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Krishna Teja clinches Masthanaiah All India Rapid Rating Open 2022

by Shahid Ahmed - 23/03/2022

IM Krishna Teja N scored an unbeaten 8.5/9 and finished a half point ahead of the competition to win Masthanaiah All India Rapid Rating Open 2022. His only draw was against Sooriya B Y in the fourth round. Four players scored 8.0/9 - FM Syed Anwar Shazuli, FM Sekar B, GM Laxman R R and Surendran N. They were placed second to fifth according to the tie-breaks. Krishna won ₹100000 cash, Runner-up Shazuli earned ₹30000 and Sekar received ₹20000 cash as their respective prize. Total prize fund of the tournament was ₹400000. The next event by the same organizer will have ₹500000 prize fund slated to take place on 9th and 10th July 2022. Photo: Masthanaiah Chess World 1978

Four players score 8.0/9

Both IM Krishna Teja N and FM J Ramakrishna were at 7.5/8 heading into the final round. Whoever won the game between the leaders, would have won the tournament as there was no one else who could catch up with them. Krishna defeated a must-win game and won the tournament. A draw would have left things to chance as Krishna's tie-break score was less but luckily for him it did not make a difference as he won the game and the tournament too.

Top 3 (L to R) - 1st IM Krishna Teja N 8.5/9, 2nd FM Syed Anwar Shazuli 8.0/9 and 3rd Sekar B 8.0/9 | Photo: Masthanaiah P

Winner - IM Krishna Teja N 8.5/9 | Photo: Masthanaiah P

Krishna Teja N gained 29.2 Elo rating points

A total of 485 players including a GM, 5 IMs and a WIM participated from various states across the country. The tournament was organized by Masthanaiah Chess World 1978 on 12th and 13th March 2022 at Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. The nine-round Swiss league Rapid Rating event had a time control of 25 minutes + 10 seconds increment.

Final Standings

Rk.SNoNameTypsexGrFEDRtgIClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 nwwew-weKrtg+/-
113IMKrishna Teja NIND2104Ap8,550,054,551,500,0898,57,041,462029,2
28FMSyed Anwar ShazuliIND2151Tn8,053,057,550,250,07988,000,00200,0
36FMSekar BIND2157Tn8,052,558,050,000,08987,930,07201,4
41GMLaxman R.R.IND2346I C F8,051,556,549,500,07988,19-0,1920-3,8
517Surendran NIND2050Tn8,049,554,046,000,08986,931,072021,4
611FMRamakrishna J.IND2108Tg7,553,558,546,000,0797,56,710,792015,8
72Kunal M.IND2312Tn7,550,054,544,000,0797,58,58-1,0820-21,6
814FMGunasekaran K.IND2103Tn7,549,554,543,000,0797,57,88-0,3820-7,6
916CMRajarishi KarthiIND2064Tn7,054,057,543,000,06977,32-0,3220-6,4
104IMRoy PrantikIND2171Wb7,053,057,041,500,07977,83-0,8320-16,6
1112Prasannaa SIND2108Tn7,051,556,541,000,07977,05-0,0520-1,0
1227CMKushagra MohanIND1860Tg7,051,556,040,000,07977,03-0,0320-0,6
1318Mushini AjayIND2018Ap7,051,555,539,500,06977,37-0,3720-7,4
1429Md ImranU13IND1831Ap7,050,555,040,750,06975,341,662033,2
159IMRavi Thandalam ShanmugamIND2143Tn7,050,554,539,750,06866,95-0,9520-19,0
16160Nawin M SIND1234Tn7,050,553,039,000,07860,785,2220104,4
1759Rushyendra Chowdary KantipudiIND1567Ap7,050,054,039,000,07753,831,172023,4
1840Saranya YwWIND1754Tn7,049,552,537,000,07865,930,07201,4
19134Aakash K PIND1282Tn7,049,551,536,500,07640,183,822076,4
2053Abhijith UIND1588Kl7,049,053,037,750,06864,631,372027,4
2143WIMSavitha Shri BF15wIND1687Tn7,048,051,537,000,07865,770,23204,6
22121Arunkumar MuthukumarIND1315Tn7,048,050,537,250,06750,224,782095,6
23186Yogesh SelvamIND1191Tn7,047,550,036,000,06860,455,5520111,0
2419FMMari Arul S.IND2010Tn7,047,052,040,250,06978,02-1,0220-20,4
2533Kathiravan M.IND1789Py7,046,049,038,000,06977,80-0,8020-16,0


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