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Learn Chess at the Big Chess Summer Camp in Mumbai

by Abhyudaya Ram - 10/05/2023

This summer ChessBase India is organizing "The Big Chess Summer Camp" at the Phoenix Marketcity mall in Kurla, Mumbai. The aim of the camp is to teach the basics of chess in a way that someone who doesn't know the rules would end the camp being able to play a good game of chess. The camp is held from 16th to 25th of May 2023 and is open to all. The camp has no entry fee - it is completely free. If you wanted to learn chess or you know anyone who always wanted to begin their journey, then this is the opportunity! 

Join 'The Big Chess Summer Camp' by ChessBase India

If you're looking for a fun and engaging way to spend your summer while learning a new skill, look no further. We, at ChessBase India, have organized 'The Big Chess Summer Camp'. The camp lasts for 10 days and begins from the 16th to the 25th of May 2023. The beauty is that you can join the camp on any day and learn at your own pace! It's a new concept of self-paced chess learning!

Name: The Big Chess Summer Camp

Venue: Atrium 5 area, Phoenix Marketcity Mall, Kurla, Mumbai

Dates: 16th - 25th May 2023 (You can join on any day and learn at your own pace)

Timings: 3-7 p.m. IST

Level of the camp: Beginners

Age group: Open to all

Aim of the camp: For those who do not know the rules of chess, or know them only partially, we would like you to reach a level where you can play a good game of chess 

Fee: The entry is free!

Phoenix Marketcity has been a wonderful supporter of chess and the Atrium 5 area in the mall has become the home of chess in Mumbai thanks to the Chess Club happening every Saturday

You will have the opportunity to learn how to play chess from absolute basics to a level where you can play a good game of chess with your friends. There is no prior registration required, so you can simply show up and be a part of the camp on any day! How are we going to achieve our aim of teaching you good quality chess?

How will the camp work?

This playing area will be used to train youngsters during the camp

Before you enter the training arena, you would be asked by a volunteer whether you know the rules of chess or not? If your answer is Yes, then you can proceed to the training area and take a chair. There your training will begin with the level 1 sheet that will be given to you. If you do not know the rules, then you will go to a zone where the rules of the game will be taught. Once you learn the rules of the game, then you can enter the training area!

The training sheets

We have broken the camp into 30 different levels and each level will have 1 sheet for you to solve. Each sheet would have 10 chess positions or questions! Now imagine if you get the hang of it, you can solve 10 sheets in a day. Or if you would like to take your own sweet time, then you could solve only 2-3 each day. You will learn how to set up a chess board, the basic rules of the game, basic tactics and also some basic opening rules. But there is a catch. Until you don't score 100% on your sheet, you cannot go to the next sheet. So, let's say you solved the level 1 sheet, and called the volunteers, who would check your sheet and give you points. In case you got 8.0/10 then you will have to sit down again and get those 2 positions right before moving to level 2. In this way we will ensure that you learn all the concepts perfectly. Also when you are solving and you get stuck, you can call the trainers and volunteers and they will nudge you in the right direction with the right hints! 


With the sheets this becomes a self-paced camp. You can do it at your own pace. However, if you are starting out, we heartily recommend you to begin from day 1. If you come regularly and put your mind to it, it is very likely that you would start your journey towards becoming a strong chess player.

Playing area

In the playing section, you can apply the knowledge you have received from the camp. We will always have 20 boards with chess sets placed. This will help you improve your game by providing you with practical experience, while also allowing you to make new friends and have fun.

Playing chess helps you to focus and improves your concentration

Quiz Time

In addition to the practice and playing sections, there will be a quiz session where you can learn about other things related to chess, such as the history of the game and its notable players. This will be a fun and knowledgeable session that will enhance your understanding and appreciation of the game.

Certificate and tournament

At the end of the camp, you will receive a certificate from ChessBase India, indicating that you have successfully completed the camp. This will only be given to those who have completed all the sheets (30 is the number we have planned right now). All those who receive the certificate also get to participate in the ChessBase India 4th Saturday monthly prize money tournament that will take place on 27th of May 2022, a day after the camp is done. This will be your first tournament that you will play.


You will be in the capable hands of our experienced coaches, Priyanka Ved and Nithin Chandan. Priyanka Ved is a chess coach who has extensive experience in teaching chess to kids and adults alike. She has a FIDE rating of 1811 and is also a lawyer. Nithin Chandan is a chess coach who has helped many children and adults learn and improve their chess skills. He has a FIDE rating of 1291 and is also a Yoga Instructor. Who knows we might keep a few minutes of Yoga training each day to make you physically stronger!

Together, Priyanka and Nithin have been involved in teaching chess to multiple kids every day, and have a deep understanding of how to teach chess in a fun and engaging way. They will use their experience to make the camp both educational and enjoyable.

Abhyudaya Ram is the head coordinator for this event

IM Sagar Shah will also be present on most of the days of the camp.

Become a volunteer

The camp is done to spread the game and love for chess! We are sure that a lot of people would turn up to learn from here, and there will definitely be need for volunteers. Volunteers role would involve clearing doubts, teaching some of the concepts to the students when they are not clear about it, awarding marks and much more. If you are keen to be a part of this noble initiative, please do fill in the form. Each volunteer would get some special goodies from ChessBase India at the end of the camp.

Fill in the form to volunteer at the camp

A huge thanks to the entire team at Phoenix Marketcity for their support towards the sport of chess! This is how the Atrium 5 area looks when there are no tables, chairs and chess sets!

Support Indian chess

There is no fee for the camp. However, if you had a good time and would like to support our initiatives then please do consider donating to our HelpChess Foundation. All the money contributed goes towards the growth of Indian chess players.

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