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32nd National under 9: Ilamparthi and Hiya in sole lead

by Shahid Ahmed - 22/09/2018

Ilamparthi A R of Tamil Nadu made a quick work of Mayank Chakraborty as the game finished in just over an hour. Mayank blundered his queen early on in the game as his queen got trapped in 18 moves. Hiya Panchal of Gujarat won her game comfortably when she trapped her opponent's Bishop in just 19 moves. Ilamparthi needs a win a penultimate round to become a champion with a round to spare, while Hiya's win would make her a step closer to the champion's trophy. In this report, you will find photos, games and critical positions from round 9. Photos: Shahid Ahmed

Ilamparthi completes triple hat-trick of wins

Ilamparthi A R of TN has no intention to slow down

Black already has a terrible position, but Mayank made the dreadful move 17...Qxc3 which trapped his Queen

Hiya sails into sole lead

Hiya Panchal spearheads into penultimate round with a score of 8.0/9

Hiya Panchal continued her momentum by launching an attack out of the opening in Giuco Piano. Hiya's opponent WCM Shriyana S Mallya of Karnataka took a poisoned pawn at h4 and then things went bad for her quickly. However, Hiya could have finished off the game earlier. Hiya gained a Bishop in 21 moves and managed to win the game eventually in 57 moves.

Hiya missed a quicker finish here when she played 18.Qg4. Try to find out what she missed

Yash Bharadia of Rajasthan won his game comfortably and he will face the unstoppable Ilamparthi in the penultimate round

Mukund Agarwal of Gujarat got a half chance against Aakash G of Tamil Nadu in the endgame

Find out what did Mukund miss here which could have given him an opportunity to go for a full point

His prayers were answered as Raghu Ram Reddy Seelam survived by the skin of his teeth

Raghu Ram Reddy Seelam of Telengana was on a brink of a loss as he lost his Queen just for a Bishop. However he did not give up hope, he kept fighting until his opponent blundered which allowed him to salvage a draw with a perpetual check.

This position is winning for white here in various ways, however Advait chose the only way which could split points when he played 43. Qg5

Sneha's irregular opening choice might not have surprised her opponent but she managed to win and will face the leader Hiya in the penultimate round

Palak blundered here by playing 36...Rxf2+. Find out why it is a mistake

Photo Gallery:

Tournament standees are visible outside the playing hall

Inspirational Quote standee to inspire the kids

Caption this

For some banana is the secret of their energy...

...for others it is a chocolate

Some kids prefer fruit juice...

...while some are friendly neighbor, Spider-Man (kid)

I have no faith in carbon, I want original

I don't like to sit around and give command to attack

Sometimes it's orange vs. orange

...while other times it's yellow vs. yellow

Sometimes you fight side by side with your state mate: Maharashtra (top), Punjab (middle) and West Bengal (bottom)

Chief (IA Paul Arokia Raj S) and Deputy Arbiter (IA Pranesh Yadav K) are always on their toes


Results of Round 9 in Open category

11Ilamparthi A R1926Tamil Nadu81 - 07Mayank Chakraborty1655Assam4
27Kshatriya Nitin Vekhande1574Maharashtra0 - 17Bharadia Yash1525Rajasthan9
3105Agarwal Mukund H1095Gujrat½ - ½Aakash G1673Tamil Nadu2
415Sparsh Bisht1396Haryana½ - ½Suhaas A1327Telengana28
545Md Imran1249Andhra Pradesh½ - ½Abhyuday Santhosh1393Karnataka16
631Arnav Pradhan1322Telengana60 - 16CMBhagat Kush1539Maharashtra8
751Panda Hrishikesh1223Odisha60 - 16Apoorv Kamble1502Karnataka10
839Advait Prashant Patil1278Maharashtra6½ - ½6Raghu Ram Reddy Seelam1445Telengana12
917Barnil Kumar Das1379Assam6½ - ½6Pranav K P1312Tamil Nadu34
1019Aryan Mohapatra1374Odisha61 - 06Nirnay Garg1325Haryana30


