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AICF World Cup Qualifier R8-11: Gukesh and Iniyan share the lead 8.5/11

by Shahid Ahmed - 28/05/2021

The youngest GM of India, Gukesh scored his second hat-trick of AICF World Cup Qualifier to maintain his lead at 8.5/11. He is joined by India's 61st GM Iniyan P who won four games in-a-row to share the lead with 8.5/11. Gukesh drew with Sethuraman and beat Adhiban today, Iniyan started the day with a blazing victory over Narayanan S L and continued his momentum for the next three games. Tomorrow, the penultimate day will have three rounds. Do replay the Day 3 live stream to learn from the fountain of knowledge - IM V Saravanan. Catch the live commentary by IM Sagar Shah on ChessBase India youtube channel tomorrow from 11:15 a.m. IST.

Iniyan wins four in-a-row

Gukesh started the third day of World Cup Qualifiers with a fantastic draw against Sethuraman. Then he won the next three games against Adhiban, FM Vinay Kumar Matta and IM Rahul Srivasthav, completing his second hat-trick in the event. He is the only player who is undefeated so far.

Gukesh has been phenomenal in the event so far

GM Iniyan P scored four wins today. He started the day with a phenomenal victory over GM Narayanan S L in just 25 moves. Then he beat IM Soumya Swaminathan, GM Vishnu Prasanna and FM Vatsal Singhania to share the lead with Gukesh at 8.5/11.

GM Iniyan P had a fantastic day to become co-leader

IM Raja Rithvik R scored three wins today as he beat Deep Sengupta, Sethuraman and Matta. His only loss was against Adhiban. The current National Sub-Junior champion is now at shared third place with 7.5/11.

IM Raja Rithvik R has been working hard on chess and it is evident now | Photo: Niklesh Jain

GM Sethuraman SP had a tough day as he scored only 2.5/4 today which means he is now a full point behind the leaders at shared third place with Ritvhik at 7.5/11.

Sethuraman is still very much in the race | Photo: Niklesh Jain

GM Narayanan S L is in sole fifth place 6.5/11

Adhiban scored 2.5/4 today to move to 6.0/11 | Photo: Tata Steel Chess

Ganguly lost three games consecutively and he is now at 6.0/11 | Photo: Tata Steel Chess

IM V Saravanan who joined the live commentary today, tweeted some very nice moments from today's games:

AICF World Cup Qualifiers | Day 3 Live commentary | Video: ChessBase India

Replay Round 8-11 games

Round 8-11 results

Round 8 on 2021/05/28 at 1000 hrs
1142527GMSengupta Deep0 - 1IMRithvik R Raja240812
2152644GMS.p Sethuraman½ - ½GMGukesh D257811
3162660GMBaskaran Adhiban1 - 0GMSekhar Ganguly Surya262510
4172305FMVinay Kumar Matta1 - 0IMKrishna Crg24789
512463IMSrivatshav Peddi Rahul1 - 0FMSinghania Vatsal23718
622381IMS. Nitin0 - 1GMVasanthan Perumal Vishnu Prasanna24767
732438IMMittal Aditya1 - 0IMSwaminathan Soumya23516
842506GMP Iniyan1 - 0GMS.L Narayanan26245
9132312IMKrishnan P Saravana0bye0-1
Round 9 on 2021/05/28 at 1100 hrs
162351IMSwaminathan Soumya0 - 1GMP Iniyan25064
272476GMVasanthan Perumal Vishnu Prasanna1 - 0IMMittal Aditya24383
382371FMSinghania Vatsal0 - 1IMS. Nitin23812
492478IMKrishna Crg1 - 0IMSrivatshav Peddi Rahul24631
5102625GMSekhar Ganguly Surya0 - 1FMVinay Kumar Matta230517
6112578GMGukesh D1 - 0GMBaskaran Adhiban266016
7122408IMRithvik R Raja1 - 0GMS.p Sethuraman264415
8132312IMKrishnan P Saravana0 - 1GMSengupta Deep252714
952624GMS.L Narayanan0bye0-1
Round 10 on 2021/05/28 at 1200 hrs
1152644GMS.p Sethuraman1 - 0IMKrishnan P Saravana231213
2162660GMBaskaran Adhiban1 - 0IMRithvik R Raja240812
3172305FMVinay Kumar Matta0 - 1GMGukesh D257811
412463IMSrivatshav Peddi Rahul1 - 0GMSekhar Ganguly Surya262510
522381IMS. Nitin1 - 0IMKrishna Crg24789
632438IMMittal Aditya1 - 0FMSinghania Vatsal23718
742506GMP Iniyan1 - 0GMVasanthan Perumal Vishnu Prasanna24767
852624GMS.L Narayanan1 - 0IMSwaminathan Soumya23516
9142527GMSengupta Deep0bye0-1
Round 11 on 2021/05/28 at 1300 hrs
172476GMVasanthan Perumal Vishnu Prasanna½ - ½GMS.L Narayanan26245
282371FMSinghania Vatsal0 - 1GMP Iniyan25064
392478IMKrishna Crg1 - 0IMMittal Aditya24383
4102625GMSekhar Ganguly Surya1 - 0IMS. Nitin23812
5112578GMGukesh D1 - 0IMSrivatshav Peddi Rahul24631
6122408IMRithvik R Raja1 - 0FMVinay Kumar Matta230517
7132312IMKrishnan P Saravana½ - ½GMBaskaran Adhiban266016
8142527GMSengupta Deep0 - 1GMS.p Sethuraman264415
962351IMSwaminathan Soumya0bye0-1


Standings after Round 11

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4 
111GMGukesh DIND25788,50,038,5074
24GMP IniyanIND25068,50,036,2584
312IMRithvik R RajaIND24087,51,031,2573
415GMS.p SethuramanIND26447,50,030,7563
55GMS.L NarayananIND26246,50,029,0041
616GMBaskaran AdhibanIND26606,01,026,0040
710GMSekhar Ganguly SuryaIND26256,00,032,5063
81IMSrivatshav Peddi RahulIND24635,51,027,7551
92IMS. NitinIND23815,50,018,2552
1014GMSengupta DeepIND25275,00,016,2542
113IMMittal AdityaIND24384,50,015,0041
129IMKrishna CrgIND24784,00,018,5031
137GMVasanthan Perumal Vishnu PrasannaIND24763,50,019,2531
1417FMVinay Kumar MattaIND23053,00,013,5031
1513IMKrishnan P SaravanaIND23123,00,08,7521
166IMSwaminathan SoumyaIND23512,50,010,0021
178FMSinghania VatsalIND23711,00,03,0010


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