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Diptayan wins All Bengal Open Rapid at Aaykar Bhawan Kolkata

by Shahid Ahmed - 18/08/2019

GM Diptayan Ghosh wins All Bengal Open Rapid which started on his birthday at Aaykar Bhawan, organized by Income Tax Sports and Recreation Club to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the club. Starting out as the top seed, Diptayan scored 8.0/9 along with Subhayan Kundu, who also finished at the same points. However, due to a better tie-break score, Diptayn clinched the championship and Subhayan was declared as the runner-up. Eight players tied at the third spot with 7.5/9, but Arpan Das secured the second runner-up position according to the tie-break score. The tournament witnessed a total of 348 players across the state which is the highest for a two-day rapid tournament in the state. Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Birthday boy Diptayan gifts himself a championship

Kolkata's youngest GM at the moment and India #19, Diptayan Ghosh won All Bengal Open Rapid at Aaykar Bhawan Kolkata organized by Income Tax Sports and Recreation Club on 10th and 11th August 2019.

Champion GM Diptayan Ghosh receives one of the biggest trophy of his life and ₹25000 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Diptayan's unbeaten championship run of 8.0/9

At the conclusion of the prize distribution ceremony, I managed to ask Diptayan about his decision to play a tournament on his birthday, what he said to his practice partner and much more things.

GM Diptayan Ghosh talks about his best game, toughest opponent and more | Video: Shahid Ahmed

Here is Diptayan's best game from the tournament, selected by the champion himself:

2nd Subhayan Kundu also scored 8.0/9, took home a huge trophy and ₹15000 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

3rd Arpan Das 7.5/9, bagged a trophy and ₹10000 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

4th Anurag Jaiswal 7.5/9 earned ₹8000 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

5th New National under-17 champion IM Neelash Saha 7.5/9. He got ₹7000 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

6th New National under-17 champion Samriddhaa Ghosh 7.5/9. She won ₹6000 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Samriddhaa started out as the 50th seed, she remained undefeated and became the only female player to finish in top 45. This was her first tournament since becoming National under-17 champion, since it was held at her dad's office, all eyes were on her to perform and she delivered.

Samriddhaa talks about balancing chess and studies, how it was like playing at her dad's office and more | Video: Shahid Ahmed

7th Arindam Mukherjee 7.5/9, received ₹5000 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

8th Kaustuv Kundu 7.5/9, bagged home ₹4000 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

9th Arpan Das Jr. 7.5/9 got ₹3000 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

10th Sarbojit Paul 7.5/9 won ₹2000 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

For more Prize Distribution Ceremony photos, click here.

Photo gallery:

Income Tax Officer Debasish Majumder (IRS) felicitates GM Diptayan Ghosh on his birthday | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Tournament flex | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

The tournament hall was well-lit and spacious | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Players were allowed to sit in the gallery after they concluded their game | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Focused Diptayan | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Former multi-time state champion Joydev Saha, who currently resides in Sweden, played a tournament in his home state after a long while | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Despite being under weather, the reigning Senior Citizen champion and a former multi-time state champion, Swapan Mitra decided to play the tournament | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

After becoming National under-17 champion, IM Neelash Saha has no plans of slowing down, in spite of studying in class 12 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Top boards in action | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

The tournament was played by everyone - from 6-year-old Mudil Dharewa | Photo: Shahid Ahmed 80-year-old R K Sharma | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

West Bengal's strongest blind chess player Yudhajit De was also seen in action | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Women of various age group took part in the event | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

It is not easy to play and organize at the same time, however Debarshi Mukherjee managed to balance both well | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Tournament Director Syamal Dutta also took part in his own successful tournament | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

For more photos, click here.

Video Gallery:

Time trouble causes a winning position to end in draw | Video: Shahid Ahmed
Two minor pieces prove stronger than a rook | Video: Shahid Ahmed
A livid reaction in a drawn knight and pawn endgame | Video: Shahid Ahmed
GM Diptayan escapes massive defeat | Video: Shahid Ahmed
How to save game when you are down by six minutes | Video: Shahid Ahmed
Rook and connected passed pawn race takes an unexpected turn | Video: Shahid Ahmed
Samriddhaa flags her opponent after being down in time | Video: Shahid Ahmed

The two-day All Bengal Open Rapid tournament witnessed a total participation of 348 players which is the highest for a two-day rapid tournament in West Bengal in this year. Income Tax Sports and Recreation Club organized the event to commemorate 75th year of the club's foundation.

Final Standings

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
11GMGhosh DiptayanIND24848,00,054,559,552,007
220Subhayan KunduIND18828,00,048,052,045,508
315Arpan DasIND19607,50,052,054,043,007
414Anurag JaiswalIND19627,50,051,556,045,756
519IMNeelash SahaIND18837,50,051,554,545,256
650Ghosh SamriddhaawIND15827,50,051,055,547,006
73Arindam MukherjeeIND21207,50,050,554,042,757
84Kaustuv KunduIND20987,50,050,053,042,757
939Arpan Das (Jr)IND17057,50,048,051,039,757
1030Sarbojit PaulIND17637,50,044,549,042,007
1165Atri ChattopadhyayIND14567,00,051,055,039,507
1281Soumyajit Das (Jr)IND13827,00,050,554,039,506
138Debarshi MukherjeeIND20277,00,050,053,040,506
146FMMitrabha GuhaIND20657,00,048,553,039,507
1549Bodhisatya PalIND15837,00,046,549,535,756
1623Suvradeepta DasIND18277,00,046,547,534,507
1716Dilip DasS60IND19557,00,044,549,036,007
1866Soham DeyIND14557,00,042,546,534,007
1971Sourath BiswasIND14286,50,052,554,537,256
2046Ambarish SharmaIND15986,50,051,054,037,005

Complete standings

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