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Stany wins Mandya Chess Academy All India Open Blitz 2019

by Shahid Ahmed - 11/12/2019

Karnataka's second GM in history and the top seed of the tournament Stany GA scored 10.0/11 and finished a half point ahead of the runner-up to win Mandya Chess Academy All India Open Blitz 2019. In the last round of the tournament, he beat Karnataka's first GM Thejkumar to clinch the championship. Stany's only blemish of the tournament was suffering a loss in the seventh round of the tournament. IM Nitin S scored 9.5/11 to secure runner-up position. Four players finished at 9.0/11, R Ashwath claimed the third place due to a better tie-break score. Total 326 players from eight different states across the nation participated in this tournament where the total prize fund was ₹200000 along with trophies. Photo: Mandya Chess Academy

Top seed Stany dominates the field

Starting out as the top seed, GM Stany GA scored 10.0/11 to win Mandya Chess Academy All India Open Blitz tournament. He finished a half point ahead of the runner-up IM Nitin S who scored 9.5/11. Stany suffered only one loss in the seventh round of the tournament against IM P Saravana Krishnan who scored 8.5/11 and finished ninth. Four players finished at 9.0/11. Among them R Ashwath was placed third due to his better tie-break score.

GM Stany GA with his champion's trophy, ₹25000 cash prize and certificate | Photo: Mandya Chess Academy

The top 3 winners of the tournament (L to R) - IM Nitin S 2nd, GM Stany GA 1st and R Ashwath 3rd | Photo: Mandya Chess Academy

Stany's championship run earned him 13 Elo rating points

Stany beat Karnataka's first GM Thejkumar in the final round to become champion of the tournament.

Inauguration ceremony | Photo: Mandya Chess Academy

All glittering trophies | Photo: Mandya Chess Academy

Trophy sponsor MGN Prasad, Superintendent ARTO, Nagamangala | Photo: Mandya Chess Academy

The well-lit and spacious tournament hall | Photo: Mandya Chess Academy

Total 326 players participated in this one-day All India Blitz Rating tournament | Photo: Mandya Chess Academy

Lunch was provided to all players and parents | Photo: Mandya Chess Academy

Total 326 players including 79 women participated from eight different states including a union territory - Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu. The tournament was organized by Mandya Chess Academy at SB Samudaya Bhavan, Mandya, Karnataka on 1st December 2019. Total prize fund ₹200500 and trophies were distributed among the prize winners.


The tournament was supported by Superintendent ARTO, Nagamangala, Vinay Kumar RS Class 1, Contractor PWD, Ms. Meera Shivalingaiah SB Education Trust, Podar International School, Daffodils School, IGI Chess & Abacus Educations, Ms. Jyoti Suryavamshi and Rajani Anand.

Final Standings

Rk.SNoNameTypGrFEDRtgIClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
11GMStany G.A.IND2488Kar10,00,081,087,078,5010
22IMNitin S.IND2401Tn9,50,078,581,067,009
34Ashwath R.IND2265Tn9,00,081,585,566,509
411Shet Prajwal PIND1914Kar9,00,079,084,066,009
514Likhit ChilukuriIND1836Kar9,00,074,078,060,509
645Pathak Gir RajIND1423Mp9,00,069,070,555,009
73GMThejkumar M. S.IND2313Kar8,50,082,086,063,008
86Syed Anwar ShazuliIND2244ICF8,50,081,587,564,258
95IMSaravana Krishnan P.IND2246KVB8,50,080,083,562,008
108Ojas KulkarniIND2069Kar8,50,076,580,558,508
1151Shivanth MU15IND1354Kar8,50,073,078,057,508
1234Chiranth M DIND1494Kar8,50,071,073,052,258
139Swaraj PalitIND1999Jha8,50,069,074,056,258
1425Afreed T KhanIND1593Ap8,00,080,584,558,507
157Phoobalan P.IND2234ICF8,00,079,083,056,507
1610Sharan RaoIND1963Kar8,00,075,581,056,008
1717AIMAbhijit ChutiaIND1780Kar8,00,075,580,053,507
1821Subash Sanker D MIND1629Tn8,00,074,578,052,008
1939AGMSriram UdhayakumarU15IND1454Kar8,00,074,078,052,508
2035Druva ChipliIND1472Kar8,00,073,077,051,508

Complete standings

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