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Mayank Chakraborty dominates 1st All Assam Rapid and Blitz Rating 2022

by Shahid Ahmed - 15/09/2022

CM Mayank Chakraborty scored 9/9 and 7.5/8 to win 1st All Assam Rapid and Blitz Rating Chess Tournament 2022. He finished 1.5 and a full point ahead of the field in the Rapid and Blitz event respectively. Top seed in the Rapid, Rajib Dhar scored sole 7.5/9 to secure second place. Chiraranjan Bhuyan claimed the third place due to better tie-breaks scoring 7/9. In the Blitz event, five players scored 6.5/8. Trailokya Nanda and Manthan Kashyap Datta were adjudged second and third. The total prize fund in the Rapid was ₹45001 cash and trophies. Top three prizes were ₹9001, ₹6500 and ₹5000 along with a trophy each. Blitz event had a prize fund of ₹37000 and trophies. Top three won ₹7000, ₹4500 and ₹3500 with a trophy each. Photo: FA Monimala Sinha

Mayank remains invincible

It was a very successful event for the reigning MPL 32nd National Under-17 Open champion, CM Mayank Chakraborty. He scored 16.5/17 and remained undefeated in both Rapid and Blitz events. The 13-year-old became a clear champion in both Rapid and Blitz tournament as he finished 1.5 points and a full point ahead of each event respectively.

CM Mayank Chakraborty won both Rapid and Blitz event | Photo: FA Monimala Sinha

Rapid Top 3 (L to R) - 2nd Rajib Dhar 7.5/9, 1st CM Mayank Chakraborty 9/9 and 3rd Chiraranjan Bhuyan 7/9 | Photo: FA Monimala Sinha

CM Mayank Chakraborty won all nine games, finished 1.5 points ahead of the field and gained 80.2 Rapid Elo rating points

Blitz Top 3 (L to R) - 3rd Manthan Kashyap Datta 6.5/8, 1st CM Mayank Chakraborty 7.5/8 and 2nd Trailokya Nanda 6.5/8 | Photo:  FA Monimala Sinha

Mayank's sole draw was against the eventual runner-up Trailokya Nanda

First moves are being made | Photo: FA Monimala Sinha

A glimpse of the tournament hall | Photo: FA Monimala Sinha

A total of 108 players in the Rapid and 105 in the Blitz Rating took part from all over Assam, in this two-day Rapid and Blitz Rating tournament. The tournaments were organized by All Assam Chess Association at Bipanan Khetra in Guwahati, Assam on 27th and 28th August 2022. The time control for the Rapid Rating was 10 minutes + 5 seconds increment and for Blitz Rating, 3 minutes + 2 seconds increment.

Final standings in Rapid

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
112CMMayank ChakrabortyIND1630Guwahati94952,552,50
21Dhar RajibIND2119Kamrup(R)7,551,555,543,50
316Chiraranjan BhuyanIND1569Guwahati751,555,539,50
43Trailokya NandaIND1922Jorhat750,553,538,25
52Dhrupad KashyapIND1964Guwahati746,54936,00
68Iftikar Alom MazumdarIND1756Cachar6,54751,534,25
735Rishav BarmanIND1243Guwahati6,5444731,25
848Subham BhattacharjeeIND1111Guwahati6,543,54630,25
97Amlan MahantaIND1777Guwahati6,5404328,75
105Rishideep BordoloiIND1850Dulijian6,53740,530,50
116Projit PhukonIND1791Sivasagar65151,529,00
1220Raju GogoiIND1519Sivasagar6474928,50
1323Abhirup SaikiaIND1444Guwahati646,550,533,75
1419Nihad Islam HazarikaIND1555Guwahati6464930,00
1529Rishita SinhaIND1367Guwahati6464826,50
1618Pran Govinda Parashar KashyapIND1561Guwahati645,549,531,00
1736Mrinmoy RajkhowaIND1235Guwahati645,549,528,75
1813Sahjahan AliIND1594Guwahati644,54932,00
1910Prodip BhuyanIND1642Guwahati644,54729,00
2037Prakash NathIND1228Guwahati642,545,528,25


Final standings in Blitz

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
113CMMayank ChakrabortyIND1677Guwahati7,5383936,25
22Trailokya NandaIND20286,53841,530,75
329Manthan Kashyap DattaIND14306,5384030,75
48Iftikar Alom MazumdarIND1725Cachar6,537,541,532,75
511Dhrupad KashyapIND17066,536,54031,25
640Mrinmoy RajkhowaIND12346,5353829,75
723Tanmay RajbongshiIND1533Guwahati639,541,529,00
810Subhajit DharIND171663942,527,00
920Nihad Islam HazarikaIND1557Guwahati634,53725,00
1030Ashvin SharmaIND14066343725,50
1116Bibendu DasIND15995,5384226,25
121Dhar RajibIND20655,537,54227,25
1319Pran Govinda Parashar KashyapIND1558Guwahati5,537,540,525,75
1414Uddipta GogoiIND16735,535,537,523,75
155Amlan MahantaIND1808Guwahati5,53538,524,75
1634Achitanga KashyapIND13405,534,536,522,75
179Das MonajIND17175,534,536,521,75
184Rishideep BordoloiIND18585,533,53724,50
1936Jagajit SinhaIND13095,5303119,25
2048Sahaj GuptaIND1139Guwahati5,529,53219,75



All Assam Chess Association

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