foundation

Kartik wins Classical, Ayush Rapid and Kartavya Blitz Rating Open

Both Classical and Rapid Rating event winners finished a full point ahead of the field. Top three prizes in the Rapid event were ₹31000 and a trophy, ₹20000 and ₹10000, all three were doubled since last year. The top three finishers in the Blitz won a trophy each, the champion won a DGT Clock.

Champion in Classical - Kartik Kumar Singh 10/11

Champion in Rapid - FM Ayush Sharma 9/9

Runner-up - CM Vaibhav Jayant Raut 8/9

Second Runner-up - IM Vikramaditya Kulkarni 8/9

Top 3 (L to R) in Rapid Rating - 2nd CM Vaibhav Jayant Raut 8/9, 3rd IM Vikrmaditya Kulkarni 8/9 and 1st FM Ayush Sharma 9/9

Champion in Blitz - Kartavya Anadkat 8/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Kartik Kumar Singh scored an unbeaten 10/11, finished a full point ahead of the field and gained 113.4 Elo rating points

FM Ayush Sharma scored a perfect 9/9 and gained 66 Elo rating points

Kartavya Anadkat scored an unbeaten 8/9 and gained 29.2 Elo rating points

Anurag Jain, IPS, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone 1, makes a move to mark the opening of the tournament

Girish Vyas, Ex-MLC and Vice-President of Maharashtra Chess Association; Amit Gandhare, Director (PR), Raisoni Group: Bhushan Shriwas, Secretary, Kalpana Prakash Welfare Foundation and Chess Association Nagpur, IA Ajinkya Pingale, Chief Arbiter were present on the dias. SS Soman the working president of Chess Association Nagpur, and Member of Maharashtra Chess Association Observer committee conducted the inauguration programme and proposed a vote of thanks.

The fourth round of the event was inaugurated by Nirbhay Sancheti, Director, SMS Group of Industries by making a ceremonial first move

The oldest player of the event, 89-year-old T V Subramanian pondering over his next move during Round 6

Archit Chandak, IPS, DCP, Nagpur inaugurated the Rapid and Blitz rating events of 16th G H Raisoni Chess Festival

The Rapid and Blitz events' prizes were distributed by Hariom Gupta, Assistant Director (OL), Central GST, Nagpur and Adv. Chetan Rajkarne, Vice President, Chess Association, Nagpur.

The Rapid and Blitz Rating event prize winners

Arbiters and Volunteers of the Classical event

Arbiters, Officials and Volunteers of the Rapid and Blitz rating events

Thanks to IA Ajinkya Pingale, Chief Arbiter, for sharing photos and info about the tournament.


A total of 256 in the Classical, 386 including an IM and a WIM in the Rapid and 316 including a WIM in the Blitz took part in this nine-day three Rating tournaments in three formats of the sport. The events were organized by G H Raisoni Sports and Cultural Foundation and Kalpana Prakash Welfare Foundation at G H Raisoni Institute of Engineering and Technology in Nagpur, Maharashtra from 25th June to 2nd July 2023, exact same dates as last year. The time control for the Classical, Rapid and Blitz Rating Open were 90 minutes + 30 seconds, 15 minutes + 5 seconds and 3 minutes + 2 seconds increment each respectively.

Final standings in Classical

Rk.SNoNameTypsexGrFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
17Kartik, Kumar SinghIND1813Maharashtra10778273,7509
25Mahindrakar, IndrajeetIND1949Maharashtra9798466,5007
319Daksh, GoyalU15IND1675Delhi8,5788354,2508
44Kumar, GauravIND1991Bihar8,577,58361,5006
56CMGopal, K.N.IND1920Union Bank Of India8,575,580,559,7507
610Saumil, NairIND1778Gujarat8,575,58059,7508
726Kherdekar, ArnavIND1624Maharashtra8,5687352,2508
821Rohith, Yadav B RIND1660Telangana8,567,57355,7508
916Swarna, NihalU15IND1717Andhra Pradesh878,583,555,2507
1011Madhvendra, Pratap SharmaU11IND1766Mp874,578,554,2506
113FMRamakrishna, J.IND2019Union Bank Of India873,57953,2507
1218Boricha, YohanIND1678Maharashtra87378,555,0007
1334Patil, AkshajU15IND1503Maharashtra869,57349,2506
1420Bartakke, AdityaIND1660Maharashtra8697449,7507
1549Mradul, YadavU15NagpIND1404Maharashtra865,57049,5008


