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HelpChess Foundation supports Indian chess players to the tune of Rs.26 lakh in 2022-23

by Sagar Shah - 25/04/2023

In the year 2022-23, HelpChess Foundation worked around the clock to support Indian chess players. We supported close to 20 players from all across the country and helped them in various ways - tournament expenses, laptops, coaching fees etc. The total amount spent was Rs.25,97,626 (US$31,705). In this article we give a detailed breakdown of all the initiatives, scholarships, sponsorships that were undertaken by HelpChess. At the same time, we have a fund of close to Rs.15 lakh with which we would like to support talents in the year 2023-24. If you are a serious chess player, who is lacking funds, you can fill Google Form given in the article.

The work done by HelpChess Foundation in 2022-23

The HelpChess Foundation was brought into existence in order to help the Indian chess players who come from a financially modest background. One of the biggest reasons why talents quit chess is an inability to manage the funds required for an ambitious chess career. There are costs related to playing tournaments which include travel, accommodation, food etc. and there are costs related to training which can run into several lakhs of rupees if you are working with a well-known trainer. When the HelpChess Foundation was launched back in 2018, we started out small. We had a couple of scholarships and we offered them to some of the most deserving young talents of Indian chess. As time went by more and more people began to trust our initiatives and our scope of support expanded. On 22nd September 2022, International Chess Day, we launched the website specially dedicated to HelpChess. One of the things we absolutely wanted to ensure was high level of transparency when it came to the funds we collected. Hence, each and every penny that we collected was accounted for. Getting the 80G registration which resulted in tax benefits for our donors and getting a CSR no. was a step in the right direction. Below we want to discuss with you about the funds we collected and how they were utilized for the financial year 2022-23.

The King's Gambit Scholarship of Rs.1,20,000

The King's Gambit scholarship was instituted by Prabodh Prakash. It has an amount of Rs.10,000 per month, which comes to a total of Rs.1,20,000 per year. The scholarship was won by a talented youngster from Andhra Pradesh WIM Mounika Akshaya. This amount was used by Mounika to train with GM Swayams Mishra.

Prabodh has also been helping Marimuthu, one of India's top visually impaired talents, since the last 8 months with a support of Rs.5000 per month

Sadhana App Scholarship of Rs.4,50,0000

The Sadhana Sponsorship was instituted by Sadhana App along with the support of GM Vidit Gujrathi. The idea was the support three young talents who were close to achieving their GM titles. And hence, mission Grandmaster was the name of the initiative. The scholarship helped these youngsters to plan their events outside India. Each of them received an amount of Rs.1,50,000, the total coming to Rs.4,50,000. Pranav V became a GM by achieving his final GM norm at the Limpidea Cup and becoming India's 75th GM. Aronyak Ghosh managed to score his 1st GM norm and also cross the Elo of 2500. Priyanka K. played in Armenia to move towards her WGM title.

Pursue Your Chess Scholarship 4th edition of Rs.1,25,000

This is the longest standing scholarship at HelpChess. Pursue Your Chess reached its 4th edition. The amount of Rs.1,25,000 has been split between two players. IM Kushagra Mohan received Rs.1,00,000 for his journey towards becoming a GM and Shriraj Bhosale from Kolhapur received Rs.25,000 which he can use to train with a strong chess coach. While you read this Kushagra is in Europe already pursuing his GM title, while Shriraj just finished the Delhi GM Open gaining some rating points.

Mystic Wealth Scholarship of Rs.1,50,000

Manish Dhawan, the Founder Partner of Mystic Wealth, a SEBI registered Investment advisory, decided to support Indian chess by instituting the Mystic Wealth Scholarship of Rs.1,50,000 for a talent in need of funds. WIM Arpita Mukherjee from West Bengal has been given this support so that she can move towards her WGM title.

Pragg CCT Scholarship of Rs.2,07,530

At the Champions Chess Tour (CCT) 2022, in one of the events Praggnanandhaa was taking part. The organizers wanted us to do some work of promoting their app. We suggested that whatever funds were being offered if we could use it to make a "Pragg CCT scholarship", it would greatly help a young talent. That's how the Pragg CCT scholarship came into existence. 11-year-old Ethan Vaz, a young talent of Indian chess, was identified as the winner of it. Getting the scholarship does offer financial support to Ethan, but also speaking with Pragg over a zoom call was quite inspiring for the youngster. He recently finished 6th at the Delhi GM Open 2023 in a field that was studded with grandmasters and International Masters.

