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Superbet Classic 2023 R3: Ding Liren is still daunting for Nepomniachtchi

by Shahid Ahmed - 09/05/2023

The highly anticipated rematch between Ian Nepomniachtchi and Ding Liren ended in a draw. Despite, mixing up the moves, the new world champion managed to save the day and salvage a draw. Fabiano Caruana scored the sole win of the round against Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. The former world blitz champion, seemed to have self-destructed in the game as he made questionable choices one after the other, until his queen got trapped. He decided to resign only after 23 moves. Thus, Caruana joined Nepomniachtchi, So and Rapport in the lead 2/3. Four players are 2/3, two at 1.5/3 and four 1/3. The start of Superbet Chess Classic 2023 has been a close one. Round 4 starts today from 3 p.m. local time, 5:30 p.m. IST. Photo: Lennart Ootes/Grand Chess Tour

Caruana beats MVL in 23 moves

Ian Nepomniachtchi would have to wait a bit longer to get an opportunity to beat Ding Liren | Photo: Lennart Ootes/Grand Chess Tour

Caruana - Vachier-Lagrave: 1-0

Fabiano Caruana (USA, 2764) made a short work of Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (FRA, 2742) after the latter launched a questionable bold attack.

Position after 15...Nh5?

15...Nh5 dropped the pawns without enough reason. 16.Bxe7 Nf4 17.g3 Rfe8 18.Bxd6 Nfd3 19.Re3 Nxb2 20.Qb3 N2d3 21.e5 f5 limiting the queen's mobility. 22.Nh2 Qh3 well now the queen is trapped 23.Ne2 and Black resigned as it is not worth playing anymore since Black cannot stop all threats.

Caruana: Did what I had to do to MVL | Video: Saint Louis Chess Club

Two of the gentlemen of the sport - Fabiano Caruana and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave | Photo: Lennart Ootes/Grand Chess Tour

Nepomniachtchi - Ding: 0.5-0.5

Ian Nepomniachtchi (2794) has played plenty of chess against Ding Liren (CHN, 2789) at the World Championship Match last month. This was the first-time they were facing each other just days after Ding Liren became the new world champion.

Position after 13...Bc2

Black mixed up the move order and played 13...Bc2 and now 14.Rc1 forced the bishop to change its diagonal Bb3 15.Nb1 Ra5 16.Be2 c5 17.Nf5 Nb6 18.Nd2 c4 the b3-bishop is practically blindsided but he is out of any possibility of a danger. Black's position in the double rook endgame seemed difficult. However, Ding is known to steer his ship through various thunderstorms, this was just a gust of wind.

Ding: 'So Tired' After World Championship | Video: Saints Louis Chess Club
Kasparov analyzes Nepo-Ding and more | Video: Saints Louis Chess Club

Ding Liren is quite exhausted | Photo: Lennart Ootes/Grand Chess Tour

Ian Nepomniachtchi made a cryptic tweet after his game which he deleted soon. What do you make out of it?

Ian Nepomniachtchi's deleted tweet

Jan Krzysztof Duda (POL) drew against... | Photo: Lennart Ootes/Grand Chess Tour

...Bogdan-Daniel Deac (ROU) | Photo: Lennart Ootes/Grand Chess Tour

Alireza Firouzja (FRA) - Richard Rapport (ROU): 0.5-0.5 | Photo: Lennart Ootes/Grand Chess Tour
Firouzja: Take more risks, lose more points! | Video: Saints Louis Chess Club

Wesley So (USA) - Anish Giri (NED): 0.5-0.5 | Photo: Lennart Ootes/Grand Chess Tour
Replay Round 3 Live Commentary and analysis by GMs Varuzhan Akobian, Cristian Chirila, Yasser Seirawan, and IM Nazi Paikidze | Video: Saint Louis Chess Club

Replay Round 3 games

Round 3 results

Only one decisive game in Round 3 | Photo: Grand Chess Tour

Standings after Round 3

Caruana joined So, Rapport and Nepomniachtchi at the top | Photo: Grand Chess Tour


The total prize fund for each of the classical event is US$ 350000 with the first prize being US$ 100000.


2023 Superbet Chess Classic schedule | Photo: Grand  Chess Tour


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