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Akshayakalpa Organic Karnataka State Open 2023 R1-2: Co-founder and CEO Shashi Kumar score 2/2

by Shahid Ahmed - 26/05/2023

Akshayakalpa Organic Karnataka State Open Rating 2023 is off to a flying start. 103 out of 491 players have won their first two games. All top seven seeds have remained unscathed. Shrinidhi G put up a very good fight against FM FT Niranjan Navalgund. However, the much stronger player prevailed when the 12-year-old was unable to maintain the tension in a queek, rook and knight vs queen, rook and bishop endgame. Former National Under-7 Girls champion, Siddhi Rao fought well to hold Sudarshan Bhat to a draw after a 3.5 hours of grueling battle. The CEO and Co-Founder of Akshayakalpa Organic, Shashi Kumar has won his first two games. He took an oath to himself of scoring a minimum of 5/9 at this event. He certainly seems to be on the right track to achieve it. Round 3 starts today Saturday 27th May at 9:30 a.m. IST.  All photos in this article are by Shahid Ahmed unless stated otherwise.

491 players are taking part

Akshayakalpa Organic Karnataka State Open Rating 2023 is off to a roaring start. The fantastic venue, beautiful trophies and a zero waste event, definitely makes it a tournament with a lot of thought put into it.

The tournament hall at Forum Falcon City Mall in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Akshayakalpa Organic is the main sponsor of Karnataka State Open Chess Championship 2023 | Photo: Akshayakalpa Organic

The top seven seeds have made a perfect start of 2/2. They are:

IM Viani Antonio Dcunha

GM Thej Kumar M S

WIM Isha Sharma

FM FT Niranjan Navalgund

Apoorv Kamble and...

...Likhit Chilukuri are also at 2/2

Photo Gallery

A glimpse of the inauguration ceremony

Chief Guests - Dr. Brinda V, Outstanding Scientist and Director, Directorate of Safety, Reliability and Quality (DSRQ), M N Nataraj, Regional Director, NYKS Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt. of India, Southern States, in presence of Shashi Kumar, Co-founder and CEO of Akshayakalpa Organic, Manoj Singh, Vice President, Forum Mall, and Sowmya M U, President of BUDCA.


Guests of Honor - D P Anantha, Vice President of AICF and President of KSCA, T N Madhukar, Vice President KSCA, Managing Editor of Praja Pragathi, Pragathi TV and Pragathi Digital, Dr. Muralidhar, Vice President KSCA President, Jupiter Group of Institutions, and Nagendra Muralidhar, Vice President KSCA and Secretary of Mysore District Chess Association.

Team BUDCA lighting up the lamp

Jayanthi Hanumantha, Vice President of BUDCA, made the ceremonial first move of Round 2 | Photo: Sowmya M U

Former National Under-7 Girls champion, Siddhi Rao held Sudarshan Bhat to a draw

Ravi Kiran, a visually challenged player, taking part

When your opponent is your 'friend'

The tournament hall has been widely appreciated

The inaugural moves

Trophies for the top four finishers

Trophies for the age group prize winners

When ChessBase India T-Shirts face each other

Are you following your passion?

Chess tournament is the perfect place to make memories by expressing your artistic side

For more Inauguration Ceremony, Round 1 and Round 2 photos, please click at the respective links.

Video Gallery

Inauguration Ceremony of Akshayakalpa Organic Karnataka State Open Rating 2023 | Video: ChessBase India
"I have been playing a tournament each week since March 8th" - Sushruta Reddy | Video: ChessBase India
Instant Chess in a Classical format - Fun and Enjoy Chess! | Chethan vs Sushrutha | Video: ChessBase India
Akshayakalpa CEO and Co-Founder - Shashi Kumar makes a perfect start | Video: ChessBase India

More videos and interviews will be published soon, stay tuned.