Anish Giri Death Match scholarship of Rs.2,00,000

When Anish Giri won the ChessBase India Originals Death Match against Vidit Gujrathi, he decided that from his prize fund of Rs.5,00,000, he would donate Rs.2,00,000 to the HelpChess Foundation. We instituted the Anish Giri Death Match scholarship and it went to the young talent of Indian chess Ilamparthi. The boy had just become the world under-14 champion when we announced this scholarship. Ilamparthi went on to become an IM in few months. The Anish Giri death Match scholarship was invaluable as Ilamparthi used Rs.1,50,000 for training with GM Shyam Sundar. In February 2023, Pravaha Foundation decided to support Ilamparthi. Guess what did Ilamparthi do? The young boy and his family decided to make sure that the remaining Rs.50,000 goes to another talent so that they can progress in their career!

The boy chosen for the scholarship of Rs.50,000 is IM Jubin Jimmy, a big talent from Kerala. The youngster is on his path to become a GM soon and financial support will go a long way in helping him realize his potential.

Anish Giri's ripples of kindness are being felt by more than one Indian talent!

Arjun Erigaisi Death Match Scholarship of Rs.3,25,000

When Arjun Erigaisi won the ChessBase India Originals Death Match 2.0 against Gukesh, he won a total prize amount of Rs.3,25,000. The moment he won the amount, he decided to donate it to HelpChess Foundation to help a chess talent in need. While Arjun and his team were fine with any youngster across the country in need of funds, we decided to find a talent from his state of Telangana. Sumer Arsh Shaikh was a natural selection for this. The boy had beaten Arjun and Gukesh in the tandem simul after their death match and the boy is extremely talented. Thanks to the scholarship, Sumer is now working on a regular basis with GM Debashis Das and will also use the funds for his chess tournaments. 

The Suhani Shah Scholarship of Rs.1,00,000

When Susha's Squad won the COB Gang War they pledged an amount to the HelpChess Foundation. When Suhani Shah, the captain of the team received her amount she contributed Rs.1,00,000 to the HelpChess Foundation. This was used to support the young talent Md. Imran with a laptop of Rs.83,000

Dharmen Shah Scholarship of Rs.1,50,000

Dharmen Shah and Jayshree Shah are my (Sagar's) parents. Ever since I was a young kid I would see them giving back to the society. They continue to do so now in multiple ways. One of them is via HelpChess to help the chess community. My father decided to institute a scholarship of Rs.1,00,000. When we launched the website, he added another Rs.50,000 to it. This amount has been used for Pranav V. to get a laptop and some of his other expenses.

Vivek Gupta Laptop scholarship of Rs.81,638

We received a call from Vivek Gupta, a follower of ChessBase India, with an intention to support a young talent with a laptop. We got to know that Shreya Hipparagi, a very talented girl from Maharashtra, was facing a lot of issues with her laptop. With the amount contributed by Vivek, Shreya received a new laptop that helps her to make progress in her chess career.

Shrenik Lad Scholarship of Rs.50,000

Shrenik Lad and Purva Gaggar live in the US. They wanted to contribute Rs.50,000 to a talented youngster. They decided to support 13-year-old Mayank Chakraborty, the current under-17 national champion, for his training camp with GM Swayams Mishra.

Jesons Industries Limited Sponsorship of Rs.7,50,000

Jesons Industries Privated Limited supported GM Aditya Mittal with a sponsorship amount of Rs.7,50,000 under their CSR initiative

Special thanks

Special thanks to Nandini Srikar and her family for always supporting our initiatives

Total amount spent in the year 2022-23

The total amount that HelpChess spent for chess players in the year 2022-23 has been Rs.25,97,626

Talents who were supported by HelpChess Foundation in 2022-23

The players who have been supported by HelpChess in 2022-23

1. Shahil Dey

2. Ilamparthi

3. Mounika Akshaya

4. Aronyak Ghosh

5. Mayank Chakraborty

6. Arpita Mukherjee

7. Pranav V.

8. Sarayu Velpula

9. Marimuthu

10. K. Priyanka

11. Md. Imran

12. Mrittika Mallick

13. Shreya Hiparaggi

14. Aditya Mittal

15. Kushagra Mohan

16. Jubin Jimmy

17. Sumer Arsh

18. Ethan Vaz

Believers of Indian chess

The following are the Believers who have contributed to HelpChess either via direct bank transfer or through the HelpChess website. We call the people who contribute on the HelpChess website as Believers and Big Believers (above Rs.50,000), because we feel that they believe in our vision and in the potential of Indian chess!

