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68th Tamil Nadu State Open: Pranav V takes sole lead 6.0/6

by Shahid Ahmed - 31/03/2021

Top seed of 68th Tamil Nadu State Open 2021, Pranav made a double hat-trick of wins to take sole lead with 6.0/6 at the conclusion of the sixth round. This is the first official FIDE rated tournament taking place in India in more than a year since Covid-19 pandemic disrupted all normalcy of the entire world. Pranav already delivered an impressive performance in a Playchess event - Yugam 2021 International Online Blitz Open, a week before this tournament started. Pranav is chased by five players who are 5.5/6. They are - Barath Kalyan M, Vignesh B, Subramanian R M, Nandha Kumar K and Shadhursshaan R. Photo: Niklesh Jain

First Official FIDE Rated tournament in India after over a year

On 29th of March, 68th edition of Tamil Nadu State Open Chess Championship commenced at Thamirabharani Engineering College, Tirunelveli. Total 368 players including one IM - R Balasubramaniam, are taking part in this five-day nine-rounds open rating tournament. The tournament is organized by Tirunelveli District Chess Development Association. College has provided the venue, hostel and bus facility to pick up and drop the players from the city. Permission has been obtained from the government, which instructed the covid-19 measures and they are strictly followed.

14-year-old Pranav V beat Eshwanth Dev Kumar J at the top board in Round 5 | Photo: IA Ganesh Babu S

Top seed of the tournament unleashed a wrath on Eshwanth's king at the center of the board and made a quick work in just 22 moves.

Pranav - Eshwanth, Round 5

Position after 14...g5

14...g5 is a huge mistake for black. Find out why.

In an already difficult position FM Vinoth Kumar landed himself in a bigger trouble against Shadhursshaan R.

Vinoth - Shadhursshaan, Round 5

Position after 22.Qe2

22.Qe2 completely doomed white's position. Find out the best continuation for black.

In Round 4, Aadith R held FM Senthil Maran K to a solid draw.

Sudharsan Gurukrishnan held second seed Lokesh N to a draw in the third round. The final position seemed to have a lot of play left.

Sudharsan - Lokesh, Round 3

Position after 37...Bc3

The first mistake was 37...Bc3. Black needed to play 37...Bc5 or Bf2 to keep the b6-pawn alive.

Final position after 42...Kd6

White could have pushed here with 43.Kf5. But of course time trouble could be the reason for black's mistake earlier and same could be assumed for white taking a draw here instead of continuing the game further.

Photo Gallery

Lighting of the lamp during the inauguration ceremony by Chairman Mr. M R Paulraj | Photo: IA Ganesh Babu S

Inauguration by Mr. M R Paulraj, Founder and Chairman, Thamirabharani Engg. College in the presence of Mr. Ephrame IA and Joint Sec. TNSCA, R Anantharam IA and Vice President of TNSCA, chief arbiter S Ganesh Babu IA, Mrs. Annalakshmi the Principal and Mr. B Paul Kumar Secretary of Tirunelveli District Chess Development Association. Paul Kumar, a business entrepreneur has spent many sleepless nights to turn this tournament into a successful one.

B Paul Kumar, Secretary, TDCDA

Inauguration by Mr.Paulraj, Chairman, Thamirabharani Engineering College, Tirunelveli | Photo: IA Ganesh Babu S

Deputy Commissioner of Police V R Srinivasan IPS inaugurated Round 4 | Photo: IA Ganesh Babu S

Sanitization in process before the round | Photo: IA Ganesh Babu S

Round 5 was inaugurated by Mr. Selva Kumar, Correspondent, Little Flower Public School | Photo: IA Ganesh Babu S

Top three boards | Photo: IA Ganesh Babu S

Located on the banks of the river Thamirabharani, Tirunelveli, also known as Nellai is a 2000 year old city and sixth biggest corporation in Tamil Nadu. It is about 700 KMs from Chennai and about 70 KMs from Kanyakumari, the southernmost point of India. Courtalam on the Western ghat, a very popular tourist spot with a lot of big waterfalls and a salubrious climate is about 60 KMs from here. Tirunelveli is well renowned for education also, housing many quality medical, engineering, arts, law colleges – some of them are as old as 140 years.

Main falls - Courtallam

Five falls - Courtallam

Old falls - Courtallam

St. John's College - Est.1878

Round 6 results

14IMRamnathan Balasubramaniam2180CG50 - 15Pranav VU172348CHE1
271Shadhursshaan RU171521VNR5½ - ½Manigandan S S2154MDU5
318AGMVignesh BU171912CG1 - 0Gugan GU172149SLM7
424Arunachalam Shivaa T V1859CBE0 - 1Barath Kalyan M2135TRR9
510CMNikhil MagizhnanU172076TVLR½ - ½Godson Merlin E1769KKI29
625Arnav MaheshwariU171844TVLR½ - ½Ilamparthi A RU131989CG13
716Srimathi R1948MDU½ - ½Mithun Anand V1583TUT61
828Subramanian R M1810MDU1 - 0AGMSa Kannan1927SVG17
912CMEbenezer Joseph2036CHE40 - 1Nandha Kumar K1740CBE31
1042Aravinth Shanmugam SU171660MDU4½ - ½4FMSenthil Maran K2246TVLR3
1154Ashvin Venkat GU171609KKI41 - 04FMVinoth Kumar M.2038CHE11
1214Rathina Sabapathi AU171959CG41 - 04Vengatesh Krishnan CU171654TVLR43
1348Shravan SwaminathanU171630TVLR40 - 14Senthil Kumaran R.P.1952TNJ15
1460Marimuthu K1588VNR4½ - ½4Dinesh Kumar JaganathanU171908CHE19
1520Anup Shankar R1886TRY4½ - ½4Nandish V SU131625CBE49


Round 7 pairings

11Pranav VU172348CHE6AGMVignesh BU171912CG18
29Barath Kalyan M2135TRRShadhursshaan RU171521VNR71
331Nandha Kumar K1740CBESubramanian R M1810MDU28
429Godson Merlin E1769KKI55IMRamnathan Balasubramaniam2180CG4
55Manigandan S S2154MDU55Kishore Kumar Jaganathan1736CHE33
635Suthershun A1723TRR55CMNikhil MagizhnanU172076TVLR10
713Ilamparthi A RU131989CG55Arul Anandh S P KU171729CBE34
839Vishwa Bala Kumaran MU171693CHE55Rathina Sabapathi AU171959CG14
915Senthil Kumaran R.P.1952TNJ55Ashvin Venkat GU171609KKI54
1053Muralishankar J TU171612CBE55Srimathi R1948MDU16
1121Suganthan SU171885TNLV55AIMRutherford S1518KKI72
1261Mithun Anand V1583TUT55Arnav MaheshwariU171844TVLR25
132Lokesh N.2277KGIAravinth Shanmugam SU171660MDU42
143FMSenthil Maran K2246TVLRSree Veeramani P1647KAN44
1549Nandish V SU131625CBEFMPurushothaman Thirumalai2150TNJ6


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