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MPL 59th National Senior R7: Venkatesh makes it a three-way race

by Shahid Ahmed - 29/12/2022

GM Mitrabha Guha (WB) and GM Sethuraman S P (PSPB) had a quick 13-move draw. It allowed, GM Venkatesh M R (PSPB) to catch up as he defeated GM Abhijeet Gupta (PSPB) with a very nice positional play in the Catalan. This was Abhijeet's second consecutive loss at MPL 59th National Senior Chess Championship 2022. Sethuraman, Mitrabha and Venkatesh are at 6/7 each. They are followed by eight players - five IMs and three GMs at 5.5/7. Venkatesh vs Sethuraman and Leon vs Mitrabha are the top two clashes of the eighth round, which starts today at 2 p.m. IST today. Photo: Aditya Sur Roy

Eight-pack in the chase

GM Iniyan P (TN), GM Karthik Venkataraman (AP), GM Leon Luke Mendonca (Goa), IM Aronyak Ghosh (RSPB), IM Koustav Chatterjee (WB), IM Mehar Chinna Reddy C H (RSPB), IM Ameya Audi (RSPB) and IM Vignesh N R (RSPB) are all close by the leaders and ready to catch them at any time. 

GM Venkatesh M R (PSPB) joins GM Sethuraman S P (PSPB) and GM Mitrabha Guha (WB) in the lead 6/7 | Photo: Aditya Sur Roy

Abhijeet - Venkatesh: 0-1

GM Venkatesh M R (PSPB, 2459) played sublime chess to hand GM Abhijeet Gupta (PSPB, 2601) his second consecutive loss of the event.

Position after 29...c4

Black could have done 26...c4 a couple of moves ago, still 29...c4 is okay from a human perspective, although computer may feel otherwise. The reasonn behind the delay is, he ensured White does not get any counterplay hence 26...g6, 27...h5 and 28...Rd6 before going 29...c4. 30.bxc4 bxa4 31.Rf3 Qg7 32.Bh3 a3 33.Rc1 Na6 34.Kg2 Nc5 35.Rxa3 Bxa3 36.Qxa3 Qxe5 37.Qxc5 a4 simplification only helped Black and he went on to win the game.

Kushagra - Leon

Position after 36.Rg2

GM Leon Luke Mendonca (2566) could have finished the game much earlier. He found the nice 35...g3. After 36.Rg2, he needed to continue the annihilation on the kingside 36...Rah8 37.Rxa6 Rxh2 38.Kf1 Rxg2 and White cannot save the queen. The game continued for another 36 moves after 36...Rxh2.

A total of 196 players including 18 GMs and 27 IMs are taking part in this tournament organized by Delhi Chess Association. The event is taking place in New Delhi from 22nd December 2022 to 3rd January 20233. The 13-round Swiss league tournament has a time control of 90 minutes for 40 moves followed by 30 minutes with an increment of 30 seconds from move no.1

Replay Round 7 games

Round 7 results

114GMMitrabha Guha2487½ - ½GMSethuraman S.P.26421PGN
23GMGupta Abhijeet260150 - 15GMVenkatesh M.R.245919PGN
37IMAronyak Ghosh25215½ - ½5IMMehar Chinna Reddy C.H.240527PGN
429IMKushagra Mohan23900 - 1GMMendonca Leon Luke25664PGN
55GMVisakh N R2544½ - ½Hari Madhavan N B238532PGN
643FMAaryan Varshney23460 - 1IMKoustav Chatterjee25088PGN
79GMIniyan P25071 - 0FMAyush Sharma234144PGN
846Sahoo Utkal Ranjan23330 - 1GMKarthik Venkataraman250310PGN
950IMRaahul V S23250 - 1IMVignesh N R249312PGN
1051Subhayan Kundu2319½ - ½GMSengupta Deep248615PGN
1125IMSrihari L R2429½ - ½Bharadia Yash211782PGN
1299Adireddy Arjun19800 - 1IMAudi Ameya240128PGN
136GMShyam Sundar M.25264½ - ½Sai Vishwesh.C221964PGN
1463FMMohamed Anees M223741 - 04IMKrishna C R G248016PGN
1520GMDeepan Chakkravarthy J.24574½ - ½4IMRatnakaran K.230455PGN
1659IMSaravana Krishnan P.22444½ - ½4IMHarshavardhan G B243422PGN
1773Surendran N21684½ - ½4IMMohammad Nubairshah Shaikh243323PGN
1874Shreyansh Daklia216540 - 14IMAnuj Shrivatri241426PGN
19105Badrinath S.193840 - 14FMPanesar Vedant238730PGN
2033GMNeelotpal Das238441 - 04Garv Rai218169PGN


Round 8 pairings

119GMVenkatesh M.R.245966GMSethuraman S.P.26421
24GMMendonca Leon Luke25666GMMitrabha Guha248714
310GMKarthik Venkataraman2503IMAronyak Ghosh25217
48IMKoustav Chatterjee2508IMVignesh N R249312
527IMMehar Chinna Reddy C.H.2405GMIniyan P25079
628IMAudi Ameya24015GMGupta Abhijeet26013
734IMAjay Krishna S238355GMVisakh N R25445
815GMSengupta Deep248655GMNeelotpal Das238433
954FMAradhya Garg231255IMSrihari L R242925
1026IMAnuj Shrivatri241455Subhayan Kundu231951
1130FMPanesar Vedant238755FMMohamed Anees M223763
1232Hari Madhavan N B238555Sai Vishwesh.C221964
1382Bharadia Yash21175GMChanda Sandipan247517
1453IMRajesh V A V2314GMShyam Sundar M.25266
1555IMRatnakaran K.2304IMShyaamnikhil P249013
1620GMDeepan Chakkravarthy J.2457IMRaahul V S232550
1722IMHarshavardhan G B2434Surendran N216873
1823IMMohammad Nubairshah Shaikh2433Dere Pushkar211483
1958Varun V2250IMKushagra Mohan239029
2036GMLaxman R.R.2372Nagare Kaivalya Sandip212480



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