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Niclas Huschenbeth recommends...

by ChessBase - 06/10/2019

If Niclas Huschenbeth recommends something, you might want to listen. On his Facebook page the reigning German champion, national team and World Cup participant gives his verdict on the recently released a three-volume video series from Fabiano Caruana: "This is massive". A detailed opening repertoire by the former World Championship Challenger Fabiano Caruana is definitely a must have, find out more details about it here. This is the first ChessBase DVD which is compatible for both Mac OS and iOS, as well as Windows OS as usual.

"If you're a serious chess player, you'll get these DVDs.."

Niclas Huschenbeth is not only a strong grandmaster, he is also an accomplished writer. At ChessBase he was involved in several Masterclass DVDs and has also added a thorough and timeless video series on tactics in the Najdorf defence.


The reigning German champion knows what he is talking about when he comments on a video series of a grandmaster colleague. His verdict on the new Caruana DVDs for the Ruy Lopez Opening is simple and clear:

"This is massive. If you're a serious chess player, you'll get these DVDs by the No. 2 in the world."

During the last World Chess Championship between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana Niclas Huschenbeth was an expert commentator for the Sportschau on Germany's ARD TV network which is still available today (in German).

Niclas Huschenbeth on Sportschau

In addition to his tournaments, Niclas is currently working on setting up his own chess school:


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