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Ameya Audi amazing at České Budějovice Chess Festival Open 2023

by Shahid Ahmed - 17/07/2023

IM Ameya Audi scored an unbeaten 8/9 to win České Budějovice Chess Festival Rating Open A 2023. He finished a full point ahead of the field. GM Vignir Vatnar Stefansson (ISL) and Benedikt Briem (ISL) scored 7/9 each. They were placed second and third respectively according to tie-breaks. The total prize fund of the tournament was over 90000 CZK. The top three prizes were 10000, 8000 and 6000 along with a trophy each. This is Ameya's second tournament triumph of the year. Earlier this year he won a Rapid Rating Open where he also finished a full point ahead of others. FM Jeet Jain earned his second IM-norm in the IM Round-Robin event. He scored 6.5/9 to finish second. GM Deep Sengupta scored 6.5/9 to finish second in the GM B Round-Robin event. Photos: Official site

Jeet Jain scores his second IM-norm, Deep second in GM B

IM Ameya Audi scored 7.5/8 and had a full point lead heading into the final round clash against Iceland's latest GM Vignir Vatnar Stefansson. He drew his game and became a clear champion. Despite starting as the second lowest rated player in the IM group, FM Jeet Jain scored 6.5/9 to secure his second IM-norm. He is now final IM-norm and a little over 100 Elo rating points away from becoming India's next International Master. Multi-time Hastings Masters winner, GM Deep Sengupta scored 6.5/9 to finish in the GM B group. He was the second highest rated player in his section and he managed to maintain it.

Champion in Open A - IM Ameya Audi 8/9

Top 3 in Open A (L to R) - 2nd GM Vignir Vatnar Stefansson (ISL) 7/9, 1st IM Ameya Audi 8/9 and 3rd Benedikt Briem (ISL) 7/9

FM Jeet Jain with his second IM-norm certificate

Top 3 in IM (L to R): 2nd FM Jeet Jain 6.5/9, 1st GM Azer Mirzoev (AZE) 7.5/9 and 3rd FM Bayarjavkhlan Delgerdalai (CZE) 5/9

Ameya - Hak, Round 4

Position after 20.Ng6+!

IM Ameya Audi (2391) displayed some sharp play after 17...Nd8 18.Bd5! Rab8 19.Nd4 Kh8 20.Ng6+! hxg6 21.Qh6+ Kg8 22.Qxg6+ Kf8 23.Rd3 Rc3 24.Rg3! Black is just unable to save the checkmate now.

IM Ameya Audi scored five out of his seven wins in 28 moves or less

IM Ameya Audi scored an unbeaten 8/9 and gained 14.7 Elo rating points

GM Deep Sengupta scored 6.5/9 to finish second in GM B group

Jeet - Soucek, Round 5

Position after 17...Na5??

A careful inspection reveals 17...Na5?? is a blunder. Find out the winning continuation for Whit by thoroughly calculating all lines like FM Jeet Jain (2225) did in the game against FM Petr Soucek (CZE, 2324).

FM Jeet Jain scored a fantastic victory over FM Petr Soucek (CZE) in the fifth round

FM Jeet Jain scored 6.5/9, performed at 2473 and gained 59.8 Elo rating points en route his second IM-norm

The trophies for the prize winners

The tournament hall at Clarion Congress Hotel in České Budějovice, Czech Republic

The venue from the outside

A total of 103 players including 2 GMs, 5 IMs and a WIM took part from 15 countries across the world in Open A section. There were 42 players in the Open B (≤2000) section. Each of the three Round-Robin events had ten players. The nine-day nine-round Rating tournaments (Swiss League for Open A and B) were organized by Chess University QCC České Budějovice at Clarion Congress Hotel in České Budějovice, Czech Republic from 1st to 9th July 2023. The time control of the tournament was 40 moves in 90 minutes + 30 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move no.1.

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Final standings in Open A

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtgIRtgNClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
IMAudi, AmeyaIND23910India8045,549,5
IMStefansson, Vignir VatnarISL24870Iceland70,54852
Briem, BenediktISL21270Iceland70,54447
Lutz, RubenGER21360Germany6,504851
GMVelicka, PetrCZE23702388TJ Neratovice6,5047,552
IMDobrowolski, PiotrPOL24170Poland6,504549,5
IMPriehoda, VitezslavCZE22562273Sk Joly Lysa Nad Labem, Z.S.6,5043,547
IMPlischki, SebastianGER23260Germany6,5042,546
FMSimek, PetrCZE23652343Unichess6,504245,5
Lajbl, JanCZE22122223Sk Zikuda Turnov, Z.S.6049,554,5


Final standings in GM B

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2 
GMHaba, PetrCZE2420Czech Rebublic725,750
GMSengupta, DeepIND2456India6,527,250
FMHrbek, StepanCZE2317Czech Republic624,750
WIMSong, YuxinCHN2326CHN5,520,250
GMMitrabha, GuhaIND2515India5,520,000
FMBochnicka, VladimirSVK2330Slovakia415,000
FMSvanda, OndrejCZE2358Czech Republic3,513,000
FMBorrmann, LaurenzAUT2292Austria311,000
IMHeimisson, Hilmir FreyrISL2404Iceland2,58,250
FMChan, Kim YewMAS2326Malaysia1,56,250


Final standings in IM

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtgIRtgNClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2 
GMMirzoev, AzerAZE23950Azerbaijan7,531,000
FMJeet, JainIND22250India6,524,000
FMDelgerdalai, BayarjavkhlanCZE22782094Czech Republic520,000
IMKonopka, MichalCZE23532378Czech Republic4,519,750
IMMarek, MatyasCZE23302318Czech Republic4,518,750
FMStinka, JakubCZE23062315Czech Republic4,516,750
FMSoucek, PetrCZE23242130Czech Republic414,500
FMErmitsch, MagnusGER22320Germany3,513,750
FMGschiel, AlexanderAUT22800Austria3,513,250
Dudek, VojtechCZE22632167Czech Republic1,56,250



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