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Rs. 20,000 Blitz tournament at ChessBase India Chess Club Indore!

by Himank Ghosh - 26/09/2023

One of the ideas of ChessBase India always was to spread chess and create chess-loving communities in various cities across India. One of the biggest proponents to that is our vibrant chess club at Indore! The ChessBase India Chess Club Indore hosts chess sessions every Saturday evening, where chess fans and serious players alike gather together to have a great time. This time around, we have something big - on 30th September, we will have the Khelo Chess India Blitz Chess tournament with a prize fund of Rs. 20,000! Read the full article and you will get to know about the tournament, how to register, and all relevant details.

7-round Blitz tournament full of strong players on 30th September 5-7 PM IST!

The main mission of "Khelo Chess India" project is to spread chess everywhere across India. This mission is in full swing across Madhya Pradesh! Keeping these goals in mind, we have decided to hold the 2nd Khelo Chess India Indore Blitz Tournament 2023 at our vibrant Indore Chess Club - located inside the Phoenix Citadel Mall, Indore!

UPDATE: We have reached 100 players - the maximum limit of our entries! Thanks for registering, everyone. The entries are closed now.

Happy participants from our last chess tournament on 20th July, International Chess day!

This will be the playing venue at the Phoenix Citadel Mall - home to a huge number of chess lovers from Indore and beyond!

The 2nd Khelo Chess India Indore Blitz tournament will take place at the Phoenix Citadel Mall, Indore - which also hosts the ChessBase India Chess Club every Saturday. On 30th September, From 5-7 PM IST, a blitz tournament will take place at the 1st Floor, in front of Geetanjali Salon! We are only accepting 100 players - so hurry up and REGISTER NOW!

The total prize fund of the tournament is Rs. 20,000!

This will be a Blitz chess tournament with a time control of 3 minutes + 2 second increment from move 1. A total of 7 rounds will be played in this swiss event - the total prize fund is Rs. 20,000! The event has already attracted a lot of strong players! Let's take a look at the top 3 seeds:

Colombian WIM, multiple-time Olympian for her country, and wife to Hindi ChessBase India's head FI Niklesh Jain - WIM Angela Franco Valencia is the top seed of the event with a rating of 2066! Here she is in action against Bhopal's top player, Aishwin Daniel | Photo: Niklesh Jain

The second seed of the tournament is Ajay Virwani (taking the trophy with a grey shirt) - rated 1966! Here's Ajay getting the 3rd place trophy at 1st Bikaner International GM Category B Below 2000 Rating. | Photo: Aditya Sur Roy 

Chaitanya Awadh (left in the picture) is the 3rd seed of the tournament with a rating of 1903! Here's Chaitanya discussing with GM Rithvik Raja after a very intense game at the National Rapid Championships 2022.

These are the top 20 players who have registered for the event so far. A total of 45 chess players have already registered - so hurry up and book your spot NOW!

1WIMFranco Valencia, Angela4403070COL2066w
2Ajay, Virwani5001188IND1966
3Awadh, Chaitanya25086391IND1903
4AFMChoubey, Saurabh46666362IND1835
5Tiwari, Shivansh25615831IND1798
6Prakash, Yadav5071291IND1727
7Bajaj, Prakhar25628291IND1693U18
8Devansh, Singh25621092IND1682
9Dadwani, Sahil46666397IND1645U18
10Dewang, Kalpesh45013101IND1580
11Soni, Sangharsh46607790IND1579
12Mayank, Soni25004212IND1543
13Mishra, Kamad46616705IND1541U18
14Vaibhav, Nema25103369IND1540U16
15Cera, Dagariya45033528IND1456wU16
16Dhuliya, Shubham25705520IND1412
17Shrishti, Bhagwani33433836IND1395w
18Saurabh, Jain46678514IND1363
19Ashutosh, Purohit33345392IND1320
20Tawar, Abhirajsingh25706217IND1312U20

Tournament details in chess-results

Schedule and Prize structure

The players are required to report at the tournament venue by 4:45 PM IST. There will be a total of 7 rounds played, followed by the prize distribution ceremony. The first round will be begin at 5 PM Sharp - so be present before time so that the tournament can start smoothly!


There are a total of 21 Cash prizes ,Winners Trophy and 18 medals! The champion will receive a cash prize of Rs. 3500 with a gorgeous trophy. The top 3 players in Under-8, Under-10 and Under-12 age categories will receive medals. Top 3 female players and top 3 veteran players will also receive prizes! Check out the image below for the complete breakdown of the Prize structure.

Full schedule and prize structure of the Khelo Chess India tournament at the ChessBase India Chess Club.

How to register for the tournament?

We have kept a small entry fee of Rs. 250 for this tournament. The registration process is completely online - just go fill out this entry google form:

We have provided the UPI scanner for the tournament entry fee payment below. The last date till which we will accept tournament entries is set on 29th September, till 10.30 PM IST. Round 1 Pairings will be done at 11 am on 30th September 2023. No spot entries will be accepted, so hurry up and register now!!

Check out the tournament registration rules and information in this helpful infographic!

Tournament guidelines

Check out all the tournament rules in this image regarding protest, tiebreaks and appeals committee. In case you have any queries, you can reach out to Prateek Chandwani (7869328904) or Mukund Purohit (9407190524).

Do join the ChessBase India Chess Club Indore Whatsapp group for all the regular updates!

A big thanks to the Phoenix Citadel Mall, Indore for all their support, and hosting such a big tournament!

The Head of Hindi ChessBase India, FI Niklesh Jain is the tournament director of this event! | Photo: WIM Angela Franco

Two important pillars of the Indore Chess club - Prateek Chandwani and Mukund Purohit! These are the two people who handle all of the ChessBase India Chess Club operations at Indore.

A total of 45 people have registered for this exciting event already!! As we have mentioned above, only 100 people can play - so register for this event now! Check out the complete list of registered players so far.


So what are you waiting for? Spots are limited, just a few hours to go until the tournament starts - register for the 2nd Khelo Chess India Indore Blitz Tournament at the ChessBase India Chess Club Indore right now!



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