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Abhijith triumphs at 2nd ISC Below 1700 Rating Tournament 2022

by Shahid Ahmed - 12/01/2023

Sixth seeded Abhijith U scored an unbeaten 8.5/9 to win 2nd ISC Below 1700 Rating Chess Tournament 2022. He finished a half point ahead of the field. Bright Lee M Sunilkumar scored sole 8/9 to secure second place. He also remained undefeated. Five players scored 7.5/9 each. Out of them, Abdallah M Nisthar was placed third according to tie-breaks. Total prize fund of the tournament was ₹499999. The top three prizes were ₹51000, ₹40000 and ₹30000 along with a trophy each. A total of 145 prizes were up for grabs. The tournament was organized by International School of Chess Pvt. Ltd. Photo: ISC Pvt. Ltd.

478 players take part

Abhijith U started with eight straight victories. He just needed a draw in the final round to win the tournament. That is what he did against Abdallah M Nisthar who finished third eventually. Bright Lee M Sunilkumar defeated the top seed of the tournament, Xavier P P in the last round to secure second place. All the podium places went to the home state, Kerala players.

Champion - Abhijith U 8.5/9 | Photo: Sunilkumar / ISC Pvt. Ltd.

Runner-up - Bright Lee M Sunilkumar 8/9 | Photo:  Sunilkumar / ISC Pvt. Ltd.

Second Runner-up - Abdallah M Nisthar 7.5/9 | Photo: Sunilkumar / ISC Pvt. Ltd.

Top 3 (L to R): 3rd Abdallah M Nisthar, 1st Abhijith U and 2nd Bright Lee M Sunilkumar | Photo: ISC Pvt. Ltd.

Inauguration Ceremony | Photo: Sunilkumar /  ISC Pvt. Ltd.

The tournament was inaugurated by the DIG Nishanthini, IPS, in presence of Mr. Unnikrishnan M A, Managing Director of ISC, Pattom Sanith, Playback singer, and Dr. Krishnakumar K, Susrutha Ay. Hospital.

Ceremonial first move is being made | Photo: Sunilkumar / ISC Pvt. Ltd.

The tournament hall at Jimmy George Indoor Stadium | Photo: Sunilkumar / ISC Pvt. Ltd.

The trophies for the prize winners | Photo: Sunilkumar / ISC Pvt. Ltd.

The Arbiters team | Photo: Sunilkumar / ISC Pvt. Ltd.

Thanks to the Unnikrishnan M A, Managing Director of International School of Chess Pvt. Ltd., for providing photos and information about the tournament.


A total of 478 players from various states across the country and one each from Maldives, Sri Lanka and three from USA took part in this event. The tournament was organized by International School of Chess Pvt. Ltd. from 26th to 28th December 2022 at Jimmy George Indoor Stadium, Trivandrum, Kerala. The nine-round Swiss league Rating tournament had a time control of 30 minutes + 30 seconds increment.

Final standings

Rk.SNoNameTypsexGrFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
16Abhijith UIND1633KER8,55054,548,7508
216Bright Lee M SunilkumarIND1558KER85154,547,5007
34Abdallah M NistharIND1669KER7,554,55947,7507
49Sham RIND1611TN7,5505545,5007
510Srihari K RIND1608TN7,549,55444,2506
614Jibin Varghese JohnIND1563KER7,5475142,5007
745Unni Krishnan PgIND1437KER7,5475140,0007
85CMSamarth J RaoPDIND1664KAR7545743,0007
937Jai Kamalesh SU15IND1478TN753,555,541,2505
101Xavier P PS55IND1697KER75256,541,7506
1139Jackson V XU12IND1474TN751,555,539,0007
1291AFMAadinath HarilalU12IND1302KER7505438,5006
1336Koushik Muthesh PIND1479TN749,553,540,0006
147Mohammed Tharig SIND1627TN748,552,537,7506
1538Satheesh MIND1476KER748,550,536,7505
1631Pranav A JIND1499KAR748,549,536,7506
1789Sidharth MohanU15IND1311KERT7485138,2506
1872Ershad PIND1346KER747,551,538,5007
129Ravisankar HIND1238KER747,551,538,5007
2050Ajaya Bose MohanchandranIND1424KER746,549,535,5007
2134Gopinath PIND1481TN746,54936,7506
2218Satheesh Kumar GIND1546TN7465138,7506
2326Nirmal LIND1519TN7465038,0007
2430AIMSushrutha ReddyIND1502KAR74649,537,0006
2570Nikhil T LU15IND1352TN7454732,0007
2648Sai Kiran G VIND1426TN743,54734,0007
2713Jake ShantyU12IND1568KER7434737,0005
2869Nair AswinIND1354KER742,54534,2505
2949Unnikrishnan V SIND1425KER741,543,531,5007
3042Surendiraa A SathishIND1445TN6,55357,538,0006
3133Umesh PIND1492KER6,552,554,535,0006
32151Dhruv S NairU12IND1209KER6,55154,534,7506
3340Shrivastava KushagraIND1461MP6,549,552,535,7506
3457Aravinda B RIND1390KAR6,5495435,5006
3561Arya G MallarF15wIND1385KER6,547,55236,7505
3680Alan DanlyU15IND1329KER6,54749,532,7506
3746Sidharth HarilalU12IND1435KERT6,54749,531,5006
3822Gopinath ParthasarathyIND1531TN6,546,550,534,2506
3944Arun RIND1439TN6,546,55034,2505
4028Thoufeeq SIND1506TN6,545,54933,0006