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Akash G triumphs at 6th Bohumín Open 2023

by Shahid Ahmed - 18/07/2023

GM Akash G and FM Stanislaw Zylka (POL) scored 7/9 each at 6th Bohumín Open A (≥1900) 2023. Akash defeated Zylka in the sixth round. It became the deciding factor for him to win the tournament. IM Piotr Nguyen (POL), IM Jakub Pulpan (CZE) and FM Iwo Godzwon (POL) scored 6.5/9 each. They were placed third to fifth respectively according to tie-breaks. The total prize fund of the tournament was 61000 CZK. The top three prizes were 15000 + trophy, 10000 and 8000 CZK. This is Akash's first tournament triumph of the year. His also first tournament victory since he won the Prague International Chess Festival back in February 2020. Akash also secured second place in the 14th Ivana Jankovce Memorial Blitz Rating Open by scoring 10/13. IM Piotr Piesik (POL) won the Blitz event scoring 10.5/13. Photo: Official site

Akash secures second place in 14th Ivana Jankovce Memorial Blitz Open

GM Akash G made a great start 5.5/6. However, he suffered defeat in the seventh round against FM Iwo Godzwon (POL). He bounced back quite well by winning the penultimate round game against IM Piotr Nguyen (POL). It put him back in the sole lead again 6.5/8. India's 66th GM drew his final round game against IM Jakub Pulpan (CZE) to win the tournament. The youngest National Senior champion in history, is known for comebacks. Last month, despite having a tough tournament at the 5th Prague International Chess Festival 2023 Challengers, Akash finished strong by scoring a fine victory in the final round using a queen sacrifice.

Champion in Open A - GM Akash G 7/9 | Photo: Valdemar Bednarz/Official site

Top 3 in Open A (L to R) - 3rd IM Piotr Nguyen (POL) 6.5/9, 1st GM Akash G 7/9 and 3rd FM Stanislaw Zylka (POL) 7/9 | Photo: Official site

Akash - Piotr, Round 8

Position after 40.Rb3

GM Akash G (2461) is asking a difficult question to his opponent IM Piotr Nguyen (POL, 2393). White is threatening to push his c5-passed pawn, Black's rook is threatened and now its supporting piece queen is also under attack. Black moved his queen to e4 and it was over for him 40...Qe4 41.c6 Qxe5 42.Rf3 Re4 43.Qxe5 Rxe5 44.Rc3 the c-pawn is unstoppable. Akash bounced back strong from a loss in the previous round against FM Iwo Godzwon (POL, 2395). This win once again put him back in the sole lead.

GM Akash G in action | Photo: Valdemar Bednarz/Official site

GM Akash Ganesan scored 7/9 to win the tournament

GM Akash G secured second position in Blitz scoring 10/13 | Photo: Valdemar Bednarz/Official site

The trophies for the prize winners | Photo: Bohumín Chess Open fb

The tournament hall at Bospor Sports Hall, Koperníkova in Bohumín, Czech Republic | Photo: Bohumín Chess Open fb and Valdemar Bednarz

A total of 56 players including 3 GMs, 5 IMs and a WIM took part in the Open A (>1900) section. There were 108 players in the Open B (≤2000) section. The 13-round Blitz event witnessed the participation of 95 players. Players from eight countries across the world took part in various sections. The nine-day nine-round Swiss League Rating tournaments were organized by ŠŠ Bohumín a SK Slavia Orlová, z.s. - Oddíl šachu. The Blitz Rating tournament was organized by SK Slavia Orlová, z.s. - Oddíl šachu. All three events took place at Bospor Sports Hall, Koperníkova in Bohumín, Czech Republic from 1st to 9th July 2023. The Blitz event took place on Sunday 2nd July. The time control of the Classical tournaments were 40 moves in 90 minutes + 15 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move no.1. For Blitz, it was 3 minutes + 2 seconds increment.

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Final standings in Open A

Rk.SNoNameTypsexGrFEDRtgIRtgNPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 RpKrtg+/-
11GMGanesan AkashIND24610714852,52523107,4
22FMZylka StanislawPOL241707047,5522499109,7
35IMNguyen PiotrPOL239306,5047,5512450107,7
43IMPulpan JakubCZE240624266,504447,5236410-0,5
54FMGodzwon IwoPOL239506,504447,52398207,2
66GMDrazic SinisaSRB237406043,547,5231210-3,8
712FMRabatin JakubKPCZE22732259604345,523412019
815FMSramek VojtechKPOPCZE22552230604244,52265206,4
918FMKostka VitKPOPCZE219921816037402214206,8
1017FMLjepic AndrejSRB221405,504346,522732016,4


Final standings in Blitz Open

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgIRtgNPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 RpKrtg+/-
14IMPiesik PiotrPOL2295010,50105111,588,50623341013,8
22GMGanesan AkashIND23720101101,510779,506216320-6,6
35FMGodzwon IwoPOL2284010010811384,25723332032,6
41IMPulpan JakubCZE249109,50106,511378,756227810-16,6
57FMLjepic AndrejU18SRB226809,5010511278,00622434028,4
69GMDjuric StefanS60SRB221509,5095100,570,2572169105,8
73GMDrazic SinisaSRB2299090103106,569,007223010-1,6
810FMKokoszczyński JanPOL219809099,5104,566,7572133203,6
96FMRabatin JakubCZE22720909510164,756211220-18
1023Malik MaciejU18POL18860909510064,00719744088,4



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