01/04/2022Satbir Singh5000
24/05/2022kranthi VS100
09/07/2022Ajit Sharma1001
31/07/2022Ajit Sharma1001
01/08/22Ajit Sharma 1001
15/08/2022Ajit Sharma1001
15/09/2022Ajit Sharma1001
03/10/2022ankush Vashisht500
28/10/2022Ajit Sharma1001
06/12/2022Ajit Sharma1000
17/12/2022Supriya Bhat10
21/08/2022Shikhar Saxena9.76
21/08/2022Shikhar Saxena97.64
13/09/2022Raj Patel1666
14/09/2022Shikhar Saxena97.64
14/09/2022Swaraj Paul195.28
14/09/2022Siddharth Bulia97.64
16/09/2022Shashwat Mishra97.64
20/09/2022Siddharth Bulia195.28
21/09/2022Pratish Kartha490
21/09/2022Harsh Kumar195.28
21/09/2022Phanindra Krishnamurthy488.2
21/09/2022Usman khan29.3
21/09/2022Gurjyot Singh Kapoor9.76
21/09/2022Siddharth Bulia97.64
21/09/2022Kulwinder Singh249.96
21/09/2022Bhavesh Vyas488.2
21/09/2022Vikas Meena976.4
21/09/2022Rohan Baste488.2
21/09/2022VINEET SINGH9.76
21/09/2022Rachit Jain976.4
21/09/2022Sharad Kulkarni976.4
21/09/2022Prathamesh Surendra Dhote48.82
21/09/2022Varun Kumar97.64
21/09/2022Richardson George976.4
21/09/2022Shravan Shenoy97.64
21/09/2022Samay Kumar Guru488.2
21/09/2022Darshan G9.76
21/09/2022Krishna Char976.4
21/09/2022VIVEK CHANDRA PAL97.64
21/09/2022well wisher4882
21/09/2022MANAV SOLANKI9.76
21/09/2022Sarvesh Deshpande195.28
21/09/2022Anil Palli.d.v195.28
21/09/2022Mohnish Sharma1074.04
21/09/2022Vedant Bawa48.82
21/09/2022Phanindra Vijayasimha488.2
21/09/2022Yash jain195.28
21/09/2022Kanak Ranjan Sarkar9.76
21/09/2022Praful ojha108.38
21/09/2022Sandeep Roy4882.98
21/09/2022Inchara Sree Bhat980
21/09/2022Avanish Srihari Baje195.28
21/09/2022Ashish Khude488.2
21/09/2022Yash jain490
21/09/2022Ravi Kumar Gollapalli980
21/09/2022Shardul ghadge195.28
21/09/2022SUBHASH SINGHA2409.76
21/09/2022Subhajit Pal48.82
21/09/2022JOMIN JOS488.2
21/09/2022B.Milan Kumar488.2
21/09/2022Shikhar Saxena96663.6
21/09/2022Murugan M98.62
22/09/2022Siddharth Bulia48820.98
22/09/2022Raghav Nagar292.92
22/09/2022Balu Anthony Raj105.46
22/09/2022Mridul Pant97.64
22/09/2022Dr. Krishnanunny Menon98.62
22/09/2022Ishan Saraswat9764
22/09/2022Shubhendu Poothia976.4
22/09/2022Anshuman Mishra976.4
22/09/2022ANIRUDDH SARKAR98.62
22/09/2022Tanuj Mehta19.52
22/09/2022Manu Goel488.2
22/09/2022Sarthak Das488.2
22/09/2022BNVSSGR Manjunath48820
22/09/2022Aditya Sur Roy1952.8
22/09/2022Saleela Patkar1952.8
22/09/2022Vigneswaran S9.76
22/09/2022Apoorv Bansal488.2
22/09/2022Ajitesh Kumara97.64
22/09/2022Ashish Rai488.2
22/09/2022Dwaipayan Shaoo976.4
22/09/2022Arvind Waiker97.64
22/09/2022Chittarvu Sasun1089.66
22/09/2022Swapnesh Gawas976.4
22/09/2022Anmol Khimani97.64
22/09/2022balaji kanipakam1952.8
22/09/2022Aras Kumar R488.2
22/09/2022Aniruddha Jaltare976.4
22/09/2022Suraj Shendage108.38
22/09/2022Lokesh Ukey9.76
22/09/2022Jayanth Sai Marreddi1.96
22/09/2022Soumyabrata Dasgupta4882
22/09/2022Sriram Chemuturi1464.6
22/09/2022Vinayak Jallapelli48820
22/09/2022Vivek Gupta4979.64
22/09/2022Nagaraj P N488.2
22/09/2022Sagar Shah Upcoming Son48.82
22/09/2022Mohammad Sharique Reza976.4
22/09/2022Asheerbad puhan488.2
22/09/2022Mohammad Sharique Reza0.98
22/09/2022Sagar Jantakal98.62
22/09/2022Aniket Baiju Gopal0.98
22/09/2022Sheshnag C S97.64
22/09/2022lets be Annonymus195.28
22/09/2022Sagar do you ever think um.. inflation is rising9.76
22/09/2022Sudhindra A Rao1084.78
22/09/2022Aryaman Singh Chandrawat9.76
22/09/2022G Gokul976.4
22/09/2022Magnesh curlesham0.98
22/09/2022Karthik G97.64
22/09/2022Krutarth mahajani9.76
22/09/2022Nikhil Dehadrai97.64
22/09/2022Ashutosh Agarwal1074.04
22/09/2022Asli Magnus489.18
