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Get ready for Buldana Urban Maharashtra State Under 17 Open and Girls Selection Chess Championship 2023

by Ankush Raktade - 17/03/2023

The Maharashtra State Under 17 Championships 2023 will be held at Buldana this year, from 14th-16th April 2023! This will be a FIDE Rated classical swiss event with 8 rounds. This is also the state selection tournament for the National Under-17 Championships to be held later this year! The tournament is sponsored by Buldana Urban Co-operative Credit Society. One of the most interesting and attractive features of this event is: The organizers are providing free accomodation for everyone! Read more about this event below.

Buldana Urban Maharashtra State Under 17 Open and Girls FIDE Rating Selection Chess Championship 2023

Buldana Zilla Chess Circle has the honour to invite all Chess Players from the State of Maharashtra to participate in the Buldana Urban Maharashtra State Under-17 Open and Girls FIDE Rating Selection Chess Championship 2023. The event will be held from 14th-16th April 2023. This will be a 8-round swiss event, with a 60+30 time control.

The tournament will be held at Sahakar Vidya Mandir, Chikhali Road, Buldana

The tournament invitation.

Tournament director Dr. Sukesh Zamwar and Organizing secretary Ankush Raktade invite you to Buldana!

Eligibility and exemption

Only the players born on and after 01/01/2006 are eligible to participate in the event, and all entries should be strictly routed by the respective District Chess Associations. Apart from the selected players of each district, every District can send unlimited number of donor entries.

Detailed eligibility Criteria of the tournament

Participation in the state selection chess tournaments of Maharashtra is mandatory for everyone, except for certain exemptions who can directly give their entry for respective national tournament which are mentioned below:

These are the conditions for players who want to directly apply for the National Championships.

The details on the Maharashtra Team for National Under-17 Championships, and identity proofs required to enter the event.

Registration and entry fee

The entry fee for a district-selected player will be Rs. 1000, and it will be Rs. 2000 for a donor entry. You can register for the tournament here.

The last day for entry in the tournament is 12th April 2023!


There are 3 rounds in the first two days, and 2 rounds in the last day.


The total prize fund for the tournament is Rs. 18000. Here is the detailed prize structure:

The first prize is Rs. 4000!


Free dormitory type accommodation will be  provided to all the participants. Team managers will not be provided with free accommodation. Paid accommodation is available for accompanying persons on payment Of Rs.300 per Day. All players(selected/donor) and accompanying persons have to pay Rs. 500 (refundable) as security deposit for official accommodation.

Complete list of contacts for tournament and accomodation enquiries

Buldana Urban Cooperative Credit society

Buldana Urban Cooperative Credit Society was formed on 15 August 1986. Chairman (Mr.) Radheshyamji Chandak started it with capital of 210 USD and 72 members. In a span of 27 years and mainly in last decade under managing director Dr Sukesh Zamwar, the Credit Society has grown to size of 1.1 billion dollar business with more than half a million (700,000) membership. The area of operation is mainly in central and western India in four states of India. Now the society has 333 branches and 5000 employee and 300 warehouses. Total built up area for Warehouse is 5,000,000 sq. feet and capacity of 435,000 metric tons. It maintains a presence in most of the metro cities of India and also in rural areas.

The official website of the Buldana Urban Cooperative Credit society

Buldana Urban Cooperative Credit society is the main sponsor of the Maharashtra State Under 17 Open and Girls Chess Championship! The tournament director Dr. Sukesh Zamwar is also the CEO/CMD of Buldana Urban. Dr. Sukesh Zamwar was highly inspired by the Founder – President Hon. Radheshyam Chandak whose name will be forever inscribed in golden letters in the history of Cooperatives Societies in Maharashtra for his contributions towards the development of Cooperative Culture in the state of Maharashtra. An iconic personality in the 21st-century cooperatives, helping the rural mass to be self-reliant.

Dr. Sukesh Zamwar, CEO/CMD of Buldana Urban Cooperative credit society

Important links

Check out the complete tournament brochure here

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Photo Gallery

Organizing Ankush Raktade got a chance to meet Magnus Carlsen in the Chennai Olympiad 2022! He was the head of airport transport and communication. Check out the video of Ankush receiving Magnus at the airport.

Ankush and his team welcomes the 5-time world champion Vishy Anand at the airport!

Grandmaster Abhijeet Kunte with Ankush Raktade at Jalgaon, April 2022.

With the logo of Chennai Chess Olympiad 2022!

Ankush Raktade as a captain with team received bronze medal at GACC inter University chess championship at Malaysia.

Ankush Raktade Received and entertained GM Nigel Short (FIDE Director for chess development) for 6 days in January 2018.

Ankush Raktade with Mr Bharat Singh Chauhan (Chairman Commonwealth Chess Association) , Mr A K Verma (Chairman Chess in School), Mr Naresh Sharma (Treasurer AICF) at AICF office Delhi.

Ankush Raktade with Mr Ashok ji Jain (Chairman Jain irrigation system LTD) and Mr Atul Ji Jain (Managing and executive Director Jain irrigation system Ltd) during MCA elections, November 2022.

Ankush Raktade elected Joint Secretary & MLC Parinay Fuke elected President of Maharashtra Chess Association for period of November 2022 to October 2025.

Register for the Maharashtra State Under-17 Championships here

About the author

Ankush Raktade is the joint secretary of the Maharashtra Chess Association, and the secretary of Tournament Observer committee, Maharashtra Chess Association. He is also the secretary of Buldana Zilla Chess circle, Buldana, and the organizing secretary of the Maharashtra State Under-17 Championships 2023.

This article was edited by Himank Ghosh