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Iniyan wins a double at 38th Andorra Open 2022, Rathanvel third

by Shahid Ahmed - 01/08/2022

India's 61st GM Iniyan P won two tournaments almost a year ago in Noisiel, France. This time he delivered a similar fantastic performance in Andorra. He won both 38th Andorra International Open and the Blitz Grand Prix. In the Classical event, he scored an unbeaten 7/9 and in Blitz he made 8/9, became a clear champion. GM Josep Manuel Lopez Martinez (ESP) also scored 7/9. He was placed second according to tie-breaks. A total of 12 players scored 6.5/9 each. IM Rathanvel V S secured third place according to tie-breaks. Total prize fund of the tournament was €10500. Top three prizes were €2100, €1500 and €1000. Rathanvel secured third place in the Blitz event too. Check out Iniyan's best game from the event annotated by himself. Photo: Official site

Iniyan and Rathanvel secure first and third place in both Classical and Blitz

The 19-year-old teenager from Erode has had fantastic performance in 2022 so far. However, this is his first victory of the year and his second victory followed within a week. He won the Blitz event on 25th July and the Classical on 31st July. He remained undefeated in all 18 games. IM Rathanvel V S also secured third place in both Classical and Blitz event. IM Aronyak Ghosh who is sponsored by Sadhana app, secured fourth place in tie-breaks. He remained undefeated.

Champion - GM Iniyan P 7/9

Jonas - Iniyan, Round 2

Position after 17.Nxd5

Did Black blunder a pawn at d5? Find out if there is any remedy for 17.Nxd5

GM Iniyan P in action | Photo: Federació d'Escacs Valls d'Andorra/Official site

Iniyan scored an unbeaten 7.5/9, performed at 2599 and gained 7.5 Elo rating points

Top 3 (L to R) - 3rd IM Rathanvel V S, 1st GM Iniyan P and 2nd GM Josep Manuel Lopez Martinez (ESP) | Photo: Official site

4th IM Aronyak Ghosh 6.5/9 | Photo: Federació d'Escacs Valls d'Andorra/Official site

Highest untitled finisher - Anustoop Biswas 6.5/9 | Photo: Federació d'Escacs Valls d'Andorra/Official site

Anustoop Biswas receives his second IM-norm certificate | Photo: Federació d'Escacs Valls d'Andorra/Official site

A week shy of five months ago, Anustoop Biswas scored his maiden IM-norm at MPL 58th National Senior Open 2022. In this event, he scored 6.5/9, performing at 2440 to earn his second IM-norm. He also gained 64.4 Elo rating points. He is now one final IM-norm and 2400 in the live ratings away from becoming India's next International Master.

Anustoop Biswas scored 6.5/9, performed at 2440 and gained 64.4 Elo rating points

Champion - GM Iniyan P 8/9 | Photo: Federació d'Escacs Valls d'Andorra/Official site

Iniyan scored an unbeaten 8/9 and finished a half point ahead of the runner-up

Runner-up - IM Mahel Boyer (FRA) 7.5/9 | Photo: Federació d'Escacs Valls d'Andorra/Official site

Second Runner-up IM Rathanvel V S 7/9 | Photo: Federació d'Escacs Valls d'Andorra/Official site

The top two finishers faced each other in the final round | Photo: Federació d'Escacs Valls d'Andorra/Official site

The tournament hall | Photo: Federació d'Escacs Valls d'Andorra/Official site

A total of 140 players including 9 GMs and 23 IMs took part from 20 countries across the world. The Blitz event had 85 players including a 7 GMs and 10 IMs from 12 countries in the nine round Swiss league Blitz Rating tournament. The event was organized by Centre d’Escacs d’Andorra la Vella at Hotel Panorama [Ctra. de l'Obac, s/n. Escaldes-Engordany] from 24th to 31st July 2022 and the Blitz event took place at Centre de Congressos d'Andorra la Vella. Plaça del Poble, Andorra on 25th July 2022. The time control for the Classical event was Hotel Panorama [Ctra. de l'Obac, s/n. Escaldes-Engordany] and for Blitz it was 3 minutes + 2 seconds increment.

Final standings in Classical

Rk.SNo NameTypsexFEDRtgRtgNClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4 
GMINIYAN PIND253307,052,539,5041,50,00
GMLOPEZ MARTINEZ Josep ManuelESP248607,051,539,50410,00
IMRATHANVEL V SIND247806,555,538,75450,00
IMARONYAK GhoshIND248606,552,536,2541,50,00
IMALMAGRO LLAMAS PabloESP239406,552,536,0040,50,00
IMNEUGEBAUER MartinSVK252806,55236,2541,50,00
GMSOLODOVNICHENKO YuriUKR249706,551,536,2540,50,00
GMKOBO OriISR253406,55136,00390,00
GMASIS GARGATAGLI HipolitoESP25142568.Fce. C.D'e. Ateneu Colón6,550,535,2539,50,00
GMZOLER DanISR244906,550,534,2540,50,00
IMHOLM Kristian StuvikNOR246306,55035,0038,50,00
FMSOKOLOVSKY YahliU18ISR238606,55034,75390,00
FMDEFROMONT BenjaminFRA226806,547,533,25380,00
ANUSTOOP BiswasIND217506,545,531,25360,00
IMGLAVINA PabloESP239406,052,532,7541,50,00


Final standings in Blitz

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgRtgNClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
17GMINIYAN PBlzIND245008,045,2548,552,5
26IMBOYER MahelBlzFRA245807,542,004951,5
35IMRATHANVEL V SBlzIND246407,042,5053,557,5
43GMLOPEZ MARTINEZ Josep ManuelBlzESP248307,040,5047,551,5
530IMARONYAK GhoshBlzIND209307,036,7545,548,5
611IMCRUZ LLEDO PabloBlzESP236007,035,504750
721FMBILYCH OlexiyBlzUKR218907,033,504447,5
813GMHENDERSON DE LA FUENTE LanceBlzAND23300Geva-Cea, C.D'e.6,536,254953,5
914FMPORRAS MATEO FelipeBlzAND23222455Geva-Cea, C.D'e.6,531,0043,546,5
1019AARON DeepakStdUSA222106,528,7541,543,5



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