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Talk of the Universe: Ganguly in conversation with Kramnik

by Shahid Ahmed - 23/09/2020

On 5th September, Surya Sekhar Ganguly invited the former World Champion, legend Vladimir Kramnik to his talk show 'In Conversation with'. It is well-known that Kramnik has contributed a lot to the theoretical aspect of chess. So it was right that on Teacher's Day someone who has taught a lot through his games talk about his journey. Kramnik also discusses about training young Indian talents and hopes he will get to come to India very soon. That's not all, he discusses various games of his and shares his thought process and one of the most important element - 'Prophylaxis'. Photo: Surya's youtube channel.

Kramnik - 'The Teacher'

Kramnik's contribution to chess is immense. Even Anand has also acknowledged Kramnik's huge contribution to the theory. He won the World title by beating Kasparov, successfully defended it against Peter Leko in 2004 and beat Veselin Topalov in the title unification match in 2006. He lost the World title to Vishy Anand in 2007. Kramnik attributed Kasparov and Karpov as the players who were very important for his development in chess and he hopes that his games might help some players to improve and get to the top.

The great contributor Vladimir Kramnik | Photo: Amruta Mokal

"I think most of the top players are artist in their own way because I think you cannot get into the very top just being you know a kind of point-making-machine or money-cashing-machine."

Kramnik in his early days | Photo: Surya's stream

Kramnik-Kasparov at World Championship 2000 in London

"Our limits are much higher than we sometimes think"

How many World Champions can you identify in the above two photos?

Kramnik at the Microsense Kramnik Gelfand program in India last year

Kramnik's games

Here are the positions which were discussed in Episode 22

Kramnik - Kasparov, World Championship 2000

White to play

Kramnik - Short, Dortmund 1995

White to play

Kramnik - Giri, Dortmund 2011

White to play

Kramnik - Sokolov, Wijk aan Zee 2005

White to play

Kramnik - Aronian, Zurich 2015

White to play

Salem - Kramnik, Doha 2014

Black to play

Kramnik - Carlsen, Stavanger 2017

White to play

Kramnik - Vitiugov, Paris/Saint Petersburg 2013

Black to play

"Chess is a prophylactic game. It is much more important to understand what your opponent wants than to understand what you want."

Short - Kramnik, London 2011

Black to play

Kramnik - Karjakin, Monte Carlo 2011

White to play

Kramnik - Harikrishna, Shamkir 2017

White to play

Kramnik - Buhmann, Dortmund 2016

White to play

Replay the games

Episode 22

In Conversation with - Episode 22: Vladimir Kramnik - 'The Teacher' | Video: Surya Sekhar Ganguly

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