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Rs. 50,000 Mind Champions Challenge 2023 for Visually impaired chess players this saturday

by Himank Ghosh - 23/11/2023

Chess in itself is a very complex game. The visual stimulus of seeing the 64 squares and the pieces on the board is not enough to make correct decisions, a lot of mistakes take place still. Now imagine playing chess if you are visually impaired - it's as tough as it gets, and these sportspersons are heroes! Celebrating them, we are holding a tournament for the visually impaired players with a massive prize fund of Rs. 50,000 - The Mind Champions Challenge 2023. Join us at the Mumbai ChessBase India Chess Club on 25th November from 11 AM - 5 PM IST to see these warriors fight across the chessboard, playing rapid chess! There is no entry fee for the event, and all of the participants will be provided with goodie bags. Check out all the information on this event below.

A noble initiative by Lions Sight First Committee

India has many fantastic visually impaired chess players who have made tremendous achievements. Just recently, Darpan Inani won the Gold medal in the Men's Individual Rapid event at the Asian Para Games 2023! In fact, all the top 3 position holders were Indian players. India also won Gold in the Men's Team Rapid event!

Men's Rapid Individual B1: Bronze - Ashvin K Makwana 5/7, Gold - Darpan Inani 6/7 and Silver - Soundarya Kumar Pradhan 5.5/7 | Photo: SAI Media

Men's Rapid Team B2B3 Bronze (L to R):  Aryan Joshi 3.5/7, Somender B L 3.5/7 and Kishan Gangoli 5/7

Celebrating the achievements of all these fantastic players, Lions Sight First Committee District 3231 A2 has come together with ChessBase India, Phoenix Marketcity Mall and AICFB (All India Chess Federation for the Blind) to organize a Rapid chess tournament for visually impaired players with a massive prize fund of Rs. 50,000 - The Mind Champions Challenge 2023. 

The official poster for the tournament.

We must commend the Lions Club of Bombay Uptown for organizing such a beautiful event with a huge prize fund of Rs. 50,000 and no entry fee! The tournament will be held at the Mumbai ChessBase India Chess Club, inside the Phoenix Marketcity Mall on 25th November from 11 AM - 5 PM! There is no entry fee involved, and the entries are full as of now. A total of 46 players will battle it out this Saturday! The winner will take home a cash prize of Rs. 10,000 along with a beautiful trophy.

Tournament details

Tournament Name: Mind Champions Challenge 2023 - Visually impaired Chess tournament

Venue: Atrium 5, Phoenix Marketcity Kurla (Also known as the Mumbai ChessBase India Chess Club)

A big thank you to Phoenix Marketcity Kurla for hosting this event! This is the place where the tournament will take place.

Date and time: 25th November 2023, from 11 AM - 5 PM IST.

Time Control: 15 minutes + 10 second increment starting from move one.

Total Prize fund: Rs. 50,000

Entry fee: FREE

The prize fund of the tournament broken up! The winner will bag Rs. 10,000, and there's a Rs. 1000 prize for the best female player as well.

Cash prizes are not all! There are trophies, medals and goodie bags up for grabs as well. The players who finish top 10 in the standings will receive beautiful trophies. The top 20 players in the standings will receive medals! Apart from that, each and every player will receive a goodie bag. All the players will also receive participation certificates for playing in the tournament!

One of India's top visually impaired chess players, Aryan Joshi is taking part in this tournament!

Aryan Joshi is the tournament top seed, and recently won the Team Bronze medal for India in the Asian Para games Chess event! Aryan will be felicitated by the Lions Sight First Committee after the tournament. Aryan is also a regular player at the Mumbai ChessBase India Chess Club!


A total of 46 players have registered in the Mind Champions Challenge 2023, and the entries are now closed due to maximum capacity. The chess-results link of the tournament will be published tomorrow, and will be appended to the article once ready. We welcome all the players to this tournament, and we also invite viewers to cheer on these champions!

This is how a visually impaired chess player plays a game of chess - using a braille board, and touching the chess pieces to understand what move the opponent has just made!

25th November, Saturday is a block-buster day at the Mumbai ChessBase India Chess Club. Make sure to visit the club this Saturday - there are many events happening! In the morning, we have the Mind Champions Challenge. In the evening, the ChessBase India Chess Club Monthly Chess tournament will take place! And from 4-8 PM each day, the Big Chess Winter Camp is going on.

We invite everyone to join the Big Chess Winter Camp! Read all about the event

We end the article with a wonderful photo by Amruta Mokal - capturing the Braille Chess board for visually impaired chess players!


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