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Iniyan clinches double at 6th Noisiel International Open

by Shahid Ahmed - 30/08/2021

Iniyan scored a double triumph at 6th Noisiel International Open as he won both Classical and Blitz event. This tournament is special to Iniyan, because this is where he became India's 61st GM almost 2.5 years ago. He finished at second place then. This time, Iniyan improved his statistics at Noisiel by winning both events. He won two trophies and €1450 cash prize in total. Last month, Iniyan made his fantastic debut at the biggest FIDE World Cup by eliminating Sebastian Bogner in the very first round. Iniyan has annotated three games of his from the tournament where he showcases his skill in strategy, endgame knowledge as well as tactical alertness.

All round performance

A total of 174 players from nine countries across the world participated in three Open tournaments from 23rd to 28th August at Noisiel, about 23 km to the east of Paris. Iniyan scored an unbeaten 8.0/9, performed at 2664, gained 13 Elo rating points, finished a half point ahead of the competition. He won a trophy and €1200 as his prize for winning the Classical tournament. The 18-year-old also won the Blitz event, scoring 7.5/9. Two more players - GM Yuri Solodovnichenko (UKR) and GM Namig Guliyev (AZE) finished with the same score, however Iniyan had better tie-breaks, thus he clinched the championship. He received a trophy and €250 for his efforts.

Winner of 6th Noisiel Open 2021 - GM Iniyan P receives the prize from Mathieu Viskovic, Mayor of Noisiel

Iniyan scored an unbeaten 8.0/9 and performed at 2664 in the Classical event

Iniyan won the 1st Noisiel International Blitz Open | Photo: M Narayanin Oupindrin

Iniyan scored 7.5/9 in the Blitz event

Round 2: Joachin - Iniyan: 0-1

In the second round, Iniyan defeated FM Joachin Mouhamad (FRA) using bishop pair wisely.

White to play

The game continued 20.Ng3 Bd8 21.Rab1. According to Iniyan 21.Nh5 was a better continuation for White.

Round 4: Kambrath - Iniyan: 0-1

Iniyan won a very nice endgame against IM Yannick Kambrath (FRA). He showcased beautiful technique in a knight and two pawns vs. rook and a pawn complex endgame.

White to play

66.Ra7 h6 67.Rxe7+ Kf6 68.Rf7+ Kg6 69.Rxf5 Kxf5 70.Nf7 and the game reaches to a very interesting stage of the endgame. It should end in a draw with precise play by White but Iniyan made a lot of progress and forced his opponent to make a mistake eventually.

Position after 103...Nd4

White can still save the game but after a grueling 103 moves and very less time on the clock, it is not easy to find the precise play. 104.e6 was played and it was all over White. Try to find out why. Check out Iniyan's analysis of the entire endgame.

Iniyan ready for action at Noisiel, France

Round 6: Iniyan - Macon: 1-0

Iniyan proved that his opponent FM Arthur Macon's (FRA) king was much weaker, stranded at the center of the board, compared to his in the sixth round.

Black to play

23...Kd8 24.Qxe6 and now Black blundered 24...dxc3. Find out the winning continuation for White, which Iniyan found in the game.

Iniyan soaking in the sun and enjoying the fresh air

The organizer of 6th Noisiel Open, Mr. Narayanin Oupindrin informed us - The Noisiel Open which was usually organised in Feb/March was exceptionally organised in August this year. Having Seine et Marne Department and FIDE as the sponsors was a great relief for the organiser who is also one of the sponsors. He believes the seventh edition will take place in 2022 and the dates will be known by the end of next month.

Final standings in Classsical

Pl nameEloCat.FedeLeagueClubPtsTr.Cu.Perf
1gINIYAN P2506 FJunM84241½2664
2gSOLODOVNICHENKO Yuri2561 FSenMISVandoeuvre-Chess42½36½2618
3mKAMBRATH Yannick2375 FSenMIDFthe Tour des Clayes42½352476
4fGIREL Joseph2380 FCadMPACMarseille-Chess39½322368
5 DEGARDIN Sylvain2234 FSenMIDFSaint-Maur Chess Club639½322356
6 ALBARIC Etienne2237 FSenMIDFNomad 'Chess639½31½2323
7 MULLER Anthony2269 FSenMARAGenas Chess63830½2250
8fDEFROMONT Benjamin2190 FCadMPACChess Rods63021½2207
9mBUJISHO Benjamin2296 FSenMPDLNantes Chess Circle43322332
10fPUCHER Sebastien2266 FSenMISMetz Fischer Chess Club4031½2287

Complete standings

Final standings in Blitz

Pl nameBlitzCat.FedeLeagueClubPtsCu.Tr.Perf
1gINIYAN P2400 FJunM41½46½2558
2gSOLODOVNICHENKO Yuri2422 FSenMISVandoeuvre-Chess40472537
3gGULIYEV Namig2483 FSenMCVLC'Chartres Chess37½44½2535
4gDOURERASSOU Jonathan2523 FSenMIDFUSVillejuif Chess735452465
5mBUJISHO Benjamin2389 FSenMPDLNantes Chess Circle3543½2288
6 LARDON Quentin1597 FCadMIDFNomad 'Chess3141½2016
7gFLOM Gabriel2456 FSenMIDFTremblay in France63544½2382
8 EVENO Nathan1918 FMinMCVLChessboard of Gâtinais63344½2079
9 LABRAND Theodore1968 FMinMIDFNomad 'Chess63237½2128
10gBELKHODJA Slim2404 FSepMIDFJEEN631½422237C

Complete standings


Tournament details

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