Round 2 results

11IMViani, Antonio Dcunha241711 - 01Akanksh, U DU131228128
2129Darsha, BhatU13122810 - 11GMThejkumar, M. S.23842
33FMYashas, D.231511 - 01Dhanushkka, SF131224130
4131Nithish, SivasubramanianU13122310 - 11WIMSharma, Isha22754
55FMSharan, Rao224811 - 01Anirudh, C RU131219132
6133Shrinidhi, GU13121810 - 11FMNavalgund, Niranjan22006
77Shet, Prajwal P209611 - 01Samanth, Nataraj NaiduU111215134
8135Sai, Parashuram MangnaikU1512091½ - ½1Sudhir, S.20848
99Sudarshan, Bhat20201½ - ½1Siddhi, RaoF111208136
10137Shreyas, G KaushikU13120710 - 11Apoorv, KambleU15198110
1111Likhit, Chilukuri197611 - 01Soma, Shankara Sharma B1206138
12141Kovidh, MuraleedharaU11120210 - 11Augustin, A195312
1313Parthasarathy, R193811 - 01Sharvil, SapreU111204140
14143Prajwal, Nayak12001½ - ½1Abhishek, Singh191915
1516Sathvik, AdigaU13190611 - 01AFMAarush, BhatU111200142
1618Santoshkashyap, Hg18441½ - ½1Yashika, R JoshiF151198144
17145Aiyappan, V R119610 - 11Balkishan, A.181719
1820Naveen, S Hegde181611 - 01Avyan, ShahU131189148
19147ACMAvneesh, DevadigaU09119110 - 11Gavi, Siddayya176421
2022Leelajai, Krishna N175611 - 01Ruthvik, SrikanthU151187150


Standings after Round 2

Rk.SNoNameTypsexRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
13FMYashas, D.2315Bengaluru Urban2122,0002
4WIMSharma, Ishaw2275DK2122,0002
10Apoorv, KambleU151981Bengaluru Urban2122,0002
16Sathvik, AdigaU131906Bengaluru Rural2122,0002
25Shree, Krishna Pranama1654Bengaluru Urban2122,0002
28Dilip, Kumar Pedda1641Bengaluru Urban2122,0002
35Ramachandra, BhatS601598Sirsi2122,0002
41Rishabh, Kumara1545Bengaluru Urban2122,0002
44Atharva, KaleU151515Bengaluru Urban2122,0002
45Dhrikshu, K Vasant1515Mangalore2122,0002
49Krupha, S UkkaliF11w1481Bengaluru Urban2122,0002
57Thejas, K1422Bengaluru Urban2122,0002
63Prasiddhi, Bhatw1409Mysore2122,0002
67Niranjan, J WarrierU151398Bengaluru Urban2122,0002
74Rudra, RajeevF13w1377DK2122,0002
76Varun, A Bharadwaj1374Bengaluru Urban2122,0002
80Anuran, Ghosh1362Bengaluru Urban2122,0002
81AFMShanjula, SenthilF13w1360Bengaluru Urban2122,0002
82Abhinav, AnandU091360Bengaluru Urban2122,0002


Round 3 pairings

169Rachitraj, V Shetty139022IMViani, Antonio Dcunha24171
22GMThejkumar, M. S.238422Rudra, RajeevF13137774
373Abhay, HippargiU13138322FMYashas, D.23153
44WIMSharma, Isha227522Varun, A Bharadwaj137476
577Aradyo, BhattacharyyaU13137322FMSharan, Rao22485
66FMNavalgund, Niranjan220022AFMShanjula, SenthilF13136081
778Medhvansh, MadetiU15136722Shet, Prajwal P20967
810Apoorv, KambleU15198122ACMPrathamesh, Shashikant DeshmukhU13135085
980Anuran, Ghosh136222Likhit, Chilukuri197611
1012Augustin, A195322Avyaya, Kumara BhatU13134489
1182Abhinav, AnandU09136022Parthasarathy, R193813
1286Pratitee, BordoloiF11134722Sathvik, AdigaU13190616
1319Balkishan, A.181722Samaksh, AshokU09132693
1490Abhay, ChettyU13133822Naveen, S Hegde181620
1521Gavi, Siddayya176422Aravinda, B R132495
1692Atharv, VenkateshU11133322Leelajai, Krishna N175622
1723Swara, Lakshmi S Nair169322Rakshan, AgrawalU15132297
1894Srikant, Nayak A132622Vivekananda, L168724
1925Shree, Krishna Pranama165422Pranav, P GU15131299
2026Siddhanth, PoonjaU11164822AFMAarav, MancheU111309101



Akshayakalpa Organic: Official site, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and linkedin

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