22/09/2022Abhishek Shah195.28
22/09/2022Ashish Prasad97.64
22/09/2022Archil Jain97.64
22/09/2022Himil Jani976.4
22/09/2022Rajasekar L294
22/09/2022Jubin Desai97.64
22/09/2022Sumeet Shekhar98.62
22/09/2022PRASUN DAS195.28
22/09/2022Nilesh jadyal49.8
22/09/2022Kyu batau488.2
22/09/2022Udit Upadhyay97.64
22/09/2022Mayur Gondhalekar488.2
22/09/2022Keerthiraj N0.98
22/09/2022Narendra Modi0.98
22/09/2022Dr Pradeep Kumar Guru1952.8
22/09/2022Amol Patil2929.2
22/09/2022Sachin Ranade976.4
22/09/2022Vivek adarsh2.92
22/09/2022Sumon Chowdhury499.8
22/09/2022Amrutha Marathi Accent975.42
23/09/2022Naveen Shrivastava10.74
23/09/2022Vamsi Krishna Avvari195.28
23/09/2022Future World Champion9.76
23/09/2022Aman Shrivastava4882
23/09/2022BM Modi0.98
23/09/2022NAVEEN PRASAD GUPTA98.62
23/09/2022Bohemian Entertainment195.28
23/09/2022Ankit Maheshwari48820.98
23/09/2022Suresh Pujeri19.52
23/09/2022Sanket Patil98.62
23/09/2022Deepak Waphare488.2
23/09/2022Tanmay Devi4882
23/09/2022Ketan Phanse977.38
23/09/2022Anshuman Mishra976.4
23/09/2022Siddhesh Sharad Saki488.2
23/09/2022Abhijeet Chauhan541.9
23/09/2022Vishal Sinha976.4
23/09/2022Amandeep Deswal488.2
23/09/2022Yash jain108.38
23/09/2022Gaurab Sundar Dutta980
23/09/2022Rajendra Singh Yadav976.4
23/09/2022Sandeep Kandiboyina4882
23/09/2022DEEPAK B977.38
23/09/2022Debasish Tapna1952.8
23/09/2022Akshay Natu4882
24/09/2022Tejas Wankhade97.64
24/09/2022Gourab Chowdhury195.28
24/09/2022Jatinder Jindal104.48
24/09/2022Siddhesh B292.92
24/09/2022D Sandeep976.4
24/09/2022Lalit kumar976.4
24/09/2022Karan Varma488.2
24/09/2022Aayush Tiwari977.38
24/09/2022Himanshu Arora195.28
24/09/2022Mariswaran Balasubramanian9764
24/09/2022Sarthak Rastogi195.28
24/09/2022Jimmy Bathinda97.64
24/09/2022Dipu T S976.4
24/09/2022Vamsi Krishna489.18
24/09/2022Bhargav Ashiyani98.62
24/09/2022Joenathan Ebenezer.R976.4
24/09/2022Shikhar Saxena97.64
24/09/2022Deeptanshu Surya97.64
24/09/2022Rangesa, A.N976.4
24/09/2022Jatinder Jindal97.64
24/09/2022Sriram Pasagadi195.28
24/09/2022Amit Jain488.2
24/09/2022Anup pande977.38
24/09/2022Lloyd Dsouza490
24/09/2022Himanshu Pandey488.2
24/09/2022Chinmay Deepak Kelaskar488.2
24/09/2022Aras Kumar488.2
24/09/2022Umang Kumar Sinha488.2
24/09/2022Pravin NAIR488.2
24/09/2022tirupathi reddy488.2
24/09/2022Mazhar Khan4882
24/09/2022Pawan somani97.64
24/09/2022Apoorv Tailang976.4
24/09/2022Vijay Kamath976.4
25/09/2022Devansh Verma1470
25/09/2022JEET SINGH1074.04
25/09/2022manish verma98.62
25/09/2022Singaravel M976.4
25/09/2022Well Wisher Of Indian Chess980.98
25/09/2022Kaushik Kannan488.2
25/09/2022pari kannappan97.64
25/09/2022Dr. Poongo Ponnavaikko1952.8
25/09/2022Arghya Gupta195.28
27/09/2022BRIJESH AGRAWAL292.92
27/09/2022Prachi Sunil Mokal4882
29/09/2022Sandeep Kumar Karini976.4
30/09/2022Jyothsna Bhandari48820.98
02/10/2022Well Wisher205.04
03/10/2022Rivan Chheda976.4
04/10/2022Ayushi Sharma9764.98
04/10/2022Hirak Doshi97.64
06/10/2022Manas Dadheech976.4
09/10/2022CEOs Desk Proofreading98.62
16/10/2022Supriya Bhat99.64
04/11/2022Jaimini Ramanathan48879
11/12/2022Solanki Panth Kirankumar4982.3
25/12/2022Chess Codes996.46
29/12/2022Supriya Bhat99.64
15/01/2023Himank Ghosh498.22
17/01/23Ajit Sharma2001
30/01/2023Chalapathy J4982.3
06/02/2023Well Wisher150.46
13/02/2023Shanthi Swaroop Pogaku26394.66
15/02/2023MADHAV ARVIND CHANDE493.25
24/02/2023Shiva Kumar Parupalli9964.6
09/03/2023Ketan Patil7971.68
10/03/2023Vishwajith S747.35
10/03/2023Ajit Kumar Sharma3986.83
21/03/2023Gagan Malhotra3089.02

