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Samyak Dharewa sensational at All India School Rating Open 2023 with a perfect 9/9

by Shahid Ahmed - 26/11/2023

Top seed Samyak Dharewa won All India School Rating Open 2023 with a 100% score 9/9. He finished a full point ahead of the competition. The student of Banimandir Railway H S School, Siliguri defeated both runner-ups Mrinmoy Rajkhowa and Tanmay Rajbongshi in seventh and eighth round respectively. Mrinmoy of Suderashan Public School scored sole 8/9 to secure second place. Tanmay of Maria's Public School, edged past five other players who scored 7/9, to finish third. The total prize fund of the tournament was ₹320000. The top three prizes were ₹50000, ₹35000 and ₹30000 along with a trophy each. The former West Bengal State U-13, U-16 and U-18 champion's first rating tournament triumph of 2023. Photo: NA Rajib Dhar

Top class performance by the top seed

Samyak Dharewa decimated the field and went into the final round with a full point lead 8/8. He defeated Nalinakhya Kashyap in the final round to become a clear champion. The only time Samyak was in a real danger of losing his game was in the third round against Abhishek Bordoloi. However, it was not easy for his opponent to realize the decisive advantage he got in the endgame.

Champion - Samyak Dharewa 9/9 | Photo: NA Rajib Dhar

Runner-up - Mrinmoy Rajkhowa 8/9 | Photo: NA Rajib Dhar

Second Runner-up - Tanmay Rajbongshi 7/9 | Photo: NorthEast Chess India

Top 3 (L to R): 3rd Tanmay Rajbongshi 7/9, 1st Samyak Dharewa 9/9 and 2nd Mrinmoy Rajkhowa 8/9 | Photo: Nitesh Parbat

Mrinmoy - Samyak, Round 7

Position after 19.c4?

19.Qa6+ Qb7 20.Qxc6 would have kept the game going. 19.c4? invited trouble hxg3 20.fxg3 Rxh2! exploiting White's weak kingside and exposing it further. Black won the game in another dozen moves.

The champion Samyak Dharewa with his trophy and winner's cheque

Samyak Dharewa scored a perfect 9/9 and gained 52.4 Elo rating points
Highlights of the first day of All India Open FIDE Rating School Chess Tournament 2023 | Video: NorthEast Chess India

A total of 224 players took part from various places across India in this five-day nine round School Rating Open tournament. It was organized by All Assam Chess Association at Sarusajai Stadium in Guwahati, Assam from 14th and 18th November 2023. The time control of the event was 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment per move.

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Final standings

Rk.SNoNameTypsexGrRtgIClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 Krtg+/-
11Samyak Dharewa1907Banimandir H S Rlw School, Siliguri95255,555,50094052,4
23Mrinmoy RajkhowaU13AS1812Suderashan Public School8545849,00084028
32Tanmay RajbongshiU13AS1845Maria's Public School75656,539,500740-26
49AFMAbhigyan GoswamiAS1459Pragjyotika English School7485137,50074018,4
517Jagajit SinhaU11AS1331Modern English School, Kahilipara74750,537,75064028,8
66Nihad Islam HazarikaAS1498Maria's Public School746,55138,00074049,2
718Ananga Harsha BorthakurAS1323Don Bosco Jorhat746,548,533,00074033,6
811Abhirup SaikiaU13AS1418DPS Guwahati74244,533,000740-29,6
94Snehaal RoyAS1692Don Bosco, Silchar6,5535737,500640-38
107Abinash P GogoiAS1485Oil India HS School6,5535534,75064031,6
115Nalinakhya KashyapAS1572Maharishi Vidyamandir, Borsajai, Guw6,55253,535,000540-14,4
1210Chaarvi ChoudhurywAS1456DPS, Guw6,549,55436,50054015,2
138Himanish Kumar SarmaU13AS1460Maharshi Vidya Mandir IV6,5485237,000440-36,4
1425Koshin DasU13AS1275Maharishi Vidyamandir, Silpukhuri, Guw6,5485135,00064063,6
1530Nikhil KumarU13AS1245KV, Silchar6,546,550,534,75054038,8
1629Suhan PatiU13AS1257Sarla Birla Gyanjyoti, Guw6,544,548,532,7506409,2
1761Abhinav DasU13AS1084DPS, Guw6,544,54832,50064057,2
1815Hridika DasF11wAS1342St Mary's , Maligaon6,5444732,000540-12,4
1972Spandan Shekhar NathU13AS1022All Saint Dionesion School Tezpur6,543,547,533,500640100
2023Prakash NathAS1283Guwahati Commerce College6,543,546,530,750640-4,8
2135Ikshita BarmanwAS1214Maharshi Vidya Mandir IV6,543,54529,75054040,4
2220Krishnaav HazarikaU11AS1316St Francis De sales HS School6505433,75054035,6
2316Ashrik ShivamAS1337Don Bosco High School , Tezpur6485130,000440-18,8
2413Karnav P DekaAS1410Sarala Birla Ghyan Jyoti School , Guw6475131,25054010,4
2512Arhaan Rahman BoraU11AS1414AXEL Public School64748,531,000440-65,6
2648Uddhav PhukanU11AS1172Assam Public School, Duliajan646,550,530,750540-4
2734Abhishek BordoloiU13AS1215Don Bosco H S School, Baghchung, Jorhat6465029,750440-19,2
2852Barnil Bikash BorahU13AS1154Don Bosco, Tezpur64649,529,500640-8,4
2949Monodeep DharU09AS1169Silchar Collegiate School645,548,529,75044075,6
3021Shuvang Pran KashyapU13AS1305Maria's Public School6454930,000540-12


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