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Mayank Chakraborty becomes the second International Master from North-East India

by Shahid Ahmed - 25/11/2023

13-year-old Mayank Chakraborty became India's latest International Master on Thursday 23rd November 2023. He defeated FM Marc Jay Bacojo (PHI) in the tenth round of World Youth Under-18 Open 2023 in Montesilvano, Italy. That win helped him cross 2400 in the live ratings. The talented youth from Guwahati, Assam also became the second IM from the North East India. Mayank earned his first IM-norm at 2nd Maharashtra GM Open in Nagpur, Maharashtra in June. A little over a month later, he secured his second IM-norm at Issykkul Open in Isyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan. Three months later he scored his final IM-norm at Qatar Master in Qatar. Mayank scored three IM-norms, a GM-norm and 262 Elo rating points in a little over five months. It goes without saying that Mayank is a phenomenal talent. Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Three IM-norms and 2400+ in less than six months

The first four months of 2023 did not go Mayank's way. He started the year with 2063 Elo rating and dropped to 2025 in May FIDE Rating list. However, he turned things around since the beginning of May. The teenager won the National Under-17 Open title for the second consecutive year. The following month, he scored his maiden GM and IM-norm in nine rounds in an eleven-round 2nd Maharashtra GM Open 2023. In July, he won Silver and Bronze medal at Western Asian Youth Under-14 and Under-18 Open respectively. He continued his momentum and earned his second IM-norm at Issykkul Open 2023. In October, he won Gold at Asian Junior Rapid and then scored his final IM-norm in the month of November. Mayank is supported by Murleidhor Jalan Foundation. The 13-year-old boy from Guwahati, Assam has had a fantastic 2023 so far.

Mayank Chakraborty becomes the latest IM of India | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Mayank Chakraborty had 2063 in January 2023 and now his live rating is 2403 | Graph: FIDE

First IM and GM-norm: 2nd Maharashtra GM Open 2023

CM Mayank Chakraborty scored his first IM-norm at 2nd Maharashtra GM Open in June 2023. He made a blazing start of an unbeaten 7/9, including a hat-trick of wins against an IM and two GMs. He scored 7/11 including wins over GM Vladimir Burmakin, GM Alexei Fedorov, IM Mohammad Nubairshah Shaikh, IM Nitish Belurkar, drew against GM Aleksej Aleksandrov, GM Azer Mirzoev (AZE), IM Milosz Szpar (POL) and IM Armen Ar. Barseghyan (ARM).

Mayank - Fedorov

Position after 17.Ng5

GM Alexei Fedorov (2449) got his position in trouble when he opted for 15...Kf8? 16.Rad1 Ke7 17.Ng5 and White just slowly outplayed Black positionally. A fantastic win by the 13-year-old that earned him his maiden GM and IM-norm.

From 2141 to 2326 + GM norm in one tournament - CM Mayank Chakraborty | Video: ChessBase India

CM Mayank Chakraborty en route his victory over GM Alexei Fedorov | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Mayank Chakraborty scored 7/9, performed at 2485 and gained 185.2 Elo rating points en route his maiden IM-norm

Second IM-norm: Issykkul Open 2023

In the following month of July, CM Mayank Chakraborty scored his second IM-norm at Issykkul Open 2023 in Issyk-Kul Kyrgyzstan. He scored 6/9, including wins over GM Mikhail Ulybin, IM L M S T De Silva (SRI), WIM Zeinep Sultanbek (KAZ), drew against GM Yusup Atabayev (TKM) and IM Nikita Khoroshev (UZB).

Mayank - Ulybin

Position after 20.b6

19...Qe6 allowed 20.b6 to disintegrate Black's castled king. 20...cxb6 21.axb6 a6 22.Nc1 Nf5 23.Nd3 Qc6 24.Nb4 Qe6 25.Ra5 Nfd6 26.Rxd5 Rhe8 27.Bxd6 and it's over as Black loses material for no compensation.

Mayank Chakraborty with his second IM-norm certificate | Photo: Anna Shtourman

Mayank Chakraborty scored 6/9, performed at 2421 to earn his second IM-norm, increased his Elo rating by 27 points

Third IM-norm: Qatar Masters 2023

Three months after scoring his second norm, Mayank secured his final IM-norm at Qatar Masters 2023 in Qatar. He defeated GM Akshat Chandra (USA), GM Venkatesh M R, drew against IM Ravi Teja S, reigning two-time World Blitz Women's champion - IM Bibisara Assaubayeva (KAZ) and IM Saidakbar Saydaliev (UZB).

Mayank - Akshat

Position after 29.Nb6??

29...Nb6?? is a big positional mistake by GM Akshat Chandra (USA, 2486). Try to find out the winning continuation for White which Mayank executed in the game.

Interview with Mayank Chakraborty after his final IM-norm | Video: ChessBase India

Mayank Chakraborty during his first round game against GM Akshat Chandra (USA) | Photo: Aditya Sur Roy

Mayank Chakraborty scored 4.5/9, performed at 2485 and gained 34.8 Elo rating points en route his final IM-norm

Live rating 2400: World Youth Under-18 Open 2023

A little over a month after earning his final IM-norm, Mayank Chakraborty crossed 2400 in the live ratings when he defeated FM Mark Jay Bacojo (PHI) in the tenth round of World Youth Under-18 Open 2023. Mayank finished the event with a score 8/11 and secured sixth place. His live rating now is 2403.

Mayank Chakraborty crossed 2400 in the live ratings when he defeated FM Mark Jay Bacojo (PHI) in the penultimate round

GM FT Swayams Mishra

He belongs to a place which has dominance in other sports like football, boxing etc. It hasn't been an easy journey for Mayank. For the last six months he has been performing well consistently to achieve all his IM-norms. With the little support that he has received if he is able to do so much, there's perhaps no limit to what he can do if he gets good sponsors. He already has one GM-norm, I am looking forward to his GM title.

Mayank's Best Achievements

Mayank Chakraborty has won a lot of accolades in his chess career so far. Here are the best ones:

Gold - Tata Steel Asian Junior Open Rapid 2023

Gold - Western Asian Youth Under-10 Open 2019

Silver - Western Asian Youth Under-14 Open Blitz 2023

Silver - Asian Youth Under-10 Open 2019

Bronze - Western Asian Youth Under-18 Open Rapid 2023

Bronze - Western Asian Youth Under-10 Open Blitz 2019

Runner-up - 29th Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival Under-16 2023

Champion - 33rd National Under-17 Open 2023

Champion - 32nd National Under-17 Open 2022

Champion - National Under-11 Open 2019

Champion - 20th North East India Rating Championship 2022

• Champion - 1st All Assam Rapid and Blitz Rating Open 2022 

Champion - AICF Assam School Chess Under-15 Rapid Rating Boys 2022

Champion - 45th All Assam Inter-District Open 2022

Champion - 44th All Assam Inter-District Under-14 Open 2022

Champion - 41st All Assam Inter-District Under-13 Open 2019

Champion - 44th All Assam Under-20 Boys 2021

Second Runner-up - 41st All Assam Inter-District Under-11 Open 2018

Second Runner-up - 41st All Assam Inter-District Under-9 Open 2017

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