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Ameya Audi - The latest International Master from Goa

by Shahid Ahmed - 21/09/2020

Ameya Audi became the latest International Master from Goa. Despite crossing the 2400 barrier in November 2017, he took a break from chess for studies, made his return to the sport in August 2018. He lost quite a bit of rating and dropped to 2322. He scored his maiden IM-norm at World Junior 2019 and got the form back. He scored his final IM-norm at Aeroflot Open B where he beat the top seed and the defending champion in the very first round and went on to finish sixth in the tournament. Get to know about this young talent's journey from the man Ameya himself. He also shares a couple of his game with detailed annotations. Photo: Ameya

Ameya scores three IM-norms in four months

On 27th February 2020, Ameya Audi became the latest International Master from Goa. He scored three IM-norms within a span of just over four months and a couple of days. Ameya scored his first IM-norm at World Junior 2019, his second IM-norm at Delhi GM Open 2020 and the final IM-norm at Aeroflot Open B 2020. The Goan lad has won tournaments in Sri Lanka, Hungary, Serbia, apart from that he has won Silver in Commonwealth Under-18 Open in 2017, two-time State Junior (Under-19) and State Youth (Under-25) champion, one-time State Under-17 champion. Besides that he has made multiple podium finish at various State championships including State Senior.

Goa's latest IM Ameya Audi | Photo: Ameya

After Anurag Mhamal (a GM now), Bhakti Kulkarni, Leon Mendonca, meet the latest International Master from Goa, 20-year-old Ameya Audi. I decided to catch up with him and get a glimpse of his journey towards the IM title.


Shahid Ahmed (SA): Congratulations for becoming one of the latest IMs of India. How did it feel when you completed the IM-title requirements?

Ameya Audi (AA): Thank you, it feels good! I have achieved it after a great struggle so that makes it a sweet victory!


SA: What does the title mean to you?

AA: It’s a stepping stone in my chess life. I feel more responsible as a chess player.


SA: Where did you make your IM-norms and cross the 2400 rating barrier?

AA: I had accomplished rating of 2410 in November 2017 by winning the 41st Tenkes Cup with a rating performance of 2567. Then I took a study break until August 2018. It took me quite a while to get back my form and by that time I lost a lot of rating, down to 2322. I showed results in the World Juniors 2019 in Delhi, where I made an IM-norm. It was my first IM-norm since the norm made at Budapest in November 2017 was rejected due to a technical issue.

Ameya made his first IM-norm at World Junior 2019

Despite suffering four losses Ameya scored his maiden IM-norm at World Junior 2019

The second norm was made at the Delhi GM Open 2020 and the third norm at Aeroflot Open B 2020.

Ameya receives his second IM-norm at Delhi Open 2020 | Photo: Niklesh Jain

Ameya had a performance of 2449 at Delhi Open 2020

Ameya with Chief Arbiter of Aeroflot Open 2020 B - IA Andrzej Filipowicz

Ameya delivered a fantastic performance of 2551 at Aeroflot Open 2020 B to secure his final IM-norm

SA: Tell us about your chess journey. When did you start playing chess and where are you from?

AA: I am from Goa. I started playing chess at the age of eight years but it was only at school level. I started participating in Rated tournaments at the age of 10-11 years.

Audi brothers shined at Colombo Chess Festival 2012

My achievements:

• Gold medal U-15 Colombo Chess Festival 2012 (my first international event)

• Candor International Tournament, Karnataka - first place

Ameya won the Candor All India Open in 2017

• 41st Tenkes Cup, Hungary - first place

Ameya won Tenkes Cup 2017 with an unbeaten 8.0/9, finished a full point ahead and gained 142 Elo rating points

• MMCA Kerala All India Fide Rated - first place

• Battle of Senta International Open, Serbia - 1st place

Ameya with his championship trophy and medal at Senta, Serbia

• Proud to have represented India at the World Junior 2019 in Delhi.

Ameya in action at World Junior 2019 | Photo: Amruta Mokal

• Aeroflot Open 2020 B - 10th Place.


SA: After Anurag, Bhakti, Leon and now you are the fourth ever IM from Goa. Do you think chess in Goa is becoming stronger?

AA: True. Chess is getting popular in Goa, and it is getting introduced in schools as well.

Ameya with his State Junior (Under-19) 2018 championship trophy

SA: How does it feel knowing that your statemate and reigning National Women's champion, Bhakti Kulkarni has won the Gold in FIDE Online Olympiad?

AA: Goa is proud of her! It makes me wish to be a part of the National team too! (when I deserve it).

IM Bhakti Kulkarni is the reigning National Women's Champion and she won Gold for Team India in FIDE Online Olympiad few days ago | Photo: Queen's Chess Academy

SA: How much support have you received from your family and school?

AA: My mother accompanies me to tournaments and my father supports me financially. My Brother, Saiesh, helps me as my second. My school and college teachers, classmates has been very co-operative. I would be absent for long duration and once I was back they would help me with the syllabus and notes.


SA: I saw that you played quite a few tournaments in Hungary and Serbia. Do you think playing in Round Robin tournaments helped you in becoming stronger?

AA: Definitely! I have played in many of these events so in one trip I could have more games, and though I did not make any norms in those events, I was coming closer with each try and gained valuable experience playing in them.

Ameya with First Saturday organizer IO Nagy Laszlo of Hungary

SA: Whom would you like to thank for all your success?

AA: I thank my family and all those who have helped me along my journey. I thank God for all my success.

Ameya getting felicitated for winning Silver in Commonwealth Under-18 Open in 2017

SA: What books/materials did you use on your journey towards the IM title?

AA: Jacob Aagards books, Chessgames. com and ChessBase 15.

SA: How are you dealing with the unprecedented pandemic situation?

AA: I am as anxious as everyone else. I wish it will be over soon and I want normalcy to return. I am not happy with the ‘new normal’. I have always enjoyed playing in Standard and Rapid chess tournaments and miss playing those.


SA: Now that you have become an IM, what's next for you?

AA: I shall aim to become stronger and achieve my GM title.


SA: Thank you Ameya for taking the time to answer these questions, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

AA: Thank you!


Ameya annotates

Ameya selected four of his best games from each event where he made an IM-norm and annotated them.

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