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Sooraj shines at Adith Paulson Memorial 4th Don Bosco Open

by Shahid Ahmed - 14/10/2019

Fourth seeded Sooraj M R of Thrissur won his maiden open rating tournament by scoring an unbeaten 8.0/9 and finishing a half point of the runner-up. Sooraj is the current Thrissur District Senior, Rapid and under-25 champion. 67-year-old Abdul Majeed N scored an impressive unbeaten 7.5/9 to secure the first runner-up position. Top seed of the tournament Gunasekaran N scored 7.0/9 and due to a better tie-break score he was placed third. Total 205 players participated in the tournament from all across the country from 4th - 8th October 2019. Total Prize fund ₹301000 was distributed among 92 prize winners. A pictorial report of the tournament with photographs from Chief Arbiter of the tournament FA Peter Joseph M

Sooraj wins his maiden open rating tournament

Sooraj M R of Thrissur won his maiden open rating tournament by scoring an unbeaten 8.0/9 and finishing a half point ahead of the runner-up Abdul Majeed N

Champion Sooraj M R of Thrissur | Photo: Peter Joseph

Sooraj receives his Champion's trophy and ₹30000 | Photo: Peter Joseph

In the prize distribution ceremony, Fr. Manuel Mevada, Rector, Don Bosco, presided over the meeting. Mr. Saju Pathadan, District Governor Lions Club distributed the prizes for the winners. Mr. Johnson Kolankanny,  Mr. Shajan Chakkalakal, President, Lions Club, Irinjalakuda West, Mr. Peter Joseph, Secretary, Chess Association Thrissur, Mr. Radhakrishnan K S, Treasurer, Chess Association Thrissur attended the closing ceremony.

Sooraj remained undefeated and gained 36 Elo rating points

Thomas Unniyaden lights up the lamp in the traditional 'Lighting of the Lamp Ceremony' | Photo: Peter Joseph

The tournament was inaugurated by Mr. Thomas Unniyaden, Ex-Kerala government Chief Whip at Don Bosco School on 4th October 2019. Mr. Sasidharan, President, Chess Association Thrissur, presided over the inaugural meeting. Mr. George Moreli, II Vice District Governor, Lions Club, Mr. Johnson Kolankanny, Mr. Sajithan, K K, Zonal Chairman, Mr. Sureshkumar T J, Indian Youth Team Coach, Mr. Shajan Chakkalakal, President, Lions Club, Irinjalakuda West, Mr. Babu K T, Chairman, Adith Foundation, were present at the ceremony. Fr. Manuel Mevada, Rector, Don Bosco Irinjalakuda, welcomed the gathering and Mr. Peter Joseph M, Secretary, Chess Association Thrissur expressed the vote of thanks.

Inaugural moves are made | Photo: Peter Joseph

The tournament hall | Photo: Peter Joseph

Total 205 players from all over the country took part in this five-day nine round Swiss league tournament, organized by Don Bosco Youths,Lions club, Irinjalakuda West Lions Club and Thrissur Chess Academy from 4th to 8th October 2019.

Final Standings

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
14Sooraj M RIND18388,00,049,553,5
28Abdul Majeed N.IND17417,50,053,057,0
31Gunasekaran K.IND20177,00,054,058,5
415Suresh P KIND16947,00,049,553,5
516Nijai GiriIND16727,00,048,050,5
620Abhinav Chakrapani SanthalayanIND16477,00,047,552,0
718Vishnu MenonIND16627,00,047,551,0
817Raveendran C.R.IND16677,00,046,049,5
913Madhusoodanan K.R.IND16987,00,044,548,5
1026Felix MoothedathIND15687,00,044,045,0
113Abdulkhader A.IND18447,00,042,547,0
125Raju SIND18356,50,050,554,5
1311Raju O AIND17066,50,050,554,0
149John Veny AkkarakaranIND17226,50,049,053,0
157Joy AntonyIND17516,50,048,553,0
1623Bright Lee M SunilkumarIND15776,50,048,552,5
1727Mihir A KIND15426,50,043,047,0
1864Vishnu Dath V DIND12906,50,043,046,0
1928Jos Paul DavisIND15206,50,043,045,0
2037Ebin BennyIND14486,50,042,044,5
2121Nithyan SIND16256,50,040,544,5
2233Jyothika U RIND14756,50,039,042,0
236Joy Lazar M.A.IND17696,00,050,555,0
2419Mohanan U.C.IND16586,00,048,553,0
2547Adra PIND13696,00,047,551,0

Complete Standings