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Pablo Glavina is the winner of IX Open Ciudad de Alfaro

by Shahid Ahmed - 13/11/2019

Top seed of the tournament IM Pablo Glavina scored an unbeaten 6.0/7 to win the tournament for the first time since 2016. Untitled Andres Malon Insausti also scored 6.0/7, he was placed second according to the tie-break score. IM Rufino Camarena of Valencia, scored 5.5/7 to claim the third position. The champion's trophy is designed in the form of 'Stork' which is the main symbol of the city Alfaro in Spain. Total 115 players from 40 different clubs and fifteen regions of Spain, including four different countries Colombia, Germany, Guatemala and Spain participated in this tournament. Photo: Miguel Angel Felipo / Club Ajedrez Alfaro

Top seed Pablo Glavina reigns supreme

Spanish-Argentinian IM Pablo Glavina scored an unbeaten 6.0/7 to win the tournament and won €600 cash prize. Last time Alfaro had won this tournament was in 2016. Untitled Navarrese player Andres Malon Insausti also finished with the same score, he finished at second position according to tie-breaks and received €300 as a prize. IM Rufino Camarena of Valencia, scored 5.5/7 to secure the third position and got €250 for his efforts. All three podium finishers received a trophy each.

The podium finishers (L to R) - Andres Malon second, Pablo Glavina first and Rufino Camarena third | Photo: Miguel Angel Felipo / Club Ajedrez Alfaro

Storks are the main symbol of the city of Alfaro. More than one hundred an twenty nests and five hundred storks live on the roofs of La Colegiata de San Miguel Arcangel, the greatest church in the region of La Rioja, Spain. Between all these storks there is one with a very special value for chess players. It’s the silver stork.

The Champion's trophy - The Silver Stork | Photo: Miguel Angel Felipo / Club Ajedrez Alfaro

The prize for the best team went to Club Oberena, from Pamplona.

Top seed and eventual champion of the tournament Pablo Glavina in action | Photo: Miguel Angel Felipo / Club Ajedrez Alfaro

Bird's eye view of the tournament hall | Photo: Miguel Angel Felipo / Club Ajedrez Alfaro

Top boards | Photo: Miguel Angel Felipo / Club Ajedrez Alfaro

The tournament witnessed players of various age groups | Photo: Miguel Angel Felipo / Club Ajedrez Alfaro

Around 40 players visited Bodegas Burgo Viejo | Photo: Miguel Angel Felipo / Club Ajedrez Alfaro

Activities for the mates and companions were organised. They visited the Bodegas Burgo Viejo cellar, in which forty participants could taste and appreciate its wines. There was also a guided tour to the Colegiata de San Miguel.

'Fundación pioneros La primavera de los genios' book was presented at the tournament | Photo: Miguel Angel Felipo / Club Ajedrez Alfaro

The organizers presented a book, a splendid novel written by a local player Candido Arechavaleta Garcia, based on a high level school for chess super talents. The title ‘Fundación Pioneros La primavera de los genios’.


The tournament witnessed a total participation of 115 players from more than 40 clubs, fifteen Spanish regions and four different countries Colombia, Germany, Guatemala and Spain. Local authorities attended the closing ceremony.

Final Standings

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgIRtgNClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 Krtg+/-
11IMGlavina PabloESP24042406CA ALFARO6,028,019742404101,7
210Malon Insausti AndresESP20452053CA ANSOAIN-PAMPLONA6,028,0180626454065,2
32IMCamarena Jimenez RufinoESP23212306CLUB AJEDREZ XERACO-VALENCIA5,529,51871223310-3,5
43FMBayo Milagro AlvaroESP22742292CA ALFARO5,527,01832219220-5,8
511Habans Aguerrea JavierESP20412106CA OBERENA-PAMPLONA5,526,5173921724025,6
66Labiano Hernandez JuanESP20732044CA OBERENA-PAMPLONA5,526,016312124408,0
714Atipov Hadzhiev CristianESP19831985CA OBERENA-PAMPLONA5,028,5184120334026,0
87Ruiz Gonzalez JorgeESP20662072CA ALFARO5,027,51793198440-18,4
921Ruiz Buendia MiguelESP18751933CA BARGAS F. SOLISS-TOLEDO5,027,51645182940-6,0
105Toledo Sanz ImanolESP21792187LEIOA ALTZAGA XAKE-VIZCAYA5,027,01837211440-6,4
1118Juarros Ruiz VictorESP19121911CA ENROK2-BURGOS5,026,5178819624023,2
129Esteban Romo Francisco JESP20512059CA CRM-BURGOS5,024,01671186820-22,4
1337Tabuenca Mendataurigoitia DaniESP16981815CA TORRESBLANCAS-CANTABRIA5,024,0166418634063,6
1429Gonzalez Manrique MarioESP17751779BURGOS5,024,0161618564033,6
1545Zubizarreta Landera AmetsESP16351625SANTURZI XAKE TALDEA-VIZCAYA4,528,51867197340110,8
1631Mugica Arratibel DanielESP17471755CA OBERENA-PAMPLONA4,528,0177518884053,6
1715WCMAbrisqueta Zudaire LeyreESP19581963CA OBERENA-PAMPLONA4,527,51734187740-17,2
1820Cardena Contreras JavierESP18821931CLUB AJEDREZ JAQUE MATE-MADRID4,526,5169119292010,8
1916Del Carmen Hernandez AimerESP19521957CA OBERENA-PAMPLONA4,525,51730186540-23,2
2035WCMEstevez Sacristan DevaESP17191734CA LA CASA DEL AJEDREZ-MADRID4,524,5168318054030,8

Complete standings



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