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IM Muthaiah Al dominates Torpedoes Rashmi Shetti Memorial All India Rapid Rating Open 2021

by Shahid Ahmed - 27/12/2021

IM Muthaiah Al of Tamil Nadu, scored eight consecutive victories before drawing his final round game against IM Ratnakaran K of Railways, as it was enough to win Torpedoes Rashmi Shetti Memorial All India Rapid Rating Open 2021. Karnataka's very own, IM Viani Antonio Dcunha scored 8.0/9 with a no-draw approach to secure second position. Three players IM Harikirshnan A Ra (TN), IM Ratnakaran K and 14-year-old Gokulakrishna S (TN) scored 7.5/9 each. They were placed third to fifth according to tie-breaks. Muthaiah won ₹30000 cash, Viani got ₹20000 and Harikrishnan ₹10000. Total cash prize ₹200000 and 159 trophies were given as prize including top three. Photo: Babu J Poojary

Muthaiah is back to his winning ways

IM Muthaiah Al is well-known for winning Open tournament in all over India in all formats of the game. Before Covid-19 pandemic struck, he won eight tournaments in 2019. Thus, him starting 8.0/8 does not come as a surprise as it shows that he strengthened himself in the last two years.

Champion - IM Muthaiah Al 8.5/9 | Photo:Babu J Poojary

Muthaiah scored an unbeaten 8.5/9

Runner-up IM Viani Antonio D'cunha 8.0/9 | Photo:Babu J Poojary

Second Runner-up IM Harikrishnan A Ra 7.5/9 | Photo:Babu J Poojary

Top 3 (L to R) - 2nd IM Viani Antonio D'cunha, 1st IM Muthaiah Al and 3rd IM Harikrishnan A Ra | Photo:Babu J Poojary

The prize winners | Photo:Babu J Poojary

The beautiful trophies which were given away as prize | Photo:Babu J Poojary

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The tournament was organized by Torpedoes Sports Club on 11th and 12th December 2021 at Udupi, Karnataka. A total of 252 players including six IMs took part in the nine-round Swiss league Rapid Rating tournament which had a time control of 25 minutes + 10 seconds increment from move no.1.

Final Standings

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
15IMMuthaiah AlIND2177TN8,551,555,551,75
22IMViani Antonio DcunhaIND2363Kar8,051,056,049,50
43IMRatnakaran K.IND2346Railways7,551,053,542,50
536Gokulakrishna SU15IND1389TN7,548,051,541,75
611Manigandan S SIND1973TN7,053,558,042,75
712Balkishan A.IND1927Kar7,051,556,040,50
820Sunyuktha C M NwIND1705TN7,050,554,540,00
910IMRamnathan BalasubramaniamIND1979Tn7,050,052,538,50
1067Sathvik AdigaU11IND1206Kar7,049,051,537,75
1137Viraj Prabhakar ShettiIND1382Kar7,049,051,535,50
1215Mandar Mohan SaneIND1883Mah7,048,551,035,00
1317AGMMani BharathyIND1745TN7,048,052,037,75
141IMShyaamnikhil PIND2389ICF7,047,050,535,50
1516AGMPrashanth J NaikIND1750Kar7,046,549,537,50
16100Shaun Deon SequeiraU13IND1101Kar7,044,047,034,00
1719Ramachandra BhatS60IND1716Kar7,043,545,033,50
189Hemanth RaamIND2016TN6,555,560,542,00
194Sharma R. PreethamIND2318Kar6,547,552,034,25
2030Arpith S BijoyU13IND1471Ker6,547,550,532,75
2141Nagvekar SairudraU15IND1311Goa6,544,545,528,50
2283Prathamesh Shashikant DeshmukhU11IND1152Kar6,544,047,532,75
2334Vivaan Sunil BallikarU13IND1400Goa6,543,047,031,75
2422Sham RIND1668TN6,543,045,531,75
2582Sachin PaiU15IND1153Kar6,542,045,529,25

Complete standings