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IM Neelash Saha and Samriddhaa Ghosh win 30th National under-17 2019

by Shahid Ahmed - 09/07/2019

Second seed IM Neelash Saha started the tournament in a strong way by scoring six consecutive wins and gained a lead by a full point. Then he made three consecutive draws and tied with Arjun Gupta of Delhi. However he won the last two rounds and finished with 9.5/11 to clinch the title. In the girls section, Samriddhaa started with a loss in the opening round. Then she made a strong comeback and played some inspired chess in the last two rounds to finish at 8.5/11, half point ahead of the runner-up WFM Saina Salonika. Photo: M Ephrame

West Bengal dominates 30th National under-17

Samriddhaa Ghosh (left) and IM Neelash Saha (right) won 30th National under-17 in girls and open respectively | Photo: M Ephrame

Neelash started out strong with six consecutive wins, then he made three draws before winning the final two rounds. Speaking with the author of this article, Neelash was unhappy with a couple of draws and he wanted to finish with 10.0/11 instead of his score 9.5/11.

IM Neelash Saha receives Champion's Trophy and ₹25000 cash | Photo: M Ephrame

Neelash's unbeaten run of 9.5/11

Neelash's best win was against Aditya P Melani (1871) of Gujarat in the final round of the tournament.

Samriddhaa has come close to a podium finish countless times in National championships but unfortunately she always missed the mark. Speaking with the author of this article, Samriddha exclaimed that she did not expect to win it and she was absolutely delighted to win it. A separate article with both champions' interviews will be published soon.

Samriddhaa receives her maiden National title, a beautiful trophy and ₹25000 cash | Photo: M Ephrame

Samriddhaa started out with a loss but then made jubilant comeback to win the tournament

Samriddhaa played brilliantly in the last two rounds, making the most out of two Whites and she was in a must win situation in the final round to become the champion. Here is her final round game against Kalyani B (1692) of Andhra Pradesh.

Newly crowned West Bengal State under-25 champion CM Aronyak Ghosh scored 9.0/10 and secured runner-up position. He received a trophy and won ₹18000 cash | Photo: M Ephrame

Reigning National Sub-Junior runner-up, Utsab Chatterjee scored 8.0/9 and he was placed 3rd. He bagged home a trophy and ₹15000 cash | Photo: M Ephrame

After making her second WIM-norm at Goa GM Open, top seed WFM Salonika Saina did not have the best tournament as she scored 8.0/11 and finished 2nd according to tie-breaks. She received a trophy and ₹18000 cash | Photo: M Ephrame

B Kalyani (1692) of Andhra Pradesh also scored 8.0/11. She was placed 3rd and received ₹15000 cash | Photo: M Ephrame

Photo Gallery:

West Bengal showed their dominance as the entire top 3 in open and champion in girls was claimed by players of West Bengal | Photo: M Ephrame

The tournament was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp | Photo: 4 Queens Chess Club

The Secretary of AICF Bharat Singh Chauhan makes the inaugural move | Photo: 4 Queens Chess Club

The shining new glittering trophies | Photo: 4 Queens Chess Club
The organizers made a highlights of the Prize Distribution Ceremony | Video: East Venice Chess Solutions/4 Queens Chess Club

Total 89 players in open and 55 girls participated in 30th National under-17 open and girls championships from 29th June to 7th July 2019. The tournament was organized by 4 Queens Chess Club, Ernakulam at Oberon Mall, Ernakulam. The Closing Ceremony was attended by Joji John, Center Manager of Oberon Mall, distributed the prizes to the winners. Rajesh Nattakom, Secretary, Chess Association Kerala presided over the meeting. Rintu Marketing Manager Oberon Mall and Arun Bose, Secretary, Ernakulam Chess Association Felicitated the event. Subha Rakesh, President of Ernakulam Chess Association delivered the vote of thanks.


Final Standings in open

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
12Neelash SahaIND2315West Bengal9,50,074,080,068,008
21CMAronyak GhoshIND2349West Bengal9,00,075,080,563,507
34Utsab ChatterjeeIND2067West Bengal8,01,072,077,553,257
416Arjun GuptaIND1851Delhi8,00,073,077,551,757
518Nawin J JIND1831Tamil Nadu7,50,071,575,547,755
612Jayachandra Srinivas VellankiIND1893Tamil Nadu7,50,070,575,047,505
711Vrandesh ParekhIND1915Gujarat7,50,064,068,546,255
824Genish Prakash JIND1797Tamil Nadu7,50,060,062,040,006
96Sibi Visal RIND2000Tamil Nadu7,00,072,578,046,506
1020Mohamed Anees MIND1819Tamil Nadu7,00,068,072,541,756
118Rakshith SrinivasanIND1935Karnataka7,00,067,072,043,006
129Vaibhav Jayant RautIND1922Maharashtra7,00,066,571,042,005
135Ayush SharmaIND2011Madhya Pradesh7,00,064,569,042,005
1413Aditya P MelaniIND1871Gujarat7,00,062,567,041,006
1547Rohith SIND1556Tamil Nadu7,00,058,061,535,006
1643Dhoot VinitIND1591Maharashtra7,00,056,059,534,507
173FMVatsal SinghaniaIND2183Jharkand6,50,071,578,044,754
1827Wairagade KhushIND1731Maharashtra6,50,068,573,039,505
1925Wankhede AvishkarIND1747Maharashtra6,50,068,573,038,256
2031Ananthapadmanabh D VIND1715Kerala6,50,066,070,537,755

Complete standings


Final Standings in girls

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
14Ghosh SamriddhaaIND1913West Bengal8,50,064,569,054,007
21WFMSalonika SainaIND2123Orissa8,01,570,576,054,755
39Kalyani BIND1692Andhra Pradesh8,01,068,072,551,006
43WCMJyothsna LIND1985Tamil Nadu8,00,569,575,051,007
526Bharathakoti SnehaIND1422Telangana7,50,568,570,044,256
67Divyabharathi MasanamIND1730Tamil Nadu7,50,560,565,544,504
712Kaur PalkinIND1680Delhi7,00,063,566,538,755
813Benasir MIND1678Tamilnadu7,00,062,567,042,503
915Kiruthika BIND1574Tamil Nadu7,00,062,566,540,006
1038Anupam M SreekumarIND1245Kerala7,00,058,560,034,507
1111Poorna Sri M.KIND1681Tamil Nadu7,00,057,061,035,756
1227Swara Lakshmi S NairIND1418Karnataka6,50,067,571,038,005
135Diya ChowdhuryIND1750West Bengal6,50,067,072,539,755
1428Shah VrushtiIND1415Gujarat6,50,064,569,037,255
152Shanya MishraIND1994Delhi6,50,064,069,039,254
1614WCMKriti Mayur PatelIND1587Maharashtra6,50,062,067,037,505
1737Riddhi ShahIND1267Gujarat6,50,053,556,528,256
1820Annapurni SIND1489Tamil Nadu6,00,069,071,536,504
198Garima GauravIND1713Bihar6,00,067,572,535,255
2010Nanditha VIND1687Telangana6,00,065,570,536,255

Complete standings