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Gukesh scores a hat-trick by winning Chessable Sunway Formentera Open, now World no.66

by Shahid Ahmed - 09/05/2022

GM D Gukesh won his third consecutive tournament in Spain. He scored an unbeaten 8.0/10 to win Chessable Sunway Formentera International Chess Festival. After missing several tournament triumphs on tie-breaks, Gukesh won three events in Spain, 48th La Roda Open, Menorca Open and now Formentera Open, a half point ahead of the field, removing the question of tie-breaks. The youngest GM of India, gained 15.6 Elo rating points, taking his live rating to 2674.6 and becoming World no.66. IM Soham Das scored an impressive 7.0/10 to finish fifth, the highest finisher who is not a GM. Total prize fund of the tournament was €14500. Top three prizes were €3000, €2000 and €1000 along with a trophy each. Photo: Gukesh's twitter

Gukesh wins three in-a-row convincingly at Spain

Gukesh won three tournaments in-a-row at Spain without conceding a single game. His unbeaten streak is now at 26 games since 12th April 2022. He won three events, played 26 games in 25 days (20 tournament days) and moved to World no.66 in the live ratings. That is certainly an incredible feat!

Chessable Sunway Formentera International Chess Festival champion - GM D Gukesh 8.0/10

Top 3 (L to R) - 3rd GM Shant Sargsyan (ARM) 7.5/10, 1st GM D Gukesh 8.0/10 and 2nd GM Jaime Santos Latasa (ESP) 7.5/10

Jose Fernando - Gukesh, Round 3

Position after 36.f3

36.bxc6 bxc6 would have been fine for White when the pawn was at f2. However, after 36.f3 Nd6 37.bxc6 bxc6 it is not the same. In fact, it is much worse for White. Now the threat of f4 is devastating as there are too many ideas like Nc4-e3, if Bd2 is played Nxd2 Qxd2 and then dxe4 just completely weakens the white king.

Sasikiran - Gukesh, Round 9

Position after 34...Qb7

Black's pawns on the queenside became a menace after White declined the queen exchange. 35.Qxb7 Rxb7 would have probably not affected the outcome of the game, still it would give some fighting chances. 36.Qc2 suffocated White's own pieces b3 37.Qc1 a4 and now white pieces are cramped due to the lack of space. Earlier Gukesh had declined a threefold repetition and made his intentions clear about playing only for a win.

Gukesh beats Sasikiran, reaches 2675, wins Formentera Open 2022 | Video: ChessBase India

Gukesh dared and won against Sasikiran

Gukesh scored an unbeaten 8.0/10, performed at 2755 and gained 15.6 Elo rating points

Gukesh is now World no.66 in the live ratings | Source:

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Soham - Miguel, Round 10

Position after 20...Ba6

20...Ba6 allowed White to launch a relentless attack starting with 21.Qg4. Black succumbed to the attack in another ten moves.

IM Soham Das scored an impressive 7.0/10 despite missing the first round | Photo: Lennart Ootes

IM Soham Das scored 7.0/10 and gained 50.2 Elo rating points

Gukesh tweeted his thoughts on his hat-trick triumph

How he celebrated his victory

Sunway Chess Open congratulated Gukesh

A total of 52 players including 11 GMs, 7 IMs, a WGM and 2 WIMs took part from 20 countries across the world in Group A. The tournament was organized by Hotel Club Sunway Punta Prima from 29th April to 5th May 2022 at Hotel Club Sunway Punta Prima, Formentera, Spain. The ten-round Swiss league tournament had a time control of 90 mins/40 moves + 30 minutes + 30 seconds per move from the first move.

Replay Round 1-10 games

Round 10 results

Bo.No. NameRtgPts.ResultPts.NameRtg No.
GMGukesh Dommaraju2637½ - ½GMMartirosyan Haik M.2633
GMSantos Latasa Jaime26567½ - ½7GMSargsyan Shant2639
IMSoham Das230361 - 0GMSantos Ruiz Miguel2597
GMCuenca Jimenez Jose Fernando25586½ - ½6IMSong Julien2373
GMJarmula Lukasz24341 - 0GMSasikiran Krishnan2650
GMNarciso Dublan Marc24770 - 1GMRomanishin Oleg M2415
IMYankelevich Lev2468½ - ½FMEugene Floryan2375
FMNeiman Emmanuel224850 - 15GMBatsiashvili Nino2463
IMBergez Luc23315½ - ½5FMPapadiamandis Elliot2385
IMChiku-Ratte Olivier-Kenta236451 - 05WIMAlinasab Mobina2355


Final standings

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtgRtgNClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
GMGukesh DommarajuIND263708,057,062,048,25
GMSantos Latasa JaimeESP265626137,558,063,046,00
GMSargsyan ShantARM263907,557,562,044,75
GMMartirosyan Haik M.ARM263307,057,061,541,00
IMSoham DasIND230323877,051,055,038,00
GMCuenca Jimenez Jose FernandoESP25582534Club de Ajedrez Silla6,558,062,036,50
GMSantos Ruiz MiguelESP25972580Club de Ajedrez Solvay6,557,061,537,00
GMJarmula LukaszPOL243406,552,556,533,50
IMSong JulienFRA237306,550,553,531,00
GMRomanishin Oleg MUKR24150Chess Club of Lviv6,550,053,532,00
GMBatsiashvili NinoGEO246324886,056,060,533,25
IMYankelevich LevGER246806,049,553,528,50
FMEugene FloryanFRA237506,048,552,530,75
IMChiku-Ratte Olivier-KentaCAN236406,047,050,027,75
GMSasikiran KrishnanIND26500Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd5,558,563,532,25



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Tournament regulations

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