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The Big Chess Winter Camp is here from 20th-26th November!

by Himank Ghosh - 17/11/2023

The ChessBase India Chess Club at Mumbai is back with another big event. Following the success of the Big Chess Summer Camp this May which saw the participation of 700 chess players, this November we are having the Big Chess Winter Camp! With 50 training sheets, 3 Head trainers, a number of volunteers, and most importantly - a huge number of people from various age groups, cultures, and societies eager to dive deep into the magical world of Chess, we ensure you this will be a grand experience! The Camp will take place from 20th-26th November from 4-8 PM each day at the Phoenix Marketcity Mall, Mumbai. There is no entry fee and no registration, just come in and go from the basic rules to playing a good game of chess!

Learn Chess like never before in the Big Chess Winter Camp 2023!

This summer, we held the Big Chess Summer Camp 2023 for 10 days - from 16th-25th May 2023. 700 people learned chess in that mega event! The video linked below is a perfect example of the vibes at the chess camp.

Method in Chaos | 200+ people visit the Big Chess Summer Camp! | Video: ChessBase India

The final group selfie of the Big Chess Summer Camp 2023!

This is how a typical session at the Big Chess Summer Camp would look like!

World-renowned chess author FI Praful Zaveri was the chief guest in the closing ceremony of the camp!

This time, we are back with the second edition of the Chess Camp - the Big Chess Winter Camp 2023! Just like the last camp, training sheets will be used for learning of various chess concepts by the students in their own pace. Trainers and volunteers will be present to help out with any problems you face! Here are all the details of the Camp listed below.

Name: The Big Chess Winter Camp

Venue: Atrium 5 area, Phoenix Marketcity Mall, Kurla, Mumbai

Dates: 20th - 26th November 2023 (You can join on any day and learn at your own pace!)

Timings: 4-8 p.m. IST

Level of the camp: Beginners

Age group: Open to all

Aim of the camp: For those who do not know the rules of chess, or know them only partially, we would like you to reach a level where you can play a good game of chess. For those who know the basics, we intend to teach some advanced things so you can win more games!

Fee: The entry is free!

How will the camp work?

This playing area will be used to train youngsters during the camp

Before you enter the training arena, you would be asked by a volunteer whether you know the rules of chess or not? If your answer is Yes, then you can proceed to the training area and take a chair. There your training will begin with the level 1 sheet that will be given to you. If you do not know the rules, then you will go to a zone where the rules of the game will be taught. Once you learn the rules of the game, then you can enter the training area!

The training sheets

We implemented the idea of using training sheets in the chess camp to enforce self-paced learning of chess concepts. Last time around, we had 32 of them! Here are the topics covered in these 32 sheets.

Sheet No.1 - Ultimate beginners Sheet (chessboard & notation, Names of Pieces & Symbols)
Sheet No. 2 - Exchanges and Value check (easy level, less pieces)
Sheet No. 3 - Rook movement and captures
Sheet No. 4 - Bishop movement and captures
Sheet No. 5 - Queen movement and captures
Sheet No. 6 - Knight movement and captures
Sheet No. 7 - King movement and captures
Sheet No. 8 - Pawn movement and captures
Sheet No. 9 - Check
Sheet No. 10 - Checkmate & Stalemate
Sheet No. 11 - 1 move Checkmate
Sheet No. 12 - Castling
Sheet No. 13 - En passant
Sheet No. 14 - Pawn promotion - include under promotion
Sheet No. 15 - Hanging pieces
Sheet No. 16 - How to defend the attacked piece
Sheet No. 17 - ZugZwang
Sheet No. 18 - Pin
Sheet No. 19 - Fork/Double Attack
Sheet No. 20 - Skewer
Sheet No. 21 - Destroying the Defender/Deflection
Sheet No. 22 - Discovery
Sheet No. 23 - Double Checks
Sheet No. 24 - Trap a piece
Sheet No. 25 - Backrank mate
Sheet No. 26 - Smothered mate
Sheet No. 27 - Staircase Mate
Sheet No. 28 - Opening principles & Central Squares
Sheet No. 30 - How to draw
Bonus Sheet No. 31 - Find a winning move
Sheet No. 32 - Advanced Sheet

Completed all the 32 sheets last time around and thinking "What can I learn from this camp"? Don't you worry - we are adding 18 new training sheets this time, with more advanced topics which will help you win even more games. There are a total of 50 sheets this time around, and all the material has been revised, with plenty of new chess puzzles and training positions added!

Taking the help of ChessPa

There is no age limit for the participants in the Big Chess Winter Camp. While there will be many adults, a lot of very young children will also join in! For students below the age of 3, we intend to take the help of ChessPa in Chess Adventure Park, and the 3 new activity books we just launched!

With the help of ChessPa, the journey into the chess world for young players will be even more enjoyable!

Playing area

In the playing section, you can apply the knowledge you have received from the camp. We will always have 20 boards with chess sets placed. This will help you improve your game by providing you with practical experience, while also allowing you to make new friends and have fun.

The sheer joy of playing chess is reflected in this image!

Certificate and tournament

At the end of the camp, you will receive a certificate from ChessBase India, indicating that you have successfully completed the camp. This will only be given to those who have completed all the 50 sheets! All those who complete the sheets before 25th November 2023, will get a chance to take part in the Monthly ChessBase India Chess Club Saturday tournament. For many of you, this will be the first chess tournament you take part in!

Who will be the Trainers?

Just like last time, there will be 3 trainers for the Chess Camp - Priyanka Ved, Nithin Chandan, and Shashank Mokashi. All of them are very well-experienced coaches with teaching a variety of chess students!

Priyanka showing the chess crossword designed for the students in the Big Chess Summer Camp 2023!

Nithin Chandan (extreme left) taking a lot of students through solving the worksheets!

Shashank Mokashi explains a position to a mother and her son!

Abhyudaya Ram is the head coordinator of the Big Chess Winter Camp 2023!

IM Sagar Shah will also be present on most of the days of the camp, helping out the students whenever he can!

Want to be a volunteer?

One of the biggest reasons the 1st edition of this chess camp - The Big Chess Summer Camp was so successful, was the support from volunteers. While the coaches do help out many of the players, volunteers can take key role in a lot of the operations - registration of the players, assisting the coaches, problem-solving, and helping out with many other operations! To sign up as a volunteer, please fill up the Google form linked below.

Fill in the form to volunteer at the camp

The Camp would not be possible at all without the support from Phoenix Marketcity, Mumbai. A huge thanks to them for providing the Atrium 5 space for chess club sessions, tournaments, camps, simuls, and a lot more!

Support Indian chess

No entry fee is needed for participating in the chess camp! However, if you had fun learning and would like to support our initiatives then please do consider donating to our HelpChess Foundation. All the money contributed goes towards the growth of Indian chess players!

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