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MPL 48th National Women R7: Mary Ann maintains her sole lead

by Shahid Ahmed - 02/01/2023

WGM Mary Ann Gomes defeated IM Soumya Swaminathan to maintain her sole lead 6.5/7 at MPL 48th National Women Chess Championship 2022. Defending champion, WGM Divya Deshmukh won against WIM Aashna Makhija to stay in the hunt 6/7. Mary will face Divya in the eighth round. Three women including the top seed are at 5.5/7 each. They are - WIM Sakshi Chitlange, WGM Vantika Agrawal and WIM Isha Sharma. WGM-elect Sakshi scored quite possibly the best win of the round against IM Bhakti Kulkarni. The former did not let her opponent get out of the gate and won the game in just 24 moves. Round 8 starts today at 10:30 a.m. Photo: Chess Association Kolhapur

Divya in pursuit

How do you know that everyone is giving their best shot and no one wants anything less than the best? The results of the top 12 boards can attest to it as there were not a single draw in those games. Only two draws occurred among the top 15 boards.

WGM Mary Ann Gomes maintains her lead 6.5/7 | Photo: Chess Association Kolhapur

Official logo of MPL 48th National Women Chess Championship 2022 | Photo: Chess Association Kolhapur

Mary - Soumya: 1-0

Just when it seemed like that the game between WGM Mary Ann Gomes (PSPB, 2320) and IM Soumya Swaminathan (PSPB, 2322) was heading towards a draw, the latter erred.

Position after 35...f6

35...f6 allowed White to pin the bishop on the e-file 36.Re2 Kg6. Now White needed to go 37.Nf5! Re8 38.Rg2+ Kh7 39.Rg7+ Kh8 40. Rxb7 and White is winning. Time trouble possibly made it difficult to find the continuation. Hence, White opted for 37.c5 a humane approach of solidifying the knight at d6. 37...f5 38.Nxb7 Rxb7?? Black need not capture the knight to stay in the game. 39.Rxe6+ Kf7 40.Rxc6 now White is winning due to have two extra pawns.

Divya - Aashna: 1-0

WGM Divya Deshmukh (MAH, 2347) defeated WIM Aashna Makhija (MAH, 2123) to stay in the hunt for her title defense at 6/7.

WGM Divya Deshmukh (MAH) 6/7 | Photo: Chess Association Kolhapur

Sakshi - Bhakti: 1-0

WIM Sakshi Chitlange (MAH, 2213) made a short work of IM Bhakti Kulkarni (Goa, 2319) in 24 moves. The latter could not get out of the gate as she erred early in the game 12...Ne4.

Position after 12...Ne4

12...Ne4 is simply not the right time to play. 13.Bxe4 dxe4 14.Ng5 and Black's kingside is crumbling. There is no good defense. 14...f6 15.Qxe6+ Kg7 16.Ngf7 g5 17.Bxg5 Rxf7 18.Bh6+! Kg8 19.Nxf7 and White won the game in another five moves.

WIM Sakshi Chitlange (MAH) scored a smashing victory | Photo: Chess Association Kolhapur

Top seed WGM Vantika Agrawal (DEL) won comfortably to move to 5.5/7 | Photo: Chess Association Kolhapur

Tactically alert WIM Isha Sharma (KAR) beat WIM Mahalakshmi M (RSPB) to move to 5.5/7 | Photo: Chess Association Kolhapur

A total of 102 players including 3 IMs, 7 WGMs and 12 WIMs are taking part in this tournament organized by Chess Association Kolhapur. The event is taking place at Sanjay Ghodawat University, Kolhapur, Maharasahtra from 26th December 2022 to 5th January 2023. The 11-round Swiss league tournament has a time control of 90 minutes for 40 moves followed by 30 minutes with an increment of 30 seconds from move no.1

Replay Round 7 games

Round 7 results

14WGMGomes Mary AnnPSPB1 - 05IMSoumya SwaminathanPSPB3PGN
22WGMDivya DeshmukhMaharashtra51 - 05WIMMakhija AashnaMaharashtra20PGN
38WIMChitlange SakshiMaharashtra1 - 05IMKulkarni BhaktiGoa5PGN
410WIMArpita MukherjeeWest Bengal0 - 1WGMVantika AgrawalDelhi1PGN
56WIMMahalakshmi MRSPB0 - 1WIMSharma IshaKarnataka9PGN
625WGMSwati GhateLIC0 - 14WIMPujari RuchaMaharashtra7PGN
729Potluri Saye SrreezzaTelangana40 - 14WGMSrija SeshadriTamil Nadu11PGN
812WIMAakanksha HagawaneMaharashtra40 - 14WFMPotluri SupreethaAndhra Pradesh39PGN
914IMMohota NishaPSPB41 - 04Rindhiya VTamil Nadu43PGN
1030WFMLakshmi CTamil Nadu40 - 14WGMVarshini VTamil Nadu15PGN


Standings after Round 7

Rk.SNoNamesexFEDRtgIClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
14WGMGomes Mary AnnwIND2320PSPB6,5273027,7506
22WGMDivya DeshmukhwIND2347Maharashtra628,53227,0005
38WIMChitlange SakshiwIND2213Maharashtra5,5293224,2505
41WGMVantika AgrawalwIND2352Delhi5,527,53123,2504
59WIMSharma IshawIND2212Karnataka5,5242720,2505
620WIMMakhija AashnawIND2123Maharashtra53133,521,0005
73IMSoumya SwaminathanwIND2322PSPB5273019,7504
840Sunyuktha C M NwIND1820Tamil Nadu52728,519,5004
914IMMohota NishawIND2197PSPB526,53020,7504
1039WFMPotluri SupreethawIND1823Andhra Pradesh52628,518,2504
115IMKulkarni BhaktiwIND2319Goa52528,519,2504
1211WGMSrija SeshadriwIND2204Tamil Nadu52527,517,5005
1345Ghosh SamriddhaawIND1778West Bengal524,526,517,5004
1415WGMVarshini VwIND2141Tamil Nadu52427,518,7504
157WIMPujari RuchawIND2229Maharashtra5242718,5004
1644WIMChandreyee HajrawIND1779West Bengal52224,517,5004
1741WCMBristy MukherjeewIND1817West Bengal4,52931,519,2504
1810WIMArpita MukherjeewIND2211West Bengal4,528,531,519,0004
1917WFMShah VishwawIND2128Maharashtra4,52830,516,5004
206WIMMahalakshmi MwIND2257RSPB4,527,53119,2503


Round 8 pairings

12WGMDivya DeshmukhMaharashtra6WGMGomes Mary AnnPSPB4
29WIMSharma IshaKarnatakaWIMChitlange SakshiMaharashtra8
31WGMVantika AgrawalDelhi5IMKulkarni BhaktiGoa5
439WFMPotluri SupreethaAndhra Pradesh55IMSoumya SwaminathanPSPB3
57WIMPujari RuchaMaharashtra55Sunyuktha C M NTamil Nadu40
611WGMSrija SeshadriTamil Nadu55WIMChandreyee HajraWest Bengal44
720WIMMakhija AashnaMaharashtra55IMMohota NishaPSPB14
815WGMVarshini VTamil Nadu55Ghosh SamriddhaaWest Bengal45
947Tejaswini GTamil NaduWIMMahalakshmi MRSPB6
1035WFMPatil MitaliMaharashtraWIMArpita MukherjeeWest Bengal10



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