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Talk of the Universe: Ganguly in conversation with Maxime Vachier-Lagrave

by Shahid Ahmed - 10/09/2020

Maxime Vachier-Lagrave is widely regarded as one of the players who is a strong contender for the World title. Him leading in the FIDE Candidates 2020 also asserts to that theory. On 29th August MVL appeared in Surya Sekhar Ganguly's talk show 'In Conversation with' where he discussed a lot of his games, his thought process, things that he likes, what he does when he is not playing chess and much more. He also acknowledged the fact of being a mathematician helped him a lot in his career. Did you know - MVL made a cameo in a French movie titled 'Le Tournoi' ? Photo: Surya's youtube channel.

The Magician - MVL

The former World no.1 in Blitz is currently leading the FIDE Candidates 2020 despite being a last minute replacement. Maxime Vachier-Lagrave widely known as MVL became a grandmaster at the age of 14. He won the World Junior championship in 2009 and he is a three-time French champion. He also won Biel Masters five times, Dortmund in 2016 and Sinquefield Cup in 2017. He finished as a Semi-Finalist in FIDE World Cup 2013 and 2017, FIDE Jerusalem and Hamburg GP 2019.

Being a Mathematician helped MVL

MVL likes Asian food - Thai and Indian | Photo: Surya's stream

Breaking Bad and Fringe are two of MVL's favorite tv series | Photo: Amazon IN

"I don't watch so many movies, almost none but I do like binge watching some tv show from time to time."

Can you identify all chess players here? | Photo: Surya's stream

MVL playing Table Tennis to work on his fitness

MVL does arm wrestling poses only for photos

"I would never accept a serious challenge for arm wrestling."

Did you know that MVL did a cameo in French movie Le Tournoi? | Photo: Wikipedia

"I don't remember as many of them as well as Magnus but of course I have read my classics, I have read my Bronstein."

- Vachier-Lagrave on reading classics of chess.

Avalon is one the few board game that MVL enjoys | Photo: Ultra Board Games

MVL's games

Here are the positions which were discussed in Episode 21

Karjakin - Vachier-Lagrave, World Under-10 2000

Black to play

Fontaine - Vachier-Lagrave, Aix le Bains 2007

Black to play

Morozevich - Vachier-Lagrave, Biel 2009

Black to play

Svidler - Vachier-Lagrave, FIDE World Cup 2017

Black to play

So - Vachier-Lagrave, FIDE World Cup 2015

Black to play

Vachier-Lagrave - Adams, Gibraltar 2017

White to play

Replay the games

Episode 21

In Conversation with - Episode 21: Maxime Vachier-Lagrave - 'Magic of MVL' | Video: Surya Sekhar Ganguly


Maxime Vachier-Lagrave: Official site, instagram and twitter.

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