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Test your calculation with Nihal Sarin

by Sagar Shah - 11/04/2020

Some time ago Nihal Sarin had shared a very interesting position on his social media handles. He was playing a practice blitz game against an unknown opponent. This time it was not an online blitz, but an over the board encounter. After the game ended, he brought back the position to a critical moment and asked his opponent, did you see the complications after Qg6+? What do you think is happening? Nihal and his opponent analyzed the position for quite some time and were naturally enamoured with the variations. Was the move winning? Or was it losing? Or was it just a draw? Well, we will leave it up to you to work out the details.

Nihal Sarin is well known for his blitz skills. He recently won the "Let's Fight Corona Together" Fundraiser online blitz ahead of some of the strongest chess players of India. We all know that he plays a lot of online blitz. However, sometimes Nihal likes to indulge in over the board blitz as well. As one of his over-the-board blitz encounters came to an end, Nihal went back a few moves and setup a position where he asked his opponent - "Did you see all the complications after the move Qg6+?"


Nihal Sarin's analysis position

White to move. Analyze the consequences of the move Qg6+

This is what Nihal wrote on his social media, "Landed here during a practice game. Amazing position. Incredible attack, incredible defence!" We are not going to give you any more hints here. Just that, you need to go as deep as possible and try to find out what is happening in the position. It is quite possible that Qg6+ is just a losing move. It is also possible that Qg6+ leads to a draw. But it can also be true that Qg6+ leads to a win. Let us know your answers in the comments section below and we will soon have a follow up article where we discuss the solution.

This is the image that Nihal shared on his social media

Nihal is quite a monster when it comes to calculation. If a position impressed him, then it should surely test you! | Photo: Alina l'Ami

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