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Intellion's Women's day campaign makes use of chess in a creative way

by Shahid Ahmed - 22/03/2024

To inspire inclusion means to celebrate diversity and empowerment on International Women's Day 2024 and beyond. International Women's Day is a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Each year, this day serves as a powerful reminder of the progress made towards gender equality and highlights the work that still needs to be done. In 2024, the campaign theme Inspire Inclusion emphasizes the importance of diversity and empowerment in all aspects of society. Intellion by Tata Realty unveiled a thought-provoking campaign titled, 'Deserved - Reserved'. In this article, we check out the details of the campaign and also the details of the scholarship. Photos: Intellion by Tata Realty

Intellion by Tata Realty inspires inclusion with its latest Women’s Day campaign: Deserved - Reserved

Mumbai, Maharashtra: As a part of its commitment to promote diversity and inclusion, this Women’s Day Tata Realty & Infrastructure Ltd., a leading provider of office parks, unveiled a thought-provoking campaign titled ‘Deserved – Reserved’. This visually impactful campaign aims to ignite important conversations about gender equality by reimaging the classic game of chess, conventionally perceived to be male-dominated.

The campaign was live on 8th March, 2024 where the life sized installations were put up across Intellion office parks encouraging India-wide participation from employees, occupiers, and other stakeholders. Through this proactive move, Intellion offices by Tata Realty hopes to dismantle conventional stereotypes surrounding women in the workplace and endeavours to demonstrate that women deserve equal recognition and standing alongside men in every professional achievement and setting.


The campaign disrupts traditional perceptions of Chess by installing larger-than-life Chess sets at Intellion Office Parks engaging ~70,000  number of tenants across its four campuses. Notably, half of the pieces, painted in pink, demonstrate an equal representation of women in the army, all while adhering to the game's original rules. This underscores the notion that positions of power should be Deserved and not Reserved.

Deserved Reserved | International Women's Day 2024 | Intellion Offices | Video: Intellion Offices By Tata Realty

Furthermore, taking this campaign beyond Intellion Office premises, customized Chess Sets will be shared with important stakeholders of various industries to spark meaningful conversation across sectors. The campaign has expanded across various platforms, featuring compelling illustrations that highlight the stark under-representation of women.


"To foster equality, it's imperative to safeguard women's rights and promote #InspireInclusion, prompting us to rethink established systems, as exemplified by these Chess sets. To build a fair world, we must secure women’s rights and #InspireInclusion, reimagining existing systems.  Every chess game played on this unique board serves as a catalyst for meaningful dialogues, ultimately forging a more inclusive world." says Mr. Sanjay Dutt, MD & CEO at TATA Realty & Infrastructure Ltd.

Chess for All!

These chess sets in the premises are a powerful reminder of inclusion and equality!

It's also a wonderful way to bring everyone in the workplace together

Checkmate coming up!

Each year, Cricket South Africa organizes Pink day ODI to increase awareness about breast cancer. Similarly, Intellion by Tata Realty painted the chess set pink by ensuring there are an equal number of men and women, celebrating the power of inclusion.

Deserved - Reserved campaign standee

Scholarship by Intellion

Intellion would like to support one or more young talents to the tune of Rs.1,20,000 this financial year through HelpChess. We, at ChessBase India, will find young girl talent(s) and update in this space in the coming days. We thank Intellion for their thoughtful gesture and for powering chess in India.

A big shoutout to ChessBase India's Vidhi Karelia for making this happen. She worked hard on this project to make it into a reality!

About Intellion

Intellion is the exclusive office spaces vertical of Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited. It is reimagining the workplace to deliver Smart, Secure, Sustainable and Social work environments that cater efficiently to the needs of fast-growing companies and the new age workforce that help increase efficiency, augment innovation and promote well-being.



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