Final standings in Rapid

Rk.SNoNameTypsexGrFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
16FMAyush, SharmaIND2085Madhya Pradesh9535757,0009
23CMVaibhav, Jayant RautNagpIND2119Maharashtra851,556,548,0008
32IMKulkarni, VikramadityaIND2216Maharashtra85155,548,0008
44FMThakur, AkashNagpIND2109Maharashtra7,554,55947,2507
57WIMPandey, SrishtiwIND2075Maharashtra7,5545946,7507
68FMRamakrishna, J.IND2036Union Bank Of India7,552,55746,0007
716Daksh, GoyalU15IND1781Delhi7,551,55644,7507
811Aishwin, DanielIND1905Madhya Pradesh7,549,55444,0007
910Mahindrakar, IndrajeetIND1971Maharashtra7545841,0007
1017Saumil, NairIND1736Gujarat75255,540,0007
1119Patil, PriyanshuIND1714Maharashtra7525538,5007
121FMSoman, SatchidanandNagpIND2231Maharashtra750,554,540,2506
1318Swarna, NihalU15IND1720Tirupati75054,541,7506
1423Gawai, SiddhantNagpIND1685Maharashtra749,553,538,0007
1529Vedant, BhardwajIND1595Mp748,552,538,5007
1634Badole, ShaunakU11IND1545Maharashtra7485137,5007
179Kumar, GauravIND1981Bihar747,551,539,2506
1841Vatsal, MakolIND1468Delhi747,55138,0007
1915AGMSa, KannanIND1782Tn7465033,5007
2021Rupam, MukherjeeIND1694West Bengal745,549,533,7506
2136Shirodkar, AayushIND1522Goa7454937,5005
2247Prerak, Jayant DarvekarNagpIND1438Maharashtra7454834,5007
2345AFMPatil, SudipIND1445Maharashtra7424432,5007
2422Kherdekar, ArnavIND1693Maharashtra6,5525634,7506
2524Dishank, Sachin BajajNagpIND1656Maharashtra6,551,556,536,7506
2646Dalal, AashiwNagpIND1438Maharashtra6,55054,536,0006
275CMGopal, K.N.IND2086Union Bank Of India6,54953,537,5006
2835Bartakke, AdityaIND1541Maharashtra6,5485233,7506
2986Anshul, NanwaniIND1266Maharashtra6,547,55032,2505
3013Anadkat, KartavyaIND1827Gujarat6,5475236,2506


Final standings in Blitz

Rk.SNoNameTypsexGrFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
19Anadkat, KartavyaIND2033Gujarat8545951,75
213Daksh, GoyalU15IND1977Delhi85256,549,25
31FMAyush, SharmaIND2281Madhya Pradesh851,555,547,50
427Bartakke, AdityaIND1594Maharashtra84346,542,00
512Aishwin, DanielIND1979Madhya Pradesh7,550,55543,75
611Kumar, GauravIND2019Bihar7,549,55444,50
710Chitre, ArushU15IND20297,547,551,537,50
823Dishank, Sachin BajajNAGPIND1651Maharashtra7,546,550,537,25
98Mahindrakar, IndrajeetIND20457535842,00
1020Patil, PriyanshuNagpurIND1731Maharashtra7515539,50
1141Boricha, YohanIND1493Maharashtra75053,540,50
1217Gawai, SiddhantNagpIND1833Maharashtra749,553,536,50
137FMRamakrishna, J.IND2078Telangana7495339,25
1476Divith, Reddy AdullaU11IND1275Telangana748,55239,25
1539Joglekar, AbhijitIND1500Maharashtra74850,535,50
1614AGMSa, KannanIND1956Tn7475138,25
1733Badole, ShaunakU11NagpIND1545Maharashtra7454937,50
1824Vedant, BhardwajIND1649Mp7424635,50
1980Ramteke, AyushU15NagpIND1271Maharashtra741,545,532,00
204CMVaibhav, Jayant RautNagpIND2156Maharashtra6,551,555,536,25
2155Mahir, TanejaU11IND1384Delhi6,5515538,25
223CMArjun, KIND2187Kerala6,550,554,537,00
2343Prerak, Jayant DarvekarNagpIND1486Maharashtra6,547,55031,75
2418Shegaonkar, AkshayIND1830Maharashtra6,546,55137,00
255WIMPandey, SrishtiwIND21236,546,55134,25
2637Patil, AkshajU15IND1510Maharashtra6,546,550,534,75
2721Rupam, MukherjeeIND1699West Bengal6,546,549,533,75
2831Phani, KanuriIND1555Andhra Pradesh6,5465034,25
2951Gada, OmIND1434Maharashtra6,5464833,00
3016Adhithya, SIND1853Tamil Nadu6,545,549,533,25


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