Total funds - Rs.8,73,603

Each and every person who contributes to the HelpChess Foundation receives a 80G receipt that helps you with your income tax deductions

We also send a certificate of appreciation to each and every donor, irrespective of the amount they contribute.

YouTube memberships

ChessBase India has a vibrant YouTube channel with a lot of people who become members each month. The entire amount is used to support Indian chess and chess players. We maintain a record for the members of each month and this amount has been utilized in the past to support one chess player each month. This is how we supported the players in 2021-22 via the YouTube memberships.


Details of players supported in 2021-22

YT membership- April -Savitha Shri34588
YT membership- May - Karthik Venkata Krishna54931
YT membership- June - Pranav 77383
YT membership- July - Ilamparthy119799
YT membership- August - Sanjay85648
YT membership- September - Marimuthu K68907
YT membership- October - Pranesh 62194
YT membership- November - Shreya Hipparagi60625
YT membership- December- Daakshin Arun49105
YT membership - January- Sarayu Velapula55853
YT membership - February-Mrittika Mallick55026
YT membership - March- Shravaanica53365


For the year 2022-23 this amount has been carefully kept to be utilized. We realized that while we did support individuals each month, sometimes their needs are higher than the amount collected in a month. And hence we have decided to pool in the entire amount.

3. YT membership 2022-23
YT membership- April 55014
YT membership- May 55741
YT membership- June 58574
YT membership- July 61069
YT membership- August 64282
YT membership- September61596
YT membership- October 57884
YT membership- November 59690
YT membership- December56186
YT membership- January57147
YT membership- February52894
YT membership- March53283


HelpChess currently has a total of Rs.15,66,962 (donations by Believers + YouTube memberships). This amount will be utilized to support chess players.

Apply for the funds

One of the most important things that we do at HelpChess is to ensure that the money is carefully utilized and that players are able to make the best use of these funds. Hence, we would like to carefully select the players who receive the support. If you are a chess player in need of funds then please fill in the form given below. We will review your application and then accordingly contact you and support you in your chess journey. Please make sure you fill the form carefully and truthfully.

Fill in the form

A special mention to the backbone of the HelpChess Foundation in terms of all the accounting, communications, disbursement of funds - Supriya Bhat.

A huge thanks to Shikhar Saxena who has not only helped us with the HelpChess website but also ideas to support more chess players. 

Support the Initiative

If you would like to support Indian chess players, please contribute via our HelpChess website. If you would like to institute a scholarship or sponsor an amount please do write to us at HelpChess is an 80G registered Charitable Trust. Here are some details so that you can be sure that you are putting in your money in the right place.

PAN number: AACTH4426K

12A Registration - AACTH4426KE20215 dated 23/09/2021

80G No - AACTH4426KF20213

CSR No. CSR00016763

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Krishna Prabhakar scholarship for Vishy Anand Camp in Pune

@ 07/02/2019 by Shahid Ahmed (en)
Dennis Kow scholarship of Rs.51,000 for the differently abled

@ 07/12/2018 by Sagar Shah (en)

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