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Pranav V wins 68th Tamil Nadu State Open 2021 with a 100% score 9.0/9

by Shahid Ahmed - 07/04/2021

Pranav Venkatesh of Chennai district won the 68th edition of Tamil Nadu State Open for the second consecutive time since 2019 as he finished with a 100% score of 9.0/9. He scored 1.5 points more than the remaining podium finishers. Four players finished at 7.5/9 - IM Ramnathan Balasubramaniam, Ilamparthi A R and S S Manigandan. They were placed second to fourth respectively. A total of 368 players took part from various districts across Tamil Nadu in five-day nine-round Swiss league event organized by Tirunelveli District Chess Development Association. Photo: IA Ganesh Babu S

Second consecutive Tamil Nadu State Open title

Starting out as the top seed, Pranav completely outperformed all his opponents and finished 1.5 points ahead of the competition. He performed at 2513 and gained 18 Elo rating points. This is his second Tamil Nadu State Open triumph since 2019. Four players finished at 7.5/9. Out of them IM Ramnathan Balasubramaniam and Ilamparthi A R were placed second and third according to their tie-breaks.

68th Tamil Nadu State Open Champion - Pranav V 9.0/9 | Photo: IA Ganesh Babu S

Pranav performed at 2513 en route his unbeaten 9.0/9

Pranav scored a comfortable win over Suganthan S in the final round.

S S Manigandan got a better position early in the middlegame against Vignesh B in the last round but he took a bit longer to convert his advantage.

Manigandan - Vignesh, Round 9

Position after 68...Rf6

The game continued with 69.a7 and black promptly took the pawn with 69...Nxa7. What was the better continuation for white here? Eventually white won the Rook-Bishop vs. Rook endgame as black blundered into a checkmate trap.

The chess society has to thank Thamirabharani Engineering College, Tirunelveli for its bold venture to organise the state open championship proficiently when the Covid-19 started its second innings in Tamil Nadu. The chairman of the college Mr. M R Paulraj, his son and secretary Mr. Senthil Palraj and the Principal Mrs. Annalakshmi worked in tandem with Tirunelveli District Chess Development Association for the tournament’s success.

• Covid-19 measures followed in the tournament.

• Rooms and chess pieces were sanitized half an hour before every round

• Players entered the playing area after sanitizing their hands

• Thermal checking was done to all players before they started the game

• Social distance was maintained

Photo Gallery

Champion Pranav V of Chennai received ₹30000 and certificate | Photo: IA Ganesh Babu S

Runner-up IM R Balasubramanian of Chengalpattu received ₹22500 and a certificate | Photo: IA Ganesh Babu S

Second Runner-up Ilamparthi A R of Chengalpattu 7.5/9 | Photo: IA Ganesh Babu S

4th S S Manigandan of Madurai 7.5/9 | Photo: IA Ganesh Babu S

Round 7 Chief Guest Mr. Senthil Palraj, Secretary, Thamirabharani Engineering College | Photo: IA Ganesh Babu S

Round 8 was inaugurated by Mr. Rajesh, District Sports Officer, Tirunelveli | Photo: IA Ganesh Babu S

Inauguration of round 9 by Mr. Ganesan, Chief Engineer, Black Thunder, Mettupalayam | Photo: IA Ganesh Babu S

The tournament hall | Photo: IA Ganesh Babu S

Top boards in action | Photo: IA Ganesh Babu S

Flora at Thambirani Engineering College | Photo: IA Ganesh Babu S

A total of 368 players participated from various districts across Tamil Nadu in this five-day nine-round Swiss league event. The tournament was organized by Tirunelveli District Chess Development Association from 29th March to 2nd April 2021. A special thanks to Chief Arbiter of the tournament IA Ganesh Babu S for providing us games, beautiful photos and important information for this report.

Final Standings after 9 rounds

Rk.SNoNameTypsexRtgIClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 Krtg+/-
11Pranav VU172348CHE9,052,556,556,500,092018,4
24IMRamnathan Balasubramaniam2180CG7,554,558,045,250,07102,5
313Ilamparthi A RU131989CG7,550,054,043,750,064010,8
45Manigandan S S2154MDU7,550,053,544,000,0620-9,2
519Dinesh Kumar JaganathanU171908CHE7,548,551,040,500,074035,2
631Nandha Kumar K1740CBE7,051,554,038,000,062044,0
716Srimathi Rw1948MDU7,050,555,541,750,0520-3,6
833Kishore Kumar Jaganathan1736CHE7,050,554,538,000,072023,4
935Suthershun A1723TRR7,049,553,539,000,064079,6
1021Suganthan SU171885TNLV7,048,053,038,500,074015,2
1120Anup Shankar R1886TRY7,048,052,540,000,0620-10,0
1217AGMSa Kannan1927SVG7,047,552,039,000,0620-13,2
1315Senthil Kumaran R.P.1952TNJ7,047,052,039,500,0720-8,4
1414Rathina Sabapathi AU171959CG7,047,051,539,000,0640-27,2
153FMSenthil Maran K2246TVLR7,047,051,038,500,0520-25,6
162Lokesh N.2277KGI7,046,550,538,250,0620-25,6
1749Nandish V SU131625CBE7,046,050,538,500,064076,8
1811FMVinoth Kumar M.2038CHE7,046,050,038,500,0720-24,8
1928Subramanian R M1810MDU6,550,052,034,250,062030,8
207Gugan GU172149SLM6,549,053,537,500,0640-64,8
219Barath Kalyan M2135TRR6,548,552,536,500,0520-31,6
2218AGMVignesh BU171912CG6,548,552,533,750,064034,8
2342Aravinth Shanmugam SU171660MDU6,548,051,033,750,054047,2
2425Arnav MaheshwariU171844TVLR6,548,050,534,250,054018,8
2534Arul Anandh S P KU171729CBE6,547,551,033,750,054030,0


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