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Kartavya Anadkat bags the first prize at 7th N L Pandiyar Rating Open 2022

by Sneha Tiwari - 28/10/2022

Kartavya Anadkat with an impressive score of 8/9 won the seventh edition of the N L Pandiyar Memorial Rating Open Chess Tournament. It was held in the city of Udaipur, Rajasthan from the 8th to 12th October. The winner took home the cash prize of ₹1,11,000. He finished half a point ahead of FM Sauravh Khherdekar and Basak Bishal, who finished second and third in the tournament, earned the cash prize of ₹71,000 and ₹41,000 respectively. The total prize fund of the tournament was ₹15,01,000. A total of 173 prizes were up for grabs in various categories. Three prizes were of more than 1 lac rupees, and five more than 50,000 rupees. It is one of the longest-running open rating tournaments in the state. Photo: IA Deepak Chavan/Chess in Lakecity

Kartavya wins two in-a-row

283rd seeded 17-year-old Somnath Banerjee scored an impressive 8/9. He secured fifth place and gained a whopping 227.2 Elo rating points in this event. 15-year-old Barot Yug Kandarpbhai and 13-year-old Gouransh Sharma scored 7.5/9 and 7/9 to secure eighth and tenth place respectively. They both are two of the youngest top ten finishers.

Kartavya Anadkat from Gujrat finished 1st with a score of 8/9 and took home the cash prize of ₹1,11,000 along with a trophy | Photo: IA NI Vikas Sahu/Chess in Lakecity

Kartavya Anadkat scored an unbeaten 8/9 and finished a half point ahead of the field

FM FI Sauravh Khherdekar from Maharashtra finished second in the tournament and bagged cash prize of ₹71,000 and a trophy | Photo: SNA Lakshaya Arora

Bishal Basak of West Bengal secured third place, received ₹41000 cash along with a trophy | Photo: SNA Lakshaya Arora

Jeet - Kartavya, Round 7

Position after 27.Qa6

27.Qg2 would have held White's kingside together. However, 27.Qa6 moving the queen away from the king's defense did not turn out to be a good idea. 27...h4 28.Kf1 Ref5 and White's position fell apart in a hurry.

Kartavya Anadkat drew with FM Sauravh Khherdekar in the final round | Photo: SNA Lakshaya Arora

Rating Category 1300-1599 1st: Sahil Bheron of Haryana - ₹101000 | Photo: SNA Lakshaya Arora

Rating Category 1000-1299 1st: Srivardhan Reddy Devareddy of Andhra Pradesh - ₹100000 | Photo: SNA Lakshaya Arora

Best Veteran (Above 60 years) 1st prize: Chandrakant Dongre of Maharashtra - ₹51000 | Photo: SNA Lakshaya Arora

Best Unrated 1st prize: Dev Desai of Maharashtra - ₹51000 | Photo: SNA Lakshaya Arora

Best Female 1st prize - WFM Supreetha Potluri of Andhra Pradesh - ₹10000 | Photo: SNA Lakshaya Arora

Four-year-old Shreyanshi Jain was the youngest player in the tournament | Photo: SNA Lakshaya Arora

Inaugural first move is being made | Photo: IA NI Vikas Sahu/Chess in Lakecity

Lighting of the lamp | Photo: IA NI Vikas Sahu/Chess in Lakecity

The tournament was inaugurated by Vijay Godha, MLA. Other dignitaries present were: Rajeev Bharadwaj, President, Chess in Lakecity, IA FI Rajendra Teli, Vice President, RCA, IA NI Vikas Sahu, Secretary, Chess In lakecity and IA Swapnil Bansod, Chief Arbiter.

All prize winners | Photo: IA NI Vikas Sahu/Chess in Lakecity

The prizes were distributed by Ms. Preeti Singh Shakhtawat, MLA. The other dignitaries present were: Hardeep Bakshi, Director Seedling Public School, Sanjeev Bharadwaj, Secretary, Bharat Vikas Parishad, Tushar Mehta, Rajeev Bharadwaj, President, Chess in Lakecity, Mr. Rajendra Teli, Vice President Rajasthan Chess Association and Tournament Director, and IA Swapnil Bansod, Chief Arbiter.

The tournament hall | Photo: IA NI Vikas Sahu/Chess in Lakecity

Thanks to IA NI Vikas Sahu, Chess in Lakecity for providing photos and information about the tournament.


A total of 558 players took part from all over the country and two from USA, in this three-day nine round Classical Rating tournament. The event was organized by Chess in Lakecity at Orbit Resort in Udaipur, Rajasthan from 19th to 21st August 2022. The time control of the event was 30 minutes + 30 seconds increment.

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Final standings

Rk.SNo NameTypsexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 Krtg+/-
Anadkat KartavyaIND1995Gujarat85155,548,00074037,2
FMSauravh KhherdekarIND2154Railways7,553,55948,000620-18
Basak BishalIND1759West Bengal7,55054,543,75072027
Kishore Kumar JaganathanIND1686Tamilnadu7,5505443,25072020,8
Ajay Santhosh ParvathareddyU13IND1725Uttar Pradesh7,548,552,542,75064049,6
Sahil BheronIND1570Haryana7,547,55141,00062055,4
Sham RIND1580Tamilnadu7,543,54839,50072041,2
FMJeet JainIND2167Gujarat75358,543,500720-28
Amit DhoundiyalIND1376Uttarakhand75355,540,50062098,2
Soureen BhattacharyaU13IND1672West Bengal7475038,00054027,6
Rawal ShaileshIND1711Gujarat746,550,538,000520-0,4
Sailesh RIND1552Tamilnadu746,55037,500640108,4
Md Bashiq ImroseU15IND1594Telangana74649,536,50074030,4
Afreed T KhanIND1654Andhra Pradesh74649,536,00062011,6
Arshpreet SinghU13IND1712Haryana7454936,00064036
Babel T DivyanshuIND1693Raj-Lakecity74548,536,000620-0,4
Prithvvi SinghIND1796Uttar Pradesh744,548,536,000640-17,2
Ashutosh JamwalIND1545J & K74447,535,75062034,2
Sarvade MihiirIND1701Maharashtra7434737,000740-30,4
Uddipan RoyU15IND1564West Bengal74245,536,000640-1,2
Nirgun KevalIND1730Maharashtra6,551,555,537,5006202,2
FMThakur AkashIND2235Railways6,549,554,537,000620-46,4
AGMKiran PanditraoIND1748Maharashtra6,549,553,536,00062011,4
Chudasama AnkitIND1780Gujarat6,548,55335,500620-20,4
Ankit Singh BhatiIND1452Rajasthan6,5485134,750640108,8
Akshat NegiIND1591Delhi6,5475132,75062015
WFMPotluri SupreethawIND1872Andhra Pradesh6,54649,535,250520-38
Borse PankajIND1459Maharashtra6,545,548,530,75062029,4
WCMWankhade SanskrutiwIND1559Maharashtra6,54548,532,75054066,4
Dakshita KumawatU15wIND1661Raj-Lakecity6,544,54835,250640-38
Bhawesh PandiyarIND1550Raj-Lakecity6,544,54832,75052032,4
Parekh VishrutIND1801Gujarat6,5444833,250620-29,2
Dongre ChandrakantS60IND1565Maharashtra6,54447,531,75062016,8
Raju SIND1828Tamilnadu6,543,547,535,000520-23
Soham RoyU13IND1515West Bengal6,543,546,531,50064058


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