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FIDE World Cup 2021 QF2: Duda eliminates Vidit

by Shahid Ahmed - 30/07/2021

Vidit Gujrathi's monumental run at the FIDE World Cup 2021 came to an end, but he is not going home empty-handed. He earned himself a place in the FIDE Grand Prix 2022, he won US$ 35000 (20% is retained by FIDE), became India no.2 and World no.21. Carlsen will face the undefeated Duda in the Semifinals. It will be an interesting battle because Duda ended the world champion's 125-game unbeaten streak last year. Karjakin bounced back against Shankland to force tie-breaks, which means Fedoseev will get to know his Semifinal opponent today. Goryachkina made a narrow escape from a loss against Anna Muzychuk. Tie-break games of FIDE World Cup Quarterfinals and the second game of FIDE Women's World Cup Semifinals start today at 5:30 p.m. IST. Photo: Eric Rosen/FIDE

Four decisive games

All four games of the FIDE World Cup 2021 Quarterfinals 2 ended decisively and all wins came through the white pieces. Duda in the post-match analysis mentioned that he missed his transport to the venue, it was the world champion Carlsen who took him in his car, otherwise it might have difficult for him to make it to the game on time. Duda also mentioned that this line was played by Giri in the Croatia Grand Chess Tour early this month, that's why he expected this line.

Duda eliminated Vidit | Photo: Eric Rosen/FIDE

FIDE World Cup 2021 and FIDE Women's World Cup 2021 Official logo | Photo: Official site

Carlsen - Bacrot: 2-0

Carlsen got himself a comfortable position in the middlegame. Bacrot, being in a must-win situation, tried to create some chances for himself.

Position after 31...Rxe4

31...Rxe4 only made things worse for Black. 32.Ne7 forces a rook exchange and White gains either the d6 or h5-pawn but Black decided to give up an exchange 32...Rxe7 which made things that much more difficult and after 33.Rxe7 there was not much hope left for Bacrot. He resigned in the next few moves, thus Carlsen won the match 2-0 and advanced to the Semifinals.

Magnus Carlsen analyzes his game | Video: FIDE
Interview with Magnus Carlsen | Video: FIDE

Carlsen scored his third whitewash of the event | Photo: Eric Rosen/FIDE

Karjakin - Shankland: 1-1

In a game where Shankland needed a draw to advance to the Semifinal, one might say he played a little unsafe way which landed him in trouble due to a flank attack on his kingside.

Position after 22.g5

Soon, Black blundered and allowed Karjakin to do a beautiful combination.

Position after 26...a3

Find out the winning continuation for White. With this win, Karjakin leveled the score 1-1 and forced the sole tie-breaks of the Quarterfinals. It must be noted that Shankland was an absolute gentleman who played till the checkmate, something which is rare to see these days.

Interview with Sergey Karjakin | Video: FIDE

Karjakin struck back | Photo: Eric Rosen/FIDE

Duda - Vidit: 1.5-0.5

Duda and Vidit for a computer line in the Ruy Lopez which the latter deviated slightly after the Pole did not play the main move 18.cxb7 according to him.

Position after 20.Kg1

According to Duda, he did not know the move 20...Qf6 which is certainly not a bad move, but the computer generated line goes 20...0-0 21.Nxf7 Qe7 and Duda in the post-game analysis mentioned that he would have played 22.Nd2 and checked if his opponent knew the following 22...d5 23.Qxg2 Qe3+ 24.Kh1 Kxf7 and then it's a draw according to the Poland no.1.

Analysis position after 24...Kxf7

In the resultant rook-knight vs. rook endgame, Black made an incorrect check which cost him the game.

Position after 34...Re2+

Black needed to play 34...c5 first because 35.Nxa6 is met with 35..Ra8 and a5-pawn falls which meant Black gets himself one step closer to a draw. White tucked his king at the corner 35.Kh1. Then 35...Rxb2 was met by 36.Ra1 and it is difficult to make a comeback for Black after this.

Jan-Krzysztof Duda analyzes his game with GM Nigel Short | Video: FIDE
Interview with Jan-Krzysztof Duda | Video: FIDE
Vidit Gujrathi's final moments at the FIDE World Cup 2021 | Video: ChessBase India
In-depth analysis of Vidit's final game at the FIDE World Cup 2021 | Video: ChessBase India

A blunder in the endgame cost Vidit the game | Photo: Eric Rosen/FIDE

Fedoseev - Tabatabaei: 1-0

The second game between Fedoseev and Tabatabaei was cruising towards a draw until the Iranian made a tactical oversight.

Position after 77...Rxg3

The position was difficult for either side to make any real progress. Black could have given a couple of checks 77...Rb4+ 78. Ke3 Rb3+ and if the king retreats to the second rank then black has Bd7 and everything would have been fine. 77...Rxg3 just ended the game immediately for Black. Find out the winning combination for White in the above position.

Interview with Vladimir Fedoseev | Video: FIDE

Fedoseev will face either Karjakin or Shankland in the Semifinals | Photo: Anastasiia Korolkova/FIDE

Fun fact: Duda and Fedoseev are the only two players in the FIDE World Cup 2021 who are yet to lose a single game.

Quarterfinal 2 results

Carlsen - Bacrot: 2-0

Duda - Vidit: 1.5-0.5

Fedoseev - Tabatabaei: 1.5-0.5

Karjakin - Shankland: 1-1

-FIDE World Cup 2021 Quarterfinal 2 - Live Commentary by IM Sagar Shah | Video: ChessBase India

FIDE Women's World Cup 2021 SF1: Goryachkina escapes the grasp of Anna Muzychuk

Anna got herself a fantastic position in the middlegame against Goryachkina.

Position after 18.f4

It was not easy for White to convert the advantage and Goryachkina provided staunch defence. After a back and forth fight for the upper hand, White got a definitive chance, unfortunately for her, she missed it.

Position after 39...Re7

40.Rc8 is definitely a promising idea. Find out if White should take on g6 first or play Rc8 right now. It becomes easy to figure out once you find out Black's idea.

Goryachkina made a great escape | Photo: Eric Rosen/FIDE

Kosteniuk drew with Zhongyi Tan | Photo: Anastasiia Korolkova/FIDE

Photo Gallery

The world champion finally got a two-day rest day | Photo: Anastasiia Korolkova/FIDE

Goryachkina defended quite well | Photo: Anastasiia Korolkova/FIDE

Are we going to witness a Carlsen-Fedoseev at the Finals? | Photo: Anastasiia Korolkova/FIDE

Vidit about to make a crucial decision | Photo: Anastasiia KorolkovaFIDE

Everybody loves Carlsen | Photo: Anastasiia Korolkova/FIDE

Karjakin poses with his fan | Photo: Eric Rosen/FIDE

Karjakin walks away with his wife Galiya Karyakina | Photo: Eric Rosen/FIDE

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