Results of Round 9 in Girls category

13Panchal Hiya1267Gujrat71 - 0WCMShriyana S Mallya1278Karnataka1
27WCMShefali A N1224Karnataka1 - 07Indira Priyadharshini Subbu1178Tamil Nadu10
35Sneha Halder1245Bengal1 - 0Palak Mohapatra1267Odisha2
438Debapriya Manna1036Bengal0 - 16WCMSuhaani Lohia1235Maharashtra6
539Mukherjee Shreya1036Maharashtra6½ - ½6Arushi Srichandan1132Odisha16
617Pournami S1126Kerala61 - 06Patil Divya1107Maharashtra22
7104Patil Disha0Maharashtra61 - 06Devaki Nandana1110Andhra Pradesh20
818Jayashri M1124Tamil Nadu½ - ½6Lakshana Subramanian1024Tamil Nadu42
944Saara Jain1016Jharkhand½ - ½Sani Deshpande1219Maharashtra8
1012Sanikommu Manasvi1164Karnataka1 - 0Jasmaira Gumber1012Uttaranchal46


Pairings of Round 10 in Open category of 2018/09/22 at 3.30 p.m.

19Bharadia Yash1525Rajasthan89Ilamparthi A R1926Tamil Nadu1
22Aakash G1673Tamil Nadu77Aryan Mohapatra1374Odisha19
34Mayank Chakraborty1655Assam77Agarwal Mukund H1095Gujrat105
48CMBhagat Kush1539Maharashtra77Daakshin Arun1326Tamil Nadu29
510Apoorv Kamble1502Karnataka77Md Imran1249Andhra Pradesh45
616Abhyuday Santhosh1393Karnataka77Sparsh Bisht1396Haryana15
728Suhaas A1327Telengana7Barnil Kumar Das1379Assam17
814Tanish Sai Kavuru1397Andhra PradeshSadbhav Rautela1670Uttaranchal3
924Sriansh Das1347OdishaKshatriya Nitin Vekhande1574Maharashtra7
1034Pranav K P1312Tamil NaduBorgaonkar Akshay1484Maharashtra11

Pairings of Round 10 in Girls category of 2018/09/22 at 3.30 p.m.

15Sneha Halder1245Bengal8Panchal Hiya1267Gujrat3
26WCMSuhaani Lohia1235Maharashtra7WCMShefali A N1224Karnataka7
310Indira Priyadharshini Subbu1178Tamil Nadu77Pournami S1126Kerala17
42Palak Mohapatra1267Odisha7Patil Disha0Maharashtra104
51WCMShriyana S Mallya1278KarnatakaMukherjee Shreya1036Maharashtra39
642Lakshana Subramanian1024Tamil NaduSanikommu Manasvi1164Karnataka12
716Arushi Srichandan1132OdishaAanya Agrawal0Haryana49
862Ankita Sahoo0OdishaDebapriya Manna1036Bengal38
914Shresthi Gupta1162Punjab6Behera Snehayukta0Odisha67
108Sani Deshpande1219Maharashtra66Vaishnavi R Rao1075Karnataka29


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लेक सिटी इंटरनेशनल - गौरव नें दिया लक्ष्मण को झटका

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Aakash and Vidula win 33rd National under-9 open and girls 2019

@ 20/08/2019 by IA Vijayaraghavan V (en)
बेड़ालोना 2019 - श्रीसवन शीर्ष 10 मे ,अनुज बेस्ट U16

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अबु धाबी मास्टर्सः जोबावा बने सरताज, आर्यन श्रेष्ठ भारतीय

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@ 10/06/2019 by Nitesh srivastava (hi)
Venezuela no.1 Eduardo Iturrizaga wins 12th KIIT International 2019

@ 08/06/2019 by Shahid Ahmed (en)
12 साल के लियॉन बने भारत के नए इंटरनेशनल मास्टर

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दिल्ली इंटरनेशनल - फारुख को गिरीश नें ड्रॉ पर रोका

@ 11/01/2019 by Niklesh Jain (hi)
17वां दिल्ली इंटरनेशनल:बना इतिहास,रोमांचक यात्रा शुरू

@ 10/01/2019 by Niklesh Jain (hi)
Ilamparthi A R and Sneha Halder win 32nd National under-9

@ 26/09/2018 by Shahid Ahmed (en)
Ilamparthi wins 32nd National under 9 with a round to spare and Sneha in the sole lead among girls

@ 22/09/2018 by Shahid Ahmed (en)
32nd National under 9 round 8: Hiya beats Indira to get into joint lead, Ilamparthi maintains sole lead

@ 21/09/2018 by Shahid Ahmed (en)
32nd National under 9 round 7: Ilamparthi and Indira in sole lead

@ 20/09/2018 by Shahid Ahmed (en)

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