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S Prasanna wins Ananthapuri Parents 1st Open 2019

by Rejith LR - 13/05/2019

Untitled S Prasanna of Tamil Nadu wins his second consecutive tournament at Kerala. He scored an unbeaten 7.5/8 to win the tournament. He finished half-a-point ahead of seven players who finished at 7.0/8. Alan Diviya Raj finished at 2nd place due to a better tie-break score and top seed of the tournament IM M Chakravarthi Reddy of Telangana was placed third. Total 396 players participated from three different federations including England and New Zealand along with India. The tournament was organized by Ananthapuri Parents Chess Club from 11th - 14th April 2019 at Thiruvananthapuram. Total Prize money worth ₹500000 was distributed among 154 prizes. Photo: Ananthapuri Parents Chess Club

Prasanna wins his second consecutive tournament in Kerala

The champion of the tournament S Prasanna was presented with ₹50000 cash prize along with the champion’s trophy. In addition to the champion’s trophy, Mr Prasanna was presented with a memorial trophy in memory of late T.K Joseph, former state champion, state team captain, author of 6 chess books who laid strong foundation for Kerala chess.

S Prasanna receives his Champion's Trophy and ₹50000 cash | Photo: Ananthapuri Parents Chess Club

This is Prasanna's fourth championship victory in 2019 and second consecutive triumph in tournaments in Kerala within a week. Round 1 went smooth, with all high rated players winning comfortably. The first upset came in the Round 2, when Rutherford (1394) from TN drew with Prasannaa S (2267).

Prasanna's another unbeaten run in Kerala

Round 3 and 4 also saw aspiring players matching up to top seeded opponents, and gaining valuable half point. Round 5 witnessed the top seed of the tournament as well, getting succumbed into draw, with Sathya Giri V. Day 3 brought the real mettle of young 13 year old Vakeesh S (1379) to limelight, beating two 2000+ rated players in Round 5 and 6. At the end of day 3, he was standing at number 2, unbeaten with 6 points bagging 176 ELO points.

Open quiz for players and parents | Photo: Ananthapuri Parents Chess Club

On day 3, an open Chess quiz was organized for chess players and parents. It was orchestrated by Quiz Master Dr. Jyothi E K, is a medical micro-biologist working as scientist at Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. This was very well received by both players and parents, bringing a fresh unwinding breath into the tournament environment.

This tournament was inaugurated by GM S L Narayanan, Muthoot Fincorp Chief Marketing Manager Thomas Muthoot John, Sports Hub representative Shilo Deve, Trivandrum Chess Association Secretary Rajendran Achari, Commonwealth under-10 Girl’s champion Anupam Sreekumar, and APCC secretary Mr. Sreekumar KC, next to lighting Nilavilakku | Photo: Ananthapuri Parents Chess Club

Top 3 finishers (L to R): 2nd - Alan Diviya Raj 7.0/8, 1st - S Prasanna 7.5/8 and 3rd - IM M Chakravarthi Reddy 7.0/8 | Photo: Ananthapuri Parents Chess Club

The prize distribution ceremony was attended by the young and energetic Salil G Pillai, Regional Manager, Muthoot Fincorp. Sreekumar KC, APCC Secretary delivered the Presidential Address and Chief Arbiter Shri Peter Joseph presented arbiter’s report.


Visually and physically challenged players were recognized during the prize distribution ceremony.

Also the chess players – Brahmaha V S and Swaha V S and their father Sankaran were honoured with “Ponnada” (Golden clothe) for the compassion they have shown to the flood victims of Kerala flood August 2018.  They donated 1 acre of land to the government for the flood relief rebuilding activities.

Tournament Hall in The Sports Hub, Thiruvananthapuram | Photo: Ananthapuri Parents Chess Club

The arbiters team | Photo: Ananthapuri Parents Chess Club

The organizers | Photo: Ananthapuri Parents Chess Club

Final Ranking after 8 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
29Alan Diviya RajIND20327,00,041,545,5
31IMChakravarthi Reddy MIND2400TEL7,00,040,043,5
44Sekar BIND2185TN7,00,040,043,0
52FMSai Agni Jeevitesh JIND2323TEL7,00,040,041,5
611Harshad SIND19577,00,038,042,0
712Sooraj M RIND1926KER7,00,037,041,0
822Amal RooziIND17567,00,034,038,0
95Ram S. KrishnanIND2108BSNL6,50,041,045,5
108FMVinoth Kumar M.IND2056TN6,50,039,043,5
1128Mansoor C MIND1702KER6,50,038,542,5
1227Hiren K GIND17046,50,037,539,5
1324Jagadeesh A.K.IND1750KER6,50,036,540,5
1468Mohanan V PIND1517KER6,50,033,537,5
1523Unas K.A.IND17566,50,032,535,5
167Barath Kalyan MIND2061TN6,00,041,545,0
17119AFMVakeesh SIND13796,00,041,044,5
1846Subramanian VIND1614TN6,00,040,041,0
1950Roshan SIND15906,00,038,539,0
206Dahale AtulIND2098MAH6,00,038,042,5
2140Vivekananda LIND16466,00,038,041,5
2284AIMAshwin SairamIND14816,00,038,041,0
2326Ramachandra BhatIND17336,00,037,541,0
2410AGMSa KannanIND1961TN6,00,037,040,0
2577Sidharth P GIND14986,00,036,540,5
2615Suvankar MaityIND18756,00,036,540,5
2744Aswath SIND16326,00,036,040,0
28110Rutherford SIND13946,00,036,039,0
29111Rahul Krishna VIND13926,00,035,038,5
3042Avinash HariIND16416,00,034,537,0

Complete standings


The article has been edited by Shahid Ahmed