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Iniyan wins AICF World Cup Qualifier and qualifies to the FIDE World Cup 2021

by Shahid Ahmed - 30/05/2021

GM Iniyan P started AICF World Cup Qualifier with a draw against GM Sethuraman and that was his sole draw of the event. His aim was to play well and not to lose games and that is exactly what he did. He scored 12 wins and suffered only 3 losses. The most important win of the tournament turned out to be against Gukesh as he had all the momentum with him to cross the finish line. Iniyan will play the biggest FIDE World Cup in history which will have the highest number of participants 206, starting on 10th July 2021.

Iniyan qualified to FIDE World Cup with a round to spare

GM Iniyan P started the final day of AICF World Cup Qualifier with a victory over IM Raja Rithvik R after latter made a tactical error. He won the next game against IM P Saravana Krishnan whose queen and king got completely locked out of the action. This win helped Iniyan secure his place in the FIDE World Cup 2021 as he gained a full point lead. Since he had already Gukesh in Round 14, who was the only one who could tie with his score, the last round result became irrelevant for his chances. Thus losing the last round game to GM Deep Sengupta did not affect his chances.

Iniyan has earned his place in the FIDE World Cup 2021 for the very first time in his career

Iniyan after winning the event shared the following in the ChessBase India live stream, "Thank you. I am feeling really great with the result as well as the games I have played." Iniyan on his chances, "I wasn't expecting this at all. I was just trying to do my best. It's been a long time since I played a tournament of this level. I wasn't sure of how I will do but certainly I didn't expect to get the first place." On his mindset before the tournament, "My aim was to just play well and not lose games. That was the main thing. I just want to keep on playing, play and get a win. I went into the endgames where it was clearly equal in many cases. I just wanted to keep on trying and trying till I get a point."

Runner-up Gukesh D 12.5/17 | Photo: John Saunders

A loss against Iniyan in Round 14 cost Gukesh dearly. He drew in Round 15 against GM Narayanan S L where Gukesh was better for the majority of the game but in the end Narayanan managed to escape with a draw. Then he scored two fine victories over IM Soumya Swaminathan and GM Vishnu Prasanna.

Second Runner-up GM Sethuraman S P 10.5/17

Sethuraman had a tough day as he started with a grueling draw with IM Rahul Srivasthav, then he lost to IM Nitin S as he made a tactical error in the final moments of the game. He won the final round game against IM Aditya Mittal to finish third with 10.5/17.

AICF World Cup Qualifiers | Day 5 Live commentary | Video: ChessBase India

Replay Round 15-17 games

Round 15-17 results

Round 15 on 2021/05/30 at 1000 hrs
192478IMKrishna Crg0 - 1GMVasanthan Perumal Vishnu Prasanna24767
2102625GMSekhar Ganguly Surya½ - ½IMSwaminathan Soumya23516
3112578GMGukesh D½ - ½GMS.L Narayanan26245
4122408IMRithvik R Raja0 - 1GMP Iniyan25064
5132312IMKrishnan P Saravana1 - 0IMMittal Aditya24383
6142527GMSengupta Deep0 - 1IMS. Nitin23812
7152644GMS.p Sethuraman½ - ½IMSrivatshav Peddi Rahul24631
8162660GMBaskaran Adhiban1 - 0FMVinay Kumar Matta230517
982371FMSinghania Vatsal0bye0-1
Round 16 on 2021/05/30 at 1100 hrs
112463IMSrivatshav Peddi Rahul0 - 1GMBaskaran Adhiban266016
222381IMS. Nitin1 - 0GMS.p Sethuraman264415
332438IMMittal Aditya1 - 0GMSengupta Deep252714
442506GMP Iniyan1 - 0IMKrishnan P Saravana231213
552624GMS.L Narayanan1 - 0IMRithvik R Raja240812
662351IMSwaminathan Soumya0 - 1GMGukesh D257811
772476GMVasanthan Perumal Vishnu Prasanna½ - ½GMSekhar Ganguly Surya262510
882371FMSinghania Vatsal0 - 1IMKrishna Crg24789
9172305FMVinay Kumar Matta0bye0-1
Round 17 on 2021/05/30 at 1200 hrs
1102625GMSekhar Ganguly Surya1 - 0FMSinghania Vatsal23718
2112578GMGukesh D1 - 0GMVasanthan Perumal Vishnu Prasanna24767
3122408IMRithvik R Raja½ - ½IMSwaminathan Soumya23516
4132312IMKrishnan P Saravana0 - 1GMS.L Narayanan26245
5142527GMSengupta Deep1 - 0GMP Iniyan25064
6152644GMS.p Sethuraman1 - 0IMMittal Aditya24383
7162660GMBaskaran Adhiban0 - 1IMS. Nitin23812
8172305FMVinay Kumar Matta0 - 1IMSrivatshav Peddi Rahul24631
992478IMKrishna Crg0bye0-1


Final Standings after Round 17

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4 
14GMP IniyanIND250612,51,091,25125
211GMGukesh DIND257812,50,088,00106
315GMS.p SethuramanIND264410,50,069,2584
410GMSekhar Ganguly SuryaIND262510,03,078,7594
55GMS.L NarayananIND262410,01,569,0072
62IMS. NitinIND238110,01,065,5094
712IMRithvik R RajaIND240810,00,567,5084
81IMSrivatshav Peddi RahulIND24639,00,067,2583
916GMBaskaran AdhibanIND26608,50,059,0061
1014GMSengupta DeepIND25278,00,051,7573
113IMMittal AdityaIND24387,50,053,5061
127GMVasanthan Perumal Vishnu PrasannaIND24766,50,048,0053
139IMKrishna CrgIND24786,00,040,7552
146IMSwaminathan SoumyaIND23515,00,032,0031
1517FMVinay Kumar MattaIND23054,01,026,5041
1613IMKrishnan P SaravanaIND23124,00,022,7531
178FMSinghania VatsalIND23712,00,09,7510


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