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B Giribabu wins Nellore District Senior Championship 2021

by Shahid Ahmed - 29/04/2021

Top seed Bodugu Giribabu dominated the field as he scored 5.0/5 to win Nellore District Senior Chess Championship for the first time in his career. He finished a half point ahead of the competition. 8-year-old Mithilesh P was definitely the star performer of the event as he scored 4.5/5 and remained undefeated to secure the second position. Sriram Haricharan Bellamkonda was placed third with 4.0/5. A total of 43 players from Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh participated in this one-day five-round event. Photo: FI Abdul Azeez Shaik

8-year-old Mithilesh impresses all

B Giribabu won all five of his games to win Nellore District Championship. This was the first over-the-board official selection tournament in Andhra Pradesh state in over-a-year. The most impressive performance was by 8-year-old Mithilesh P as he scored an unbeaten 4.5/5 to secure second position. Six players finished at 4.0/5. Sriram Haricharan Bellamkonda secured third place according to tie-breaks.

Champion B Giribabu 5.0/5 | Photo: FI Abdul Azeez Shaik

Giribabu won the tournament with a 100% score 5.0/5

Runner-up Mithilesh P 4.5/5 | Photo: FI Abdul Azeez Shaik

Second Runner-up Sriram Haricharan Bellamkonda 4.0/5 | Photo: FI Abdul Azeez Shaik

4th Vamsi Krishna K 4.0/5 | Photo: FI Abdul Azeez Shaik

Top 4 (L to R): Giribabu, Mithilesh, Haricharan and Vamsi | Photo: FI Abdul Azeez Shaik

Top four players will represent Nellore District at the Andhra Pradesh State Championship.

Age group prize winners | Photo: FI Abdul Azeez Shaik

Age group winners


1st Keerthana B 2.5/5

2nd Monish P 2.0/5

3rd Akshaj Mallik 1.0/5



1st Geethika Sri Rammadugu 3.0/5

2nd Rahul Karthikeya 1.0/5



1st Ram Likhith 4.0/5

2nd Sai Chakradhar 3.5/5

3rd Thatthvgnya Pinnama Reddy 2.0/5

Can you see the tactics which Akshaj has done against Geethika? | Photo: FI Abdul Azeez Shaik

Here is a diagram of the position:

White to play

Six-year-old Akshaj found the beautiful tactics here in his debut tournament. This was his first and only win of the tournament, so it is definitely an incredible feat for him.

Photo Gallery

Superintendent of Police, Bhaskar Bhushan, IPS at the inauguration ceremony | Photo: FI Abdul Azeez Shaik

The tournament was inaugurated by the Superintendent of Police, Mr. Bhaskar Bhushan, IPS; Directors of Rainbow School Mr. and Mrs. Padma Subramanyam; FIDE Instructor, Mr. Abdul Azeez Shaik and Organizer Mr. Mastanbabu were present on the occasion along with Chief Arbiter Mr.Rajeev (National Arbiter) from Vijayawada and Deputy Chief Arbiter Mr. Uday Kumar Naidu (National Arbiter) from Anantapur.

The tournament venue | Photo: FI Abdul Azeez Shaik

Youngest participant of the tournament - Monish P | Photo: FI Abdul Azeez Shaik

School Correspondent Mr. Padma Subramanyam, Rainbow School Principal Ms. Aruna Swayam Prabha and Kindergarten Team leader Ms. Fathima Khan distributed prizes to all the winners. Rainbow School management sponsored the venue to the organizers. Covid-19 protocol maintained by the school management is commendable.

Parents with kids | Photo: FI Abdul Azeez Shaik

Players waiting with their parents and accompanying persons at the prize distribution ceremony | Photo: FI Abdul Azeez Shaik

Replay few games

A total of 43 players participated from Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh in this one-day fuve-round Swiss league event. The tournament was organized by Mastanbabu P from 10th April 2021.


A special thanks to FI Abdul Azeez Shaik for sharing wonderful photos, info and games from the event.

Final Standings

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11bodugu giribabuIND11915,010,512,013,00
216Mithilesh PIND04,512,514,510,75
32Sriram haricharan bellamkondaIND11664,015,517,013,00
443Vamsi krishna kIND04,013,014,011,00
533Sesha sairaman vangaIND04,013,014,09,00
639Teja bankaIND04,012,514,510,50
726Rishi manohar makamIND04,010,511,59,00
823Ram likith makamIND04,09,010,58,00
93Sai chakradhar yadavalliIND10093,514,016,510,25
107Bhaswanth aravetiIND03,015,016,58,50


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