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Marc' Andria Maurizzi clinches 2nd Bastia Open 2022, M R Venkatesh second

by Shahid Ahmed - 12/08/2022

France's youngest GM Marc' Andria Maurizzi and GM M R Venkatesh scored an unbeaten 6/7 each at 2nd Bastia International Open 2022. The encounter between them in the penultimate round, ended in a draw. Venkatesh persevered his final round game against FM Daniel Barrish (RSA). Despite being completely lost for the better part of the game, Venkatesh's tenacity eventually paid off as his opponent blundered in a winning position and lost the game. IM FT Praveen Kumar C was the only other Indian taking part in the event. He scored 5/7 to finish ninth overall and win the first prize in Rating category 2000-2199. Photo: Corsican Circuit

First individual podium finish of the year for Venkatesh

GM Venkatesh M R secured a second place for team BPCL at 31st PSPB Inter Unit Team Chess earlier this year. His first individual second place finish was at 2nd Bastia International Open 2022. The total prize fund of the tournament was €10000. Top three prizes were €1500, €1200 and €1000 along with a trophy each respectively. IM Praveen Kumar C received €200 as his first prize in the Rating category 2000-2199.

Runner-up GM Venkatesh M R 6/7 | Photo: Corsican Circuit

Champion - GM Marc' Andria Maurizzi 6/7 | Photo: Corsican Circuit

Top 3 (L to R) - 3rd GM Lev Yankelevich 5.5/7 (GER), 1st GM Marc Andria Maurizzi 6/7 (FRA) and 2nd GM Venkatesh M R 6/7 | Photo: Corsican Circuit

Barrish - Venkatesh, Round 7

Position after 15...b5

Things have gone terribly wrong for Black out of the opening. It would not be an exaggeration to say Black is positionally lost in the above diagram. However, Venkatesh did not give up. He kept fighting. 15...b5 is an inkling to his desire to continue the fight. His patience eventually paid off as FM Daniel Barrish (RSA, 2283) caved in the endgame by blundering in a completely winning position.

Venkatesh en route his victory over Nabil Bouslimi (FRA) in Round 2 | Photo: Corsican Circuit

GM Venkatesh scored an unbeaten 6/7 to finish second on tie-breaks

Round 3: CM Radu Stonescu (FRA) - GM Venkatesh M R: 0-1 | Photo: Corsican Circuit

Rating Category 2000-2199 1st and overall 9th - IM Praveen Kumar C (second from right) 5/7 | Photo: Corsican Circuit

IM Praveen Kumar C in action | Photo: Corsican Circuit

Various trophies which were given away as prizes | Photo: Corsican Circuit

Prize distribution ceremony took place outdoor where the players could analyze their games after their rounds | Photo: Corsican Circuit

The tournament hall at Bastia Museum in Corsica, France | Photo: Corsican Circuit

A total of 77 players took part including 2 GMs and 7 IMs from 16 countries across the world. The event was organized by Corsica Chess Club from 10th to 15th July 2022 at Bastia Museum in Corsica, France. The time control was 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move no.1.

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Final standings

pl Last nameRatingCat.fedeLeagueClubPointsTr.Cu.Perf
1gMAURIZZI Marc Andria2506FMinMCVLC’Chartres Chess630½26½2627
2gVENKATESH Mr.2479FSen M628½252577
3mYANKELEVICH Lev2496 FSen MISVandoeuvre-Chess28½232493
4fSANZ WAWER Daniel2363 FJunM28½232418
5mRENDLE Thomas E2387FSen M23½20½2312
6fBARRISH Daniel2283FSen M528222301
7mROBERSON Peter T2438FSen M527½212257
8mPISCOPO Pierluigi2343FSen MCRSChess-Club Ajaccien52723½2348
9mPRAVEEN KUMAR C2143FSen M525202234
10fJAHNCKE Giso2299FSen M524½202226



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