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Ram Vishal Parab wins the ChessBase India Chess Club tournament for the first time

by Himank Ghosh - 29/03/2023

The 6th edition of the ChessBase India Chess Club tournament was held on 25th March 2023, at the Phoenix Marketcity Mall, Kurla! Ram Vishal Parab played some fantastic chess to score a perfect 7/7, finishing first by a full point. Saumil Nair and Jeet Shah scored 6/7, getting the 2nd and 3rd spots respectively. In this session, we introduced two new things: a membership system in the ChessBase India Chess Club, and a special "Doctor Chess" session by IM Sagar Shah! Read the full article to know all about the tournament below. 

Youngster Ram Vishal Parab wins the 6th ChessBase India Chess Club tournament

If a monthly tournament has got new winners every month, it means that the playing field is growing and becoming stronger with time. This is exactly what is happening to the ChessBase India Chess Club tournament! In the 6th edition, it was the 13-year-old Ram Vishal Parab who took away the first prize with a perfect score of 7/7. 

Champion - Ram Vishal Parab 7/7 | Photo: Sagar Shah
Runner-up - Saumil Nair 6/7 | Photo: Sagar Shah

Second Runner-up - Jeet Shah 6/7 | Photo: Sagar Shah

4th Neemay Bhanushali 5.5/7 | Photo: Sagar Shah

5th Ketan Patil 5/7 | Photo: Sagar Shah

6th Veer Shah 5/7 | Photo: Sagar Shah

7th Vishal Gaikwad 5/7 | Photo: Sagar Shah

8th Mihir Naik 5/7 | Photo: Sagar Shah

Ram Vishal Parab's final round game against Siddhesh P Nar

The top board battle in the final round - Ram Vishal Parab vs Siddhesh P Nar

Doctor Chess sessions in person!

t the ChessBase India Chess Club in Phoenix Marketcity, Mumbai, IM Sagar Shah has started something innovative. He sits down at a table with a chess board and his IPad and a banner. The banner says "Doctor Chess". What does it mean? It means just like people go to a doctor with their health issues, they can come to Sagar with their chess issues.

Doctor Chess himself treating new patients!

Sagar sits down with them and either takes a look at their games, some of them tell their chesscom or lichess usernames and Sagar searches the game on his Ipad. Some of them come with some psychological issues and the IM discusses it with them. Sometimes Sagar would take out a book that he is carrying and give a position for the player to solve. The idea is to help them overcome the problems that is stopping them from going to the next level in their chess journey.

Be it problems on the board or off the board - Doctor Chess is here to help!

Sagar had started with Doctor Chess streams during pandemic and had done nearly 27 episodes, catering to over 100 players. The same thing he has started at the Chess Club. The first session was held on 25th of March 2023 and 8-10 individuals were able to get some time with "Doctor Chess!"

The Doctor Chess series is one of our most popular series with 26 videos!

This will continue for the coming Saturdays as well. If you are in Mumbai, then you can visit the Chess Club (Saturdays 5-7 p.m.) and continue on your path to chess improvement. There are absolutely no fees for this service, but if people enjoy and find it useful, they can donate to HelpChess Foundation and that amount will be used for Indian chess players in need of funds.

Introduction to Membership in the ChessBase India Chess Club

In the 21-player simul by the India no.2 D Gukesh on 18th of March, we told people about the brand-new membership system in the ChessBase India Chess Club. Gukesh actually became our first member!

This is Gukesh's membership card!

From this Saturday, we have introduced the Membership to all the people in the club. The amount is very less - only Rs. 100/year! Following are the perks of becoming a member at the ChessBase India Chess Club:

1. A beautifully designed card with your name and unique number.

2. Free entry to all ChessBase India prize money tournaments held on the 4th Saturday of each month.

3. Entry into the player pool for simultaneous exhibitions

4. Discount on entry fees to any tournaments held in Phoenix Marketcity

5. Getting Doctor Chess sessions with IM Sagar Shah

6. Special discount coupons from Phoenix Marketcity Kurla

More perks are to be announced till the end of the year! So what are you waiting for - become a member of the ChessBase India Chess Club in the next session!

Photo Gallery

The ChessBase India Chess Club tournament going on in full swing! | Photo: Sagar Shah

Chess fans are always happy and excited to meet Sagar! | Photo: Sagar Shah

Sagar discussing with a chess parent in the Doctor Chess session!

A total of 74 players took part from various parts of the country. The one-day seven-round Swiss league Blitz Open tournament took place at Phoenix Market City in Mumbai, Maharashtra on 25th March 2023. The time control of the tournament was 5 minutes + 2 seconds increment from move no.1. 

Final standings

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
15Ram, Vishal ParabIND1591725,531,530,00
22Saumil, NairIND17986273427,50
31Shah, JeetIND1823623,530,523,50
410Bhanushali, NeemayIND13455,52428,522,25
54Patil, KetanIND1654526,532,522,00
612Shah, VeerIND13325263221,50
76Gaikwad, VishalIND15685253021,00
815Naik, MihirIND1268524,530,520,00
919nemlekar, SureshIND1225523,529,519,00
1047Korgaonkar, JigneshIND0523,529,518,50
1135Chaturvedi, HarshvardhanIND0522,528,518,00
1223Prajapati, Rahul SunilIND11915222817,50
1318Nar, Siddhesh PIND1237521,528,516,00
1429Anand, Gurkirat SinghIND052125,516,50
1546Kom, SainathIND04,52328,515,25


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