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S Rohith Krishna clinches 19th Malakoff Open 2023

by Shahid Ahmed - 15/05/2023

IM S Rohith Krishna scored 7.5/9 to win 19th Malakoff Open 2023. He finished a half point ahead of the field. Despite losing his second round game against FM Samuel Malka (FRA), Rohith bounced back strong and scored 6.5/7 in the next seven games to win the tournament. His sole draw of the event was against the eventual second runner-up, GM Momchil Nikolov (BUL). Six players scored 7/9. GM Radoslav Dimitrov (BUL) and Momchil were placed second and third according to tie-breaks. GM Koustav Chatterjee, Sanket Chakravarty and FM Sourath Biswas are three other Indians to finish among top ten. They scored 7/9, 7/9 and 6.5/9 to secure fourth, sixth and eight place respectively.

Rohith's first tournament triumph of 2023

IM S Rohith Krishna was in a five-way lead heading into the last round at 6.5/8. The remaining four were - GM Momchil Nikolov (BUL), GM Koustav Chatterjee, FM Sourath Biswas, and CM Chinguun Bayaraa (MGL). Momchil drew against Koustav, Sourath lost to Rohith and Dimitrov beat Chinguun. Thus, Rohith became a clear champion. This was Rohith's second tournament he played in 2023. He also went on to win Ostravský koník 2023 Open yesterday. We will mention it in detail in a separate report. Rohith is currently trained by one of the best coaches in the country - FM FT K Visweswaran.

Champion - IM S Rohith Krishna 7.5/9

The total prize fund of the tournament was €7400. The top three prizes were €1500, €1000 and €800 each. GM Stany G A is the only other Indian player to win this event, the 14th edition back in 2016.

IM S Rohith Krishna scored 7.5/9 to win the tournament

4th GM Koustav Chatterjee 7/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

6th Sanket Chakravarthy 7/9 | Photo: Anniken Vestby/SjakkTromsø

8th FM Sourath Biswas 6.5/9 | Photo: Anniken Vestby/SjakkTromsø

A total of 296 players including 5 GMs, 5 IMs and a WGM took part from 23 countries across the world. The tournament was organized by Regis Hombourger from 22nd to 30th April 2023 at Jean Jaurès in Malakoff, France. The nine-round Swiss league rating tournament had a time control of 90 minutes/40 moves, then 30 minutes, with an increment of 30 seconds per move during the whole game.

Round 9 results

Ech.PtsBlancs Res.Noirs Pts
36DIMITROV Radoslav2490 F1 - 0CHINGUUN BAYARAA2203 F
46BELKHODJA Slim2267 F0 - 1FLOM Gabriel2434 F6
56LEKIC Dusan2331 FX - XBOULARD Eric2178 F6
76BRADBURY Neil H2215 F0 - 1PICARD Romain2308 F6
8ROUAST Joseph2172 F1 - 0HALEGUA Dani2152 F6
9CHARMETEAU Sven2289 F1 - 0HOLCMAN Jeremy2121 F
10BOUGET Alexandre2270 FX - XMOHAMED ABDERRAHIM Taleb Mohamed2081 F


Final standings

Pl NomEloCat.FedeLigueClubPtsTr.Perf
1mROHITH KRISHNA S2380 FCadM42½2455
2gDIMITROV Radoslav2490 FSenMHDFL'Echiquier Cappellois7472508
3gNIKOLOV Momchil2496 FSenMHDFL'Echiquier Cappellois746½2503
5gFLOM Gabriel2434 FSenMIDFTremblay en France7442391
7mPICARD Romain2308 FSenMNAQPoitiers-Migne Echecs741½2319
8fSOURATH BISWAS2265 FCadM452355
9fCHARMETEAU Sven2289 FSenMIDFU.S.Villejuif Echecs442296
10mLEKIC Dusan2331 FSepM43½2323



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