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Play at KL University Rapid Rating Open and watch games live on 70 mm Silver Screen

by Shahid Ahmed - 01/05/2022

175 players including 3 GMs, 9 IMs, a WGM and a WIM have already registered KL University 1st All India Rapid Rating Open 2022. The tournament will have a total prize fund ₹500,000. Top three prizes are ₹50000, ₹30000 and ₹25000 along with a trophy each. That's not all, total 80 prizes are up for grabs including top prizes of ₹10000 each in various categories like - Best Woman, Best Unrated and other rating brackets. If that doesn't excite you to play in this tournament, the unique opportunity for the visitors and accompanying persons to view the games live on 70 mm Silver Screen should definitely catch your attention. Photo: Chaitanya Praveen Sarma

KL University Rapid Rating Open has a total prize fund of ₹500000

Have you ever heard about watching a rapid rating open tournament games live on a 70 mm screen? If the answer is no and we are almost certain that will be the answer for the majority, KL University is doing something unique for the spectators. If other sports can be projected on a 70 mm movie theater screen, why shall chess be left behind? KL University ensured of this unique presentation.

The seating area in front of the 70 mm Silver Screen at KL University | Photo: Chaitanya Praveen Sarma

IM Sayantan Das is slated to be the top seed of the tournament | Photo: Aditya Sur Roy

MPL National Blitz 2022 runner-up - GM Karthik Venkataraman | Photo: Aditya Sur Roy

Asian Junior 2021 Gold medalist and MPL National Rapid 2022 second runner-up - IM Raahul V S | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Reigning National Junior Girls 2022 champion and National Women second runner-up - WGM Priyanka Nutakki | Photo: Niklesh Jain

KL University's very own student WIM Mounika Akshaya

KL University Rapid Rating Open will take place on 5th and 6th April 2022


There will be five rounds on 5th April and four on 6th April 2022.

Total nine rounds of rapid games will be played


KL University Rapid Rating Open has a total prize fund of ₹500000. Top three prizes are: ₹50000, ₹30000 and ₹25000 along with a trophy each respectively. Best Woman, Best Unrated and Top rating category prizes are ₹10000 each for the first prize. That's not all, there are 80 prizes in total up for grabs.

Lots of prizes are there in various categories

Time Control

Time control is 25 minutes with an increment of 5 seconds additional time per move.


Venue tour of KL University 1st All India Rapid Rating Open 2022 | Video: ChessBase India

KL University entrance | Photo: Chaitanya Praveen Sarma

Entrance to the tournament hall | Photo: Chaitanya Praveen Sarma

Outside the tournament hall | Photo: Chaitanya Praveen Sarma

KL University campus is full of lush greenery | Photo: Chaitanya Praveen Sarma

Outdoor sports facility at the venue | Photo: Chaitanya Praveen Sarma

Places to see

Vijayawada has plenty of places to visit

For more details, please refer to the tournament circular.

Players list

1IMDas Sayantan650020215034426IND2413WB
2IMKrishna C R G (Railways)467820215018625IND2378KRI-AP
3IMDas Arghyadip1118420215003610IND2359WB
4GMKarthikeyan P214820215018226IND2351TN
5GMLaxman R.R.86979202150005361IND2346TN
6IMViani Antonio Dcunha740820215027330IND2316KAR
7Kunal M.148120215018250IND2291TN
8IMDhulipalla Bala Chandra Prasad17350202125005812IND2265AP
9IMRavi Teja S.712420215017220IND2264AP
10GMKarthik Venkataraman124519202225006479IND2192AP
11IMSidhant Mohapatra112020215028698IND2183ODI
12IMRaahul V S2112202125035525IND2177TN
13IMRavi Thandalam Shanmugam1972520215000238IND2125S50TN
14Lokesh N.717120215025044IND2115TN
15Kaustuv Kundu646220215056900IND2109WB
16Surendran N699020215021243IND2072TN
17Shiva Pavan Teja Sharma U7048202135063537IND1978KRI-AP
19WIMPriyanka Nutakki2268202125049615IND1922wKRI-AP
20Harini S.576620215024919IND1888wTN

Complete list

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