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New Delhi GP Round 4: No Punches Pulled

by Shahid Ahmed - 30/03/2023

GM Aleksandra Goryachkina ended IM Bibisara Assaubayeva's winning streak in the fourth roun of New Delhi GP 2023. The former Women's World Championship Challenger defeated the reigning two-time World Blitz Women champion to gain sole lead 3/4. It was a tough round for the Indians as IM Vaishali and GM Humpy both lost their respective games against GM Kateryna Lagno and WGM Zhu Jiner. The Chinese played some fantastic chess to beat Humpy. IM Polina Shuvalova defeated GM Nana Dzagnidze. Dzagnidze vs Humpy, Bibisara vs Harika and Vaishali vs Nino are few of the matches in Round 5 which starts today at 3 p.m. IST. Photo: Abhyudaya Ram

Only decisive games

For the first time at New Delhi GP 2023, all four games ended decisively.

GM Aleksandra Goryachkina has taken sole lead 3/4 | Photo: Abhyudaya Ram

Lagno - Vaishali

Position after 19.exd6

Timing is everything in sports. Black needed to play 19...Rf6 right now to shift her to the kingside and prevent any kind of potential onslaught. 19...c5 allowed 20.Bc3 which discouraged Black from playing Rf6. After ten moves, Black did play 29...Rf6 but the balance completely shifted in White's favor and it was too little too late to save the game.

Interview with Kateryna Lagno | Video: FIDE

GM Kateryna Lagno - IM Vaishali R: 1-0 | Photo: Abhyudaya Ram

GM Aleksandra Goryachkina - IM Bibisara Assaubayeva (KAZ): 1-0 | Photo: Abhyudaya Ram
Interview with Polina Shuvalova | Video: FIDE

IM Polina Shuvalova - GM Nana Dzagnidze (GEO): 1-0 | Photo: Abhyudaya Ram

Humpy - Jiner

Position after 21...Ne4!

WGM Zhu Jiner (CHN) found the excellent 21...Ne4! 22.fxe4 is incorrect due to dxe4 and Black recovers the material in the next move along with capitalize on White's exposed king. 22.Be1 Nd6 23.Rc1 Nc4 attacking both a3-pawn and threatening Ne3. 24.Bxc4 dxc4 25.Qxc4 Bg7 26.Bc3 Re3-+ and it all went downhill for White quickly. White had to return the extra pawn 26.d5 to restore some kind of semblance to the position.

The Soumya Swaminathan Breakdown - Zhu Jiner's stunner | Video: ChessBase India

GM Koneru Humpy - WGM Zhu Jiner (CHN): 0-1 | Video: ChessBase India

Round 4 | Photo: Abhyudaya Ram
New Delhi GP Round 4 Highlights | Video: ChessBase India

Replay the live stream

Replay Live Commentary of Delhi Women's GP Round 4 with GM Pravin Thipsay and IM Soumya Swaminathan | Video: FIDE

Replay all Round 4 games

Round 4 Results

Bo.No.Rtg NameResultName RtgNo.PGN
GMLagno, Kateryna1 - 0IMVaishali, Rameshbabu
GMGoryachkina, Aleksandra1 - 0IMAssaubayeva, Bibisara
GMHarika, Dronavalli+ - -GMPaehtz, Elisabeth
IMShuvalova, Polina1 - 0GMDzagnidze, Nana
GMKoneru, Humpy0 - 1WGMZhu, Jiner
GMBatsiashvili, Nino0bye


Standings after Round 4

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
GMGoryachkina, AleksandraFID2576314,00100
WGMZhu, JinerCHN24892,525,50100
GMHarika, DronavalliIND25112,522,75000
IMShuvalova, PolinaFID24842,514,50100
GMLagno, KaterynaFID2560223,00100
IMAssaubayeva, BibisaraKAZ2440222,50200
GMDzagnidze, NanaGEO25251,523,50000
GMBatsiashvili, NinoGEO24891,520,75000
GMKoneru, HumpyIND25761,513,50000
IMVaishali, RameshbabuIND2433110,00000
GMPaehtz, ElisabethGER2474000,00000


Round 5 pairings

Bo.No.Rtg NameResultName RtgNo.PGN
WGMZhu, JinerGMLagno, Kateryna
GMDzagnidze, NanaGMKoneru, Humpy
GMPaehtz, ElisabethIMShuvalova, Polina
IMAssaubayeva, BibisaraGMHarika, Dronavalli
IMVaishali, RameshbabuGMBatsiashvili, Nino
GMGoryachkina, Aleksandra0bye



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