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Leon Mendonca wins Kumánia Championship

by Shahid Ahmed - 02/12/2020

IM Leon Mendonca won his second tournament in Hungary in two weeks as he scored an unbeaten 9.0/11 to win Kumánia Championship. Two weeks ago Leon won First Saturday GM November. The tournament was only an IM-norm event, so Leon's search for the final GM-norm to become India's 67th GM is still on. We hope he becomes one before the year concludes. He is also the brand ambassador of Geno and Microsense for a reason. He continues his quest with his determination and shows everyone that one should not get distracted from their goals even in the face of adversity. Photo: Lyndon Mendonca

Leon becomes unbeaten champion for the second time in two weeks

Brand Ambassador of Geno and Microsense IM Leon Mendonca won his second tournament in November by scoring 9.0/11. Once again he remained undefeated on his path to championship. This was an IM-norm tournament only, so Leon's quest for the third and final GM-norm to become India's 67th GM is still on. Leon won a beautiful trophy and 200000 Hungarian Forint (about ₹50000) for his efforts.

Champion Leon with the prize winners | Photo: Lyndon Mendonca

Endgame endurance

In the first round, Leon faced GM Gergely Aczel. In the seemingly equal Queen and minor piece endgame, Leon's opponent made an inaccuracy.

Leon - Aczel, Round 1

Position after 37...f3+

Find out why 37...f3+ is a mistake and what black could have played instead. Leon comfortably converted his advantage into a full point in the next 13 moves.

Leon performed at an impressive 2576

Replay Leon's games

Souhardo Basak was the only other Indian playing in this tournament. He scored 5.5/11 and missed his final IM-norm. His best win was against IM Vietzslav Priehoda in the first round.

Priehoda - Souhardo, Round 1

Position after 20.h3

Find out why 20.h3 is a blunder.

Despite losing three games consecutively, Souhardo made a strong comeback and gained 35 rating points

The tournament was held in Kisújszállás, Hungary from 21st to 29th November 2020, organized by Kisújszállási Sportegyesület.

Final Standings

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 Krtg+/-
IMMendonca Leon LukeIND25169,045,7570,0107,6
GMAczel GergelyHUN25438,540,0080,010-0,9
FMBodi TiborHUN23378,036,5070,02047,2
GMArkell Keith CENG23837,031,5050,0106,6
Souhardo BasakIND22165,527,5040,02034,8
FMCsiki EndreHUN22315,526,5030,02030,2
IMTurzo AttilaHUN23035,025,5030,010-0,8
IMIssa RafatJOR23655,021,0040,010-10,8
FMOngut Tamas GunesHUN23324,517,7540,020-20,8
IMPriehoda VitezslavCZE22943,513,2520,010-14,6
FMPasti AronHUN22272,511,5020,020-28,6
CMBalogh DavidHUN22212,09,7500,020-37,0



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