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Ananya Bothra wins 45th West Bengal State Women's 2019

by Shahid Ahmed - 27/05/2019

Ananya Bothra won her maiden State title when she scored a perfect 7.0/7 at 45th West Bengal State Women's 2019. She gained a massive 110 ELO Rating points with a performance rating of 2233. In the final round, she defeated the defending Champion Samriddhaa Ghosh in a topsy-turvy endgame to claim the crown. For the first ever, West Bengal State Women's had cash prize. The champion won ₹8000 cash and a shining new trophy. This edition of State Women's a record number of 102 players from various district across the state. A detailed report containing photos and videos from the tournament including an interview with the champion. Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Ananya wins her maiden State title at her lucky venue

No matter what we do, a little bit of luck is required in almost everything. Capablanca has also said, "A good player is always lucky". Ananya escaped from the jaws of defeat, not once but twice, but in the end she came out victorious. Record books will only count that.

Ananya with the beautiful shining new trophy along with guests | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Ananya delivered her career best performance to achieve the most important and prestigious title she has won in her career

In an interview, Ananya talks about what it means to become State Women's Champion, how it was a dream come true moment for her and more.

Ananya's joy is evident from the way she has played the crown she has won | Video: Shahid Ahmed

Here is an annotated game by the Champion Ananya Bothra herself against Sudipa Haldar from the penultimate round:

Photo Gallery:

WIM Saheli Dhar Barua was conferred to a Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions in chess | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Defending Champion and top seed of the tournament Samriddhaa Ghosh despite suffering a loss in round 5, had everything aligned for her in the last round. She just needed to win the final round game to retain the crown, but unfortunately she did not | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Second seeded Mohana Sengupta improved her performance in the tournament since last year | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Third seed Mehendi Sil delivered a consistent performance and finished at 3rd position, same as last year | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Last year's runner-up Pallabi Roy did not have the best tournament. Despite remaining undefeated throughout the tournament, too many draws cost her dearly | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Newly crowned National Schools Under-17 girls Champion, Diya Chowdhury improved her performance since last year to 5th position | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Dipali Roy is an inspiration to all players. She started learning chess formally after she retired from a school as headmistress. This was her first tournament after a little less than 3 months of training | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

The Tournament Hall | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Prize Distribution Ceremony Photos:

Runner-up - Sudipa Haldar 6.0/7, won ₹6000 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

2nd Runner-up - Mehendi Sil 5.5/7, received ₹4000 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

4th - Mohana Sengupta 5.5/7. She bagged ₹3000 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

5th - Diya Chowdhury 5.5/7. She took home ₹2500 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

6th - Rajanya Dutta 5.5/7, received ₹2000 cash. She is also the current State under-11 girls champion. | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

7th - Samriddhaa Ghosh 5.0/7, won ₹1800 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

8th - Anwesha Saha 5.0/7, received ₹1700 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

9th - Debarpita Ghosh 5.0/7, she took home ₹1600 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

10th - Vedika Agarwal 5.0/7, she won ₹1500 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

11th - Pallabi Roy 5.0/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

12th - Nisha Bhushan 5.0/7. She is the only unrated player to finish in top 20 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

13th - Annika Das 5.0/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

14th - Sinthia Sarkar 5.0/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

15th - Srijita Sarkar 5.0/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

16th - Ishika Mondal 5.0/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

19th - Tanisha Chatterjee 4.5/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

20th - Anjistha Basak 4.5/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

For more photos, visit here

Video Gallery:

Starting moments of Round 1 | Video: Shahid Ahmed
Final moments of the Championship battle | Video: Shahid Ahmed

Final Standings

Rk.SNoNameTypRtgIPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
17Ananya Bothra15507,00,029,530,5
26Sudipa Haldar16546,00,030,034,0
33Mehendi Sil18235,50,029,532,5
42Mohana Sengupta18305,50,029,031,0
55Diya Chowdhury17635,50,028,532,5
69Rajanya DattaU1114845,50,026,529,5
71Ghosh Samriddhaa19635,00,031,534,5
820Anwesha SahaU1312295,00,027,530,5
912Debarpita Ghosh13195,00,026,529,5
1013Vedika AgarwalU1312815,00,026,029,0
114Roy Pallabi17975,00,026,028,5
1270Nisha BhushanU1105,00,025,026,5
1311Das Annika13905,00,024,527,5
1410Sinthia SarkarU1314085,00,024,527,5
1519Srijita Sarkar12365,00,023,523,5
1615Ishika Mondal12765,00,023,026,5
1723Shreya Shree BansalU1311994,50,028,030,0
188Yash Jyoti BirU1315074,50,028,029,5
1916Tanisha ChatterjeeU1312634,50,027,530,5
2014Anjistha BasakU1112784,50,026,529,5

Complete Standings


The tournament took place from 15th to 18th May 2019 at iLead Kolkata, organized by Kolkata District Chess Association and ILead with Woman Times.