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Prakhar Bajaj and Cera Dagaria score 100% to win Madhya Pradesh State Sub-Junior 2021 Boys and Girls

by Shahid Ahmed - 06/01/2022

Prakhar Bajaj (Katni) and Cera Dagaria (Indore) scored 100% in the Boys and Girls section to become Madhya Pradesh State Sub-Junior Boys and Girls champion. They scored 7.0/7 and 6.0/6 each respectively. Ayush Sharma (Khandwa), scored an unbeaten 4.5/5 to win the Madhya Pradesh State Junior title. Navya Goyal, Madhvendra Pratap Sharma and Kavyansh Agrawal scored 6.0/7 each. They were placed second to fourth based on tie-breaks. Avika Panwar (Indore) and Siya Kushwah (Ujjain) secured second and third place in Sub-Junior Girls. Top four finishers of each group won ₹2000 and a trophy each. Total 40 prizes were given to the top ten finishers of each category. Check out a pictorial report of the tournament. Photo: IA NI Sunil Soni

Ayush Sharma and Varshita Jain clinch State Junior Boys and Girls

IM-norm holder Ayush Sharma 4.5/5 conceded the sole draw against CM Ojasva Singh (Gwalior). He secured second place in the State Junior scoring 4.0/5. Both Darsh Kansal (Indore) and Shivansh Tiwari (Mandla) scored 3.5/5 each. They were placed third and fourth respectively according to the tie-breaks. Varshita Jain (Indore) 5.0/6, Avika Panwar (Indore) 5.0/6 and Mandakani Mishra (Jabalpur) 4.5/6 secured the first, second and third places in the State Junior Girls.

The podium finishers of each Madhya Pradesh Sub-Junior and Junior State Championships 2021 | Photo: IA NI Sunil Soni

Sub-Junior Boys Top 3 (L to R) - 3rd Madhvendra Pratap Sharma 6.0/7, 1st Prakhar Bajaj 7.0/7 and 2nd Navya Goyal 6.0/7 | Photo: IA NI Sunil Soni

Sub-Junior Girls Top 3: 3rd Siya Kushwah 4.0/6, 2nd Varshita Jain 5.0/6 and 1st Cera Dagaria 6.0/6 | Photo: IA NI Sunil Soni

State Junior Boys Top 3 (L to R) - 3rd Darsh Kansal 3.5/5, 1st Ayush Sharma 4.5/5, 2nd Ojasva Singh 4.0/5 and 4th Shivansh Tiwari 3.5/5 | Photo: IA NI Sunil Soni

All prize winner of Madhya Pradesh State Sub-Junior and Junior Boys and Girls 2021 | Photo: IA NI Sunil Soni

Inaugural moves are being made | Photo: IM FT Akshat Khamparia

The tournament was inaugurated Dr. Sunil Somani, Oriental University Vice Chancellor, and Dr. Vivek Singh Kushwaha in presence of IM FT Akshat Khamparia and Anil Fatehchandani.

The tournament hall | Photo: IA NI Sunil Soni

Alternative view of the tournament hall | Photo: IA NI Sunil Soni

Top board in action | Photo: IA NI Sunil Soni

IA Sunil Soni with Madhya Pradesh's budding talents - Darsh Kansal, Ojaswa Singh and Ayush Sharma | Photo: IM FT Akshat Khamparia

Huge open air waiting area for the parents and accompanying persons | Photo: IM FT Akshat Khamparia

The tournament was organized by IPS Academy on 24th and 25th December 2021 at IPS Academy in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. A total of 123 players combining three events took part from various districts across Madhya Pradesh in the Swiss league Rapid tournament, which had a time control of 30 minutes + 30 seconds increment. Top four from each category got selected for the respective Nationals.

Final standings in Sub-Junior Boys

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11Bajaj PrakharIND1663Katni7,033,033,000,0
24Navya GoyalIND1439Indore6,036,529,500,0
35Madhvendra Pratap SharmaIND1345Bhopal6,031,025,000,0
43Kavyansh AgrawalIND1569Bhopal6,031,024,000,0
52Mishra KamadIND1606Jabalpur5,534,024,750,0
680Vivaan JainIND0Indore5,526,018,500,0
771Shivam JoshiIND0Ujjain5,526,018,250,0
879Vishwaditya AwasthiIND0Chhindwara5,030,518,500,0
914Anmol DhakreIND0Jhabua5,030,018,000,0
1011Agrawal SakshamIND0Satna5,029,017,500,0


Final standings in State Sub-Junior and Junior Girls

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11Cera DagariaIND1535Indore6,022,022,000,0
22Varshita JainIND1491Indore5,021,015,000,0
35Avika PanwarIND1165Indore5,020,014,000,0
43Mandakani MishraIND1350Jabalpur4,518,512,750,0
526Siya Neeraj KushwahIND0Ujjain4,026,015,000,0


Final standings in State Junior

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11Ayush SharmaIND2302Khandwa4,514,512,500,0
22CMSingh OjasvaIND2141Gwalior4,015,011,000,0
33Darsh KansalIND1835Indore3,514,08,500,0
44Tiwari ShivanshIND1829Mandla3,512,57,500,0
57Tawar AbhirajsinghIND1339Indore3,014